 Posing as a researcher in this situation we researched the authenticity of

 Posing as a researcher in this situation, we researched the authenticity of the news posted on “Woman abducted as baby reunited with parents 18 years later”,( May Bulman, Independent, 2017). The post provides appropriate links connected to law enforcement verified pages to confirm the authenticity of the story. The event as described also tallies with the narration on other media outlets. This was a popular news judging from the number of media outlets that published it and the number views it pulled from numerous channels on YouTube. It clearly  represents the obvious need for to update the hospitals security in all levels. It might  have created avenue for multiple discussions as few people can assume the case deserves multiple perspectives such as whether or not the family of the victim  considers it a crime or not. It also forces the society to prioritize its project according to level of importance for example, should more focus be laid on the security of the hospital or more on disciplinary measures for such criminals to discourage such acts?  It happens that victim was kidnapped by a health worker imposter at the hospital and the crime remained unsolved for about two decades. The event happened at University Medical Center, now known as UF Health Jacksonville Apparently, this hospital has been working on its quality and safety procedures over the years even long after the incident as outlined in on the website. This possibility depicts holes in the system that must have lined up to allow the possibility of such an incident, (David S. Guzick, UF Health, n.d). The most likely reason can be explained using the Swiss-cheese model. In the case, the inadequacy of security to impede a health worker imposter carrying a baby to the outside of a hospital clearly demonstrates a lapse in the security’s attention. This could have resulted from many other factors such as congestion in the hospital, chaotic movement of staffs and patient, reduced number of security personnel and/or security measures, loose screening procedures and reduced sensitivity of screening devices. Aligning the factors sets the stage for the posibility of the event that occurred. Risk management steps Divided into three categories 1. Risk identification2. Analysis of risk3. Evaluation of riskRisk identificationThis is a process by which the organization would come to know about the potential risk. The primary goal is to identify a risk which would reduce or eliminate the likelihood of organization. The Ontario public service divided the risk into 13 different categories. And even some time the risk could be identify on the base of self-assessment, questionnaire, brainstorming, and scenario analysis. (Berry. T.2010The identification of risk in this case would be the abduction of a new born baby by the hospital nurse which falls under the category of lack of hospital security and privacy. Risk analysis toolThe main idea of risk analysis tool is to provide sufficient information to the decision makers to identify the risk, so they have the good level of knowledge about the risk and it is easy for them to make a decision. Risk analysis is divided into mainly three categories. 1) The likelihood or the possibility of the risk 2) the consequence or the severity of the risk 3) combine effects of both Risk map A risk map or heat map is one of the best method to identify the largest risk facing by the organization. That consist of mainly two axes: the horizontal axis shows the impact of a risk and the vertical axis shows the likelihood or the possibility of a risk. Risk evaluation Matrixwhich is measured on the scale of 1 to 5 (low to high). The risk of the abduction is evaluated based on the matrix, the likelihood is very rare (1) but the impact is Extreme (5).likelihood Impact ValueRare Insignificant 1Unlikely Minor 2Possible Moderate 3Likely Major 4Almost certain Extreme 5Heat map Impact Likelihood Insignificant Minor Moderate Major Extreme Almostcertain AccidentsCritical risk likely Medical errorCritical risk SecurityCritical riskPossible TechnologyModerate risk Privacy High risk Unlikely abductionhigh risk Rare Rating of risk Low 0-5 Medium 6-11 High 12-19 Extreme >20 Risk evaluationThis is the key element of risk evaluation or also called the risk tolerance. For the management it is very important to identify what risks are the acceptable and what are the avoidable. It gives an idea to the management whether they can ignore the risk or accept the risk. For the abduction case the health and safety committee of the hospital has to consider the abduction seriously as it is important not only for hospital reputation, but also for the patients and their family. file:///C:/Users/Dhara/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/Downloads/Risk%20NSM%20ERM%20Framework%20Jun10%20(3).pdf Code Pink is the almost universally adopted code word signaling that abduction is taking place. There are different processes and guidelines are involved to ensure the child abduction is avoided in the future. Prevention play major role to stop infant abduction and this process starts by putting proper procedures and hardware in place at healthcare facilities.  It has multi -steps approach and it includes prior planning, physical barriers, electronic aides, and ongoing training and education of staff and parents. The hospital has use different type of technology like electronic wrist/ankle for babies, CCTV monitors, silent buttons for nurse’s stations. (Collins T.R,2016) Footprint the infant, takes a color photograph of him and records his physical examination within 2 hours of birth. To wear secure identically numbered bands to the infant and their parents or other immediately after birth.  • Implement child security tag or abduction alarm system, such as a bar-coding system  • Develop a tracking system to document where the child is at all times. (Miller R.S,2007) Hospital staff have wear, color-photograph ID badges and staff in direct contact with infants to wear a second form of unique ID, such as a badge with a pink background.  Don’t publish birth announcements in local newspapers. Don’t post the full identity of infants where other patients or visitors can see them. Control access to the maternity unit; for instance, keep all units exit doors locked and make sure video surveillance cameras with a date/time stamp monitor them. There are some of the suggestions for mothers : Place the infant’s bassinet near the bed and away from the door. Patient have to know hospital unit staff.  Figure out where your baby will be when taken for tests, and to what extent the tests will take. Discover who has approved the tests Take photo your newborn in case they’re needed for quick ID purposes. (Miller R.S,2014) Kidnapping Trafficking in person  Abduction (Government of Canada 2019) Custodial interference (Mukherji 2013) These are events related to patient’s safety that causes a serious harm or death, which can be prevented by using organizational checks and balances. The National Patient Safety Consortium will promote awareness in reporting this cases of never events that may improve patient safety. Also, Identification of these events will improve organizational systems to provide safe care and reduce and prevent such cases through best practice guidelines. (Health Quality Ontario. 2015). Tell the local police Contact a lawyer (give advice and represent you in court) If the child is attending school, inform the school Contact passport Canada (Government of Canada). They will put the child on a look out list. Contact consular service Contact non-government organization Contact the other parent family and friends Authorities: local police, royal mounted police, Interpol, amber alerts, Canada boarder service agency. Even though chid abduction is not a very frequent case at the hospitals, it could have serious consequences that are not easily resolved as seen in the above case. It is important to implement measures that would put such an act in check. Finally, the laws in lace to judge such cases are not clearly defined enough to the average citizen. Also, while most of them address disciplinary aspect of the case, it does not sufficiently support preventive measures against its occurrence in the first place. This is extracted from the fact the case remained unsolved for almost two decades and even after questions were raised, its still took 2 more years to complete the investigation. Collins T.R, The hospitalist (2006) Retrieved from  https://www.the-hospitalist.org/hospitalist/article/123116/code-pink Miller R.S, Preventing infant abduction in the Hospital (2007) Retrieved from https://journals.lww.com/nursing/fulltext/2007/10000/Preventing_infant_abduction_in_the_hospital.17.aspx Schwartz D, Baby Victoria abduction: What hospitals can do to boost security (2014) retrieved from) https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/baby-victoria-abduction-what-hospitals-can-do-to-boost-security-1.2656065 Government of Canada. (2017, September 28). International child abduction: A guide for left-behind parents. Retrieved from website: https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/publications/international-child-abductions. Government of Canada. (2019, January 30). Offences against the person and reputation: Assaults. Criminal Code. Retrieved from website: https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-46/page-61.html#h-83 Health Quality Ontario. (2015, September). Never Events happen in Care hospital in Canada: Safer Care for Patients. Retrieved from website: https://www.patientsafetyinstitute.ca/en/toolsResources/NeverEvents/Documents/Never%20Events%20for%20Hospital%20Care%20in%20Canada.pdf Karten, B. & Hebscher, S. (2013, October 2). Kidnapping / forcible confinement. Retrieved from website: https://thecriminallawteam.ca/offence/kidnapping-forcible-confinement/ Murherji, A. (2013, August 1). What is custodian interference. Findlaw. Retrieved from website: https://blogs.findlaw.com/law_and_life/2013/08/what-is-custodial-interference.html Robles, F. (2017, January 18). Abducted at birth and found 18 years later, woman tries to identify the new identity. The New York Times. Retrieved from website: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/18/us/alexis-anigo-kamiyah-mobley-kidnapping.html Berry, T. (2010). Enterprise Risk Management Framework. North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN. Retrieved from http://www.nsmlhin.on.ca/~/media/sites/nsm/SecondaryNavigation/HSPs/Risk%20NSM%20ERM%20Framework%20Jun10.pdf?la=en Bulman M, Woman abducted as baby reunited with parents 18 years later, Independent, January 15, 2018 Retreived from: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/kamiyahmobley-abducted-baby-18-years-parents-reunion-reuinted-jacksonville-missinga7528496.html Kidnapped Baby Meets Birth Parents 18 Years Later, ABC News, January 15, 2017. Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcuwceryuv4 Guzick D.S, The Quality and Safety Journey at UF Health Jacksonville, University of Florida Retreived from: https://ufhealth.org/news/2017/quality-and-safety-journey-ufhealth-jacksonville

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