1 Issues and partiesWord count Issue 1 Is Sabrina a victim of

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1- Issues and partiesWord count: Issue 1: Is Sabrina a victim of child abuse?Issue 2: What is Sabrina’s rights to the refusal of consent being disclosed to her parents?Parties:Ning (Registered Nurse)Sabrina (16 y/o Student)Boy (Student)Sabrina’s ParentsTreating team 2- Evaluate2.1- Ethical principles from Beauchamp and Childress (2001).Autonomy: Sabrina’s autonomy to give consent is valid even though she is a minor as she has been assessed as Gillick competent, which means she has the understanding and capacity to decision making about the use and disclosure of information she disclosed in confidence. If Ning decides to share the information disclosed to her with Sabrina’s parents she needs to justify and it should be in the best interest of her patient Sabrina and if she is at risk of harm or suffering. In this scenario, Ning’s legal responsibility to report any concerns about safety to the Department of child safety.Beneficence: It is in the best interest of Sabrina to receive support and education around the issues of her pregnancy to make fully informed decisions whether she may want to keep terminate it. Her refusal to consent to her parents being notified needs to be respected and the safety concerns for her wellbeing may need to be addressed without exposing her to any more further harm Effort to be made to understand Sabrina’s reasons.Non-maleficence: Ning’s duty to make sure that she advocates for Sabrina and that she is not exposed to any further harm to what she currently suspects. To encourage and explore a way of protecting and advocating for Sabrina and Maybe making a report to the relevant people f without breaching Sabrina’s privacy and confidentiality. Justice: Right justice – To ensure Sabrina’s rights are respected and upheld. Also, advice on services available to assist her in the situation should she require a place of safety. Sabrina’s right o medical care needs to be respected. To include Sabrina in all decision makings an also notify her of Ning’s obligation to disclose the information with the Child services specifically. Both Ning and the rest of the healthcare team are accountable.2.2 – Code of Ethics from the International Council of Nurses (ICN) Code of Ethics from the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA, 2012): E1.3 The nurse ensures that the individual receives accurate, sufficient and timely information in a culturally appropriate manner on which to base consent for care and related treatment. Ning must ensure that Sabrina received adequate information that suits her needs. Her refusal for consent to the disclosure to her parents and her safety fears and concerns needs to be addressed and her safety ensured. The nurse to support the health and wellbeing of a pregnant student (Sabrina), by linking her to resources and advocating for policies and practices that promote her schooling. Another important role Ning can display is by providing educational programs and materials for Sabrina and her parents relating to teen pregnancy/parenting and completion of school. Furthermore, Ning should also help taking part in plan and support for Sabrina with the rest for the treating care team..E.4.2 The nurse takes appropriate action to safeguard individuals, families, and communities when their health is endangered by any other person. (page 4). Sabrina presented with signs of physical abuse where Ning observed bruised on Sabrina body. Ning has the duty to safeguard Sabrina by reporting and making sure she respects her wishes on not disclosing this information to the suspected abusive parents. Sabrina refuses to disclose and displays agitation towards this issue.E1.5… nurse shares …responsibility for initiating and supporting action to meet the health and social needs of the public, in particular, those of vulnerable populations. Sabrina is vulnerable because s still even though she has the capacity to understand and consent to treatmentsE2.1…The nurse carries personal responsibility and accountability for nursing practice.Ning and the treating team are under obligation to report if they suspect that Ning’s bruises wound is the result of abuse. This also clarifies that the treating team is responsible and accountable to any health care decision they take for Sabrina.2.3 Legal issuesThe First legal issue is about child physical visible bruises on Sabrina and her expression of fear of her father. The (child protection Act, S 5A) state that the safety, wellbeing and best interest of a child are of importance. Sabrina also expressed to Ning that he “dad would kill her” if she finds out she was pregnant as she also indicated that she sustained bruises from last time she broke a glass from her dad notices that Sabrina was withdrawn and presents with bruises on her upper body. That evidence satisfy the definition of a “reportable suspicion” which states in the (child protection Act, S 13E) that a relevant person such as Ning must give a written report when forming a reportable suspicion about a child such as Sabrina. It appears there is a reasonable suspicion that Sabrina is harmed or is at risk of being harmed “Harm” to a child is any detrimental effect of a significant nature on the child’s physical, psychological or emotional wellbeing (Child Protection Act, s 9). Sabrina is suffering from physical harm as evidence seen on his upper arms and shoulder. He is also suffering from emotional and psychological harm due to her fear of her father and her inability to talk about what is going on for her. Ning, therefore, must make a report to child safety service. Failure to make a mandatory report when required results in an offence being committed (Public Health Act, s 193). This legislation explains the obligation to Ning in relation to reporting the abuse and neglect that Sabrina is exposed to. The (Child Protection Act, s 197A) states that “the person who makes the report in good faith will be protected against disciplinary action and legal liability””. This legislation explains that Ning is protected against legal liability and disciplinary action in making her report. She also has the right to disclose any confidential information regarding Sabrina with her colleagues in terms of discussing her concern about her reporting (Child Protection Act