Name: 刘维维 Class: 国新1802 Student ID: 18200043Key details about the book:Title: The Moon and Sixpence Author: W. Somerset MaughamPublisher: Penguin ClassicsYear of publication: 1919Number of pages: 263Don’t Forget the Moon in Your Heart”It was sixpence all over the ground, but he looked up and saw the moon.” CITATION 刘瑜10 l 2052 (刘瑜) This is the reason why I chose to read this book at the beginning, although I don’t know exactly what it means. Like the title of the book, it makes people who saw it for the first time confused. But it was because of this that the book attracted me. I always feel like I don’t understand “sixpence” and “Moon”, so I decide to understand it.The main story in the book is: Strickland is a stockbroker who works in London. He has a wealthy and happy family: beautiful wife, vanity and two healthy and happy children. However, in the 17th year after their marriage, he suddenly left home and went to Paris, abandoning a career and family that seemed good to outsiders. Just when people thought that he left because of an affair, they found out the fact that he just wanted to draw. Strickland didn’t have any basis for painting at that time. He just liked painting. In the eyes of outsiders, he was crazy. His life began to become embarrassed. He almost died of hunger and disease several times. His paintings are totally different, always destroying the original things. No one will buy his paintings except for a poor painter, Dirk Stroeve, who regards him as God. In fact, he never sells them easily. He wandered on and on until he came to Tahiti and married an Aboriginal girl, Etta. They lived in isolation, where he painted every day. Unfortunately, he soon became infected with leprosy, and a year before his death, he became blind. Etta took care of him until he finished his own giant mural and died of his body festering. According to his last words, his wife burned down the room with murals, without even leaving a piece of wood.And the author, as a writer, outlines the vivid image of a painter by contacting with the protagonist himself, chatting with the relevant characters who have been with the protagonist, plus his own analysis and imagination. After reading the complete book, I am most impressed by Strickland’s indifference to human feelings and his persistent pursuit of art and “beauty”, that is, ideal, which are different from ordinary people. “I can’t describe the extraordinary callousness with which he made this reply.” CITATION WSo195 l 2052 (《The Moon and Sixpence》) When I saw the author just write like this, I was already uncomfortable with Strickland’s indifference. He easily ended his 17-year marriage and relationship with his first wife by saying “she ‘I get over it.” and he left his two children to his wife without leaving a copper coin. “Damn it all; there are your children to think of. They’ve never done you any harm. They didn’t ask to be brought into the world. If you chuck everything like this, they ‘I be thrown on the streets.” CITATION WSo196 l 2052 (《The Moon and Sixpence》) When the author said that children have aroused their own indignation, I was shocked by Strickland’s answer: “They’ve had a good many years of comfort. It’s much more than the majority of children have. Besides, somebody will look after them. When it comes to the point, the MacAndrews will pay for their schooling.” CITATION WSo196 l 2052 (《The Moon and Sixpence》) What he said seemed that the two children had nothing to do with him, which really made me feel a little ridiculous! Children come to this world because of their parents’ wishes. Anyway, how can Strickland bring them to the world and then easily choose to abandon them? It is also a matter of course for Strickland to have his own children raised by others. It’s totally his own ruthlessness, but he asks others to talk about love! However, this incident is only a small part of the beginning of Strickland’s indifference to human feelings, and what makes me more incredible is later. Dirk Stroeve was a painter who was very appreciated by Strickland when he was in Paris and who always called him a genius. He helped Strickland who was in great difficulty at that time. Even when Strickland was on the verge of dying, it was thanks to strove who saved his life. This is how the author describes it——” Dirk Stroeve, giving up his work entirely, nursed Strickland with tenderness and sympathy. He was dexterous to make him comfortable, and he exercised a cunning of which I should never have thought him capable to induce him to take the medicines prescribed by the doctor. Nothing was too much trouble for him. Though his means were adequate to the needs of himself and his wife, he certainly had no money to waste; but now he was wantonly extravagant in the purchase of delicacies, out of season and dear, which might tempt Strickland’s capricious appetite……Stroeve was subline.”CITATION WSo197 l 2052 (《The Moon and Sixpence》) From the description, I can see a careful and considerate Stroeve who gives everything to his friends. Strickland, however, paid for all this with betrayal – he fell in love with Stroeve’s beloved wife, Blanche, and ruined his wonderful life. What’s more, I can’t bear it. It was because of him that Blanche died later. But when the author asked, “don’t you feel a little guilty about Blanche’s tragic death?” His answer was, “why should I feel guilty.” All of this makes me feel that Strickland’s indifference is completely inhumane. I am very angry and disgusted about it. However, after seeing Strickland’s persistent pursuit of art or his excessive pursuit different from that of ordinary people, I seem to be able to understand his behavior. Because of the excessive pursuit, he despised and even hated people’s basic needs including physiology, psychology and social interaction, but he could not completely control and get rid of them, and he always struggled in contradiction and pain.I still remember Strickland saying, “I told you I have got to draw. I can’t help myself. If a person falls into the water it doesn’t matter how he swims, well or badly: he’s got to get out or else he will drown. ” CITATION WSo198 l 2052 (《The Moon and Sixpence》) His enthusiasm for ideals is really as strong as I have never felt before. And he had a very comfortable life, but gave up everything for his ideal. Such courage can be said to be rare in the world and enviable! After all, in reality, the vast majority of people are dominated by life. In order to live a better life, they have long forgotten their ideals. Or even if you realize your inner dissatisfaction, you still don’t have the courage to change.To be honest, I really admire Strickland’s pursuit of ideals when reading the whole book. Anyway, I think no one can give up everything for the sake of ideal. After all, life is really helpless. Born to be human, we have to pursue a better life. However, most people’s ideal life is probably a very well-paid job, to form a happy family, and to live a life that others envy. We often forget what we really want and work hard for what we need in life. As the article said: “ordinary people are not the kind of people they want to do, but the kind of people they have to do.” Then, you will find that your life is not as good as you think, and you will find that your life is very meaningless.I’m sure no one will say that they don’t want to do something, maybe sometimes it’s just because you haven’t found it yet. What we really need is the courage and perseverance to do what we want to do and to be what we want to be. Of course, life can’t let us give up everything to pursue our ideals. Before you can do something, you like, you must do something you don’t like. Don’t worry about it and don’t back down. Stick to it! In order to chase the moon in your heart, everything is worth it. I know that, of course, no one in real life can give up everything and pursue the Holy Land in his heart like Strickland. Just, I hope everyone doesn’t just look down at the sixpence and remember the moon above. Without that bright moon, how can we see the way forward?After closing the page, I think I should have understood the sentence I saw at the beginning, and understood the meaning of “Moon” and “sixpence”. In a simple and popular way, “Moon” should be what everyone wants to do and who they want to be, and “sixpence” is the life that is bound and dominated by life in real life. Everyone should have “Moon” and “sixpence”, but in the end everyone’s choice is different.”To do what you want to do, to live in the environment you like, to be indifferent and peaceful, and to stand aloof from the rest of the world, is it to spoil yourself? On the contrary, to be a famous surgeon with an annual salary of 10000 pounds and a beautiful wife is success? ” Everyone’s answer to Strickland’s question is different.Citations and bibliographicalBIBLIOGRAPHYMaugham, W. Somerset. 《The Moon and Sixpence》. 1919. 57.Maugham, W. Somerset. 《The Moon and Sixpence》. 1919. 59.Maugham, W. Somerset. 《The Moon and Sixpence》. 1919. 78.Maugham, W. Somerset. 《The Moon and Sixpence》. 1919. 137~138.刘瑜. “《另一种高度》.” 刘瑜. 《送你一颗子弹》. 2010.

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