11 – identify the structure and roles within won teamMatron – band 8Ward

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1.1 – identify the structure and roles within won team.Matron – band 8Ward manager – band 7Deputy ward manager – band 6Staff nurse – band 5Nursing associate – band 5Senior HealthCare Assistant (HCA) – band 3HCA – band 21.2 – explain the main duties and responsibilities of own role.Helping patients with personal care – washing, use of toilet Observations – temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure.Changing / cleaning bedsGiven the handover – seeing what is new with the patients.Giving food and fluidsChecking pressure points and water flow pointsWriting up patients notesMalnutrition Universal Screening ToolResting and weighing bodily fluids1.3 – Outline agreed ways of working to own role. Policies and procedures – Infection Prevention and Control (ANTT)- Ayliff 1.4 – State how different legislations affects own role. The data protection act – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 – states that everyone that is responsible for using personal data has to follow a set of strict rules – these are the data protection principles. This affects my own role as it can mean that I won’t see some patient’s personal details, and other people working in the hospital won’t be able to find personal data on patients if they don’t need to see it.The mental Capacity Act (MCA) protects people who lack the mental capacity to make their own decisions. This legislation helps patients who may have a health condition which affects their mental capacity, but who are still able to make some decisions. Therefore this helps people to make their own decisions if they are able to and prevents members of staff from making decisions for these patients.1.5 – define the term ‘duty of care’.It means that you have a duty to look after and care for patients no matter who they are or what the situation.1.6 – identify conflicts and dilemmas that may arise between the workers duty of care and an individual’s right. Individuals within the health and care sector have their own rights, however these can conflict with the workers duty of care. When a patient has health problems, it can be bad for them to smoke, however, they are allowed to do it if they wish, and this can be a conflict. However the worker cannot tell them not to smoke, just warn them of the dangers. Another example is a patient refusing to take medication, which they are allowed to do, and the worker cannot force them to take their medication, just inform them of why they should.1.7 – explain own responsibilities in relation to whistleblowing Public Interest Disclosure ActIs in our responsibilities to speak out1.8 – identify circumstances in which a task that has been delegated may not be accepted and actions that should be taken.If you have been asked to do a task alone, when it is a job which should be done by multiple members of staff.If you haven’t received the full training, and so shouldn’t do the task, or have only recently completed the training and aren’t fully confident, therefore they shouldn’t have to complete the task.