❶ Bloodstained⬢Username ❯ @blessyoongi●Slot ❯ strawberry blush●Faceclaim ❯ taeyong nct ○BackUp

❶ Bloodstained⬢Username ❯ @blessyoongi●Slot ❯ strawberry blush●Faceclaim ❯ taeyong ( nct )○Back-Up Slot ❯ dusk●Name ❯ kim jaewoo●Age ❯ 23 ; december 30th, 1995●Gender ❯ male●Blood Type ❯ O●Birthplace ❯ castor●Hometown ❯ nephilim●Ethnicity ❯ nephilimian ( ? does that work lmao )❷ Suck It Up⬢Background●Life ❯ kim jaewoo was born in castor along with his twin brother, kim taehyung. their parents had always favored taehyung ( the stronger and older of the two ), and had pretended that they loved jaewoo when they didn’t. just like taehyung, who always looked on the bright side of things, jaewoo tried to be positive about the obvious favoritism. there were days when their parents had had a bad day working on the farm and they had used jaewoo as their personal punching bag. jaewoo always had wondered why they hated him but he suspects that he’s too weak and fragile, and shy and quiet. or maybe the fact that he was just the complete opposite from his twin. he wasn’t ‘weak’ but compared to the other boys in his class, he was definitely weak. whenever taehyung had asked about the random bruises that sprouted across jaewoo’s skin, jaewoo would always laugh it of and say that some friends of his were playing rough. at the sweet age of six, they were given another brother, in which they both had vowed to look after and to protect. jaewoo had only wished that their baby brother for the best and would not be treated the same way he was by their parents.one stormy night ( four years later ), when the three boys were fast asleep, their father had stormed in, roughly grabbing jaewoo and dragged him into their car. sleepy and confused, jaewoo did not question anything but merely fell back asleep. when he woke up, he was in chains, shackled to the wall- just like many other boys and girls, all ages. he had heard the gruff and scratchy voice of his father talking to another man about how they were selling off jaewoo to pay for a massive debt and to get rid of him. the other man had asked what they would say to jaewoo’s brothers, his father merely had told him that they’d make up a story about how he was abducted. since his father knew how much the twins loved and cared for each other, he knew that this could be an opportunity to teach taehyung to become a hunter. ( he never really liked vampires anyways ). heartbroken, jaewoo finally realized his parents’ true feelings about him.being sold off had cut off all of his human interaction that he had, including his brothers. at the blood market, jaewoo had never felt this lonely before and he hated the feeling so whenever he met a new friend/blood slave, he tended to cling onto them. this made him a bit obsessive with his friends but he tried his best to give them space. also due to his lack of human interaction, jaewoo always felt awkward and stuttered constantly in his conversations, also causing his cheeks to heat up jurasically whenever he fumbled over his words. even though things never seemed to get better, jaewoo would always try look on the sunny side. throughout his whole life, jaewoo was teased daily by his masters and he always felt weak since he never knew how to defend himself. despite the teasing and being a blood slave, jaewoo ironically found life better in nephilim. due to all the hard labor, jaewoo gained muscles and he didn’t get as many beatings as he did back at home, but he still misses his brothers, hoping one day that they’ll all reunite.●Family and Friends ❯ + kim jae-yoon | unknown | unoccupied | father | 0/10+ kim seo-yun | unknown | nurse | mother | 0/10+ kim taehyung | 23 | unknown | twin brother | 10/10+ kim jae-hyuk | 17 | unknown| younger brother | 8/10+ park hojin | 25 | n/a | fellow blood slave | 7/10+ do bora | 22 | n/a | best (girl) friend was sold off along with jaewoo | 9/10( unknown jobs since jaewoo hasn’t seen his brothers ever since he was sold and unknown ages since jaewoo never knew how old his parents are, but for his siblings he could guess/estimate )●Slots and Love Interests ❯ jaewoo tries his best to get along with the other humans in nephilim, but most of his conversations with them are short and awkward since jaewoo hasn’t had a proper conversation with anybody yet in ages. but when jaewoo does make a friend, he has the brightest smiles and makes the cutest noises to make his new friend laugh. for the others, his shyness and awkwardness gets the best of him and often stutters, hides his face using his hands/shirt sleeves, or avoids eye contact. overall he doesn’t really hate anybody, just a shy boy and avoids any vampires- high-ranked vampires especially. ●Phobias/Weaknesses ❯ vampires – it’s pretty obvious as many humans have this fear of vampires. they never know what they will do to you. besides, them sucking on jaewoo’s blood for more than half of his life has definitely take a toll on him.being alone – despite being all alone, jaewoo can never get used to the feeling of being all by himself. it just drives him insane to not have any contact with somebody. needles – needles are sharp and his skin is sensitive to pain. they also bring bad memories of thirsty vampires using a sedative on jaewoo whenever he fought back, not wanting to share his blood.storms – the day jaewoo’s father took him away was a stormy night, and it seemed as if every other trauma has also happened on a stormy night as well. before he never had a problem as he had his two brothers to assure him but with vampires and hunters cruelly laughing and teasing at him, jaewoo’s gotten even more afraid at what could happen to him. punishments – punishments often involved beatings, not being able to eat or drink for 3 days, or staying in the cold and wet basement which never felt pleasant.●Strengths ❯ mature – despite the cute blush and stutter jaewoo has, jaewoo is a lot maturer then he seems.optimistic – unlike anybody else if they were in his position, jaewoo keeps a happy and positive perspective on life- even though there are some occasions where being positive is too hard in that situation.strength – jaewoo isn’t stick thin like some of the other blood slaves but he definitely wasn’t buff. he was kinda in the middle, leaning more towards the lean side. all those years of serving his masters has helped him build some muscle so at least he now has a slightly better chance of defending himself.observant – this could go to both as strength and personality. jaewoo observes his surroundings, being mindful of the people around him.●Skills ❯ language – in the meantime, young jaewoo went around the vampires’ houses and found the library, in which he asked the maids to teach him how to read and learn different a different language.work ethic – the fear of being punished has always pushed jaewoo to work hard and to stay away in his ‘room’ until his master called out for him. empathy – jaewoo has gone through almost everything from punishments to praises. he understands how shitty one can feel after a punishment or how proud they feel getting a praise/reward.●Hobbies ❯ photography – as a reward for working hard once, his master had given him a camera. ever since then, jaewoo’s favorite thing to do in his free time is to go out into the garden to take pictures.scrapbooking/journaling – art hasn’t always been jaewoo’s best thing but scrapbooking replaces art just fine. jaewoo would scrapbook many things but since he doesn’t have the proper materials to do so, he doesn’t, but in the future he’d like to scrapbook the memories he’s had with his lover.stargazing – even during his free time, jaewoo isn’t allowed to go outside very long due to the risk of jaewoo running away. but sometimes at night, jaewoo sneaks outside just to take some pictures of the night sky. once he was caught by his master’s neighbors and received the punishment of staying locked in the cold basement.○Trivia ❯ when jaewoo talks, he’s always blushinghas developed slight social problemsnever had anybody to lean on an awkward and naive babywants to adopt a white kitten and name it ‘rice’⬢Personality●Traits ❯ awkward – jaewoo’s lack of human interaction has put jaewoo into a position where he’s had a little difficulty having a normal conversation with others around him. some people find his awkwardness cute while others mostly would roll their eyes at jaewoo’s pathetic stutters.timid/quiet – being all alone made jaewoo naturally quiet. even if he was near a group of his friends, he wouldn’t bother joining in the conversation. he listens into the conversation more than participating in it.observant – being a quiet person, jaewoo observes, naturally watching his surroundings for anything really. anything out of the ordinary would usually be noticed by him but maybe not pointed out immediately. naive – liv●Likes ❯ minimum of 5 and elaborate why! (at least 2 or 3 sentences)●Dislikes ❯ minimum of 5 and elaborate why! (at least 2 or 3 sentences)●Habits ❯ minimum of 3 and elaborate why! (3 to 5 sentences)●Hopes and Dreams ❯ state what the slot wants to accomplish/do in the future! (minimum 3, elaborate in 3 to 5 sentences)●Morals ❯ what are the slot’s morals? what draws the line? (minimum 4 sentences)❸ Drained⬢Love Interest ❯ min yoongi⬡Back-Up Love Interest ❯ kim namjoon●Love Interest Personality ❯ explain what the love interest is like! (minimum 4 sentences)●First Meeting ❯ suggest (in bullet points or in paragraph form) how the two met!●First Impressions ❯ what were their first perceptions of each other? why? (for both the slot and the love interest, minimum 3 sentences)●Interactions ❯ explain what they are like around each other and elaborate!○Trivia ❯ other facts about them as a couple!●Relationship ❯ how the relationship between the two develops! (split into beginning, middle, end and please elaborate in 3 or more sentences)●Suggestions ❯ what are some scenes you would like to see? (with the pairing)EXTRA: Couple ❯ appeal as to why they would be a good pairing!❹ Dripping and Bleeding⬢Emotions ❯ describe how your character is when they feel… (feel free to add more emotions you deem necessary) (minimum 2 sentences each)●Happy ❯●Sad ❯●Angry ❯●Afraid ❯●Disgusted ❯●Guilty ❯●Nervous ❯⬢Survival ❯ rate your slot out of 10 in the following areas and elaborate (minimum 2 sentences)!●Combat ❯●Intellect ❯●Emotion Concealing ❯●Acting ❯●Social Interaction ❯●Cunning ❯●Thinking on Their Feet ❯●Stealth ❯⬢Other●War ❯ what are their views on the war of eternal bloodshed, its outcomes, and the establishment of the syndicate of the sun? explain in depth.●Worldviews ❯ explain how they view each of the following: nephilim, humans, and hunters●Living ❯ how do they feel about the conditions they live in? do they think they deserve better?●Gemstones ❯ are they aware of the second uprising or the corruption and conspiracies going on “behind the curtain”? to what extent and how?❺ Day and Night●MOONLIGHT ❯ explain the requirements (under the same title in the slots chapters) and how they contribute to the slot’s character!❖ Nephilim ❯ what type of blood is your slot allergic to? what limitations do those allergies pose for them, how severe are they, and where do they come from?❖ Humankind ❯ what blood type is your slot? (i know i already asked) what type of effect does the blood type have on their character? (yes, i’m asking you to research blood type stereotypes) do they act like a different blood type sometimes? how?❖ Hunters ❯ what is your slot’s signature weapon? what is its significance, and why is it their signature weapon?❻ Sun and Moon⬢Character●Development ❯ give me a rough outline of how you want the character to develop and change throughout the story!●Speech ❯ how does your character speak? give me some general descriptions and examples!⬢Relationships●Closest Slot ❯ which slot are they closest to? describe what their relationship is like! (minimum 3 sentences)●Closest Love Interest ❯ which love interest are they closest to (besides their actual love interest)? describe what their relationship is like! (minimum 3 sentences)⬡Dialogue ❯ give some dialogue suggestions! (make sure to specify who the slot is conversing with!)❼ DULL RUBIES●Questions ❯ do you have any remaining questions?●Additions ❯ additional information or commentary!●Password ❯ ⟡ hey, i’m jay! thanks for taking your time to fill out the form, i appreciate your hard work! have a good day, and take care!

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