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The healthcare field is facing many challenges today. Out of those many challenges the ability to recruit and retain staff seems to be more complex. Along with these challenges, the healthcare industry is becoming more circuit due to the improvements in technology and medicine. This is creating challenges for managers to find qualified staff. To find a qualified staff, managers must use key qualifications and advertise. In this research paper, I will research the best strategies to recruit and retain employees at The largest health system in Georgia is the WellStar Health System, it is nationally known for their innovative care models, increasing quality, and unlimited access to healthcare. WellStar has eleven hospitals, fifteen urgent care centers, sixteen satellite diagnostic imaging centers, three health parks, pediatric centers, and offers a three skilled nurse facility. While succeeding in staying ahead of improving patient healthcare, the increasing knowledge of technology has enabled WellStar to be leaders in diagnosis and treatment of a widespread array of health conditions (WellStar Health System). WellStar is always looking at ways to improve patient wellness and ensuring that all systems support their focus. WellStar mission states: “To create and deliver high quality hospital, physician, and other healthcare related services that improve the health and well being of the individuals and community we serve” (WellStar Health System). This mission allows them to staff specialist and primary care workers at their facility with 200,000 team members staffed at 11 hospitals and 225 medical office locations while working through a patient centered model of care, WellStar places genuine value on quality and safety with a load of support. WellStar has locations all over Georgia like Atlanta, Aussell, Douglasville, Marietta, Rosewell, Hiram, Griffin, Jackson, and LaGrange. WellStar takes pride in the community they serve, healthy patients come from healthy communities and finding different ways to assist is what WellStar is all about. WellStar is a nonprofit organization that continues to reinvent into the health of metro Atlanta through new treatment, services, and facilities. Every staff at WellStar share a common goal. They strive to stay on the same page for their organization, patients, and colleagues. Being the largest non-profit healthcare system in Georgia, their size give staff the opportunity to work where they live and increase their career while being in this single organization. WellStar was recently recognized by “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for”, taking pride in value on quality, safety, and team member tributes to support work. The positions that are offered at WellStar are: Physicians, Administrative Assistants, Therapist, Registered/Licensed Practical Nurses, Nursing Leadership, Human Resources, and Case Managers. While each position plays a different role, they are all important at WellStar. The healthcare system also offers volunteer opportunities. WellStar states that their volunteers are an essential part of their health team. The volunteers are a vital part of healthcare, they get to provide unlimited support to hospital staff and offers care services to their patients and families. Some of the volunteer positions include: information desk assistance, accompany gift shop, or assisting the nursing staff. Whatever task is being covered, volunteers play an important role in helping patients heal. The healthcare organizations are up to industry competition driven by multiple factors like rapidly changing market dynamics, healthcare reform, and the uncertainty around economy (Finangan, 2017). Additionally, the workers who are experienced and highly skilled are beginning to leave the healthcare workforce. A shift is happening that has led to shorter tenures and faster turnover. To address these changes successfully, recruiting and retaining strategies should be put in place. Before starting to recruit employees for WellStar, I’d be sure to create a clear and precise plan. I would start by prioritizing open roles according to criticality. This basically allows me to urgently fill roles immediately while protecting the business interest. Recruiting for the position that is more important is a way to ensure balance is maintained when it comes to WellStar and their staff. A recruiting strategy that is different from other organizations whether it is through unique branding, benefit packages, compensation, culture, and so on. If I create an exclusive recruitment strategy for WellStar, it will appear more unique and creative to candidates in the job market. Being well organized is the key for recruiting. Another recruiting strategy would be identifying the missing skills and competences, this will better identify the candidates with the desired skill set. Being proactive is another key to business success. After all my strategies are aligned, I will start advertising the job openings in metro Atlanta newspaper and online publications. The advertisement will include: location hiring for, job title, description, compensation package, and a step-by-step guide to formally apply for the position. Employee retention is an important element of success in healthcare. Improving retention will avoid high cost of replacing employees, decrease turn over rates, and improve the quality of patient care. To first develop a retention strategy troubleshooting the unresolved issues must happen first. Asking relative questions and hearing their concerns and issues to try to find out what’s the undermining issue. Once the problem is addressed, finding solutions to retain WellStar employees is next. WellStar is a large healthcare facility so their staff are always working exhausting hours. To better retain employees, I would implement flexibility hours, it will give the employees a chance to notice WellStar willingness to accommodate for their personal needs and allows them to become loyal. Removing frustrating obstacles that prevent satisfaction and work completion will also retain employees. Whether is implementing new ways to work or accommodating workload so its balanced. If employees feel like there is no room for growth or advancement, it will lead to finding an organization that does. Putting a complete stop to it before it happens, a retainment strategy will provide numerous opportunities for employees to learn and progress in their field. Offering rewards, learning opportunities, and unbeatable incentives will be a great way to transfer WellStar into their employees dream job which will proudly turn into recruitment of their peers