1 httpswwwscieorgukpublicationsnqswtoolmultiagencyworking The SCIE website was useful to me because it provided me

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1. https://www.scie.org.uk/publications/nqswtool/multiagencyworking/ The SCIE website was useful to me because it provided me with useful information that was easy to understand. It provided me with quotes that I could use within my work to ensure that my facts were correct and that I had a source that could back up my information for the work that I was doing about multi-agency working. It explained to me about why multi-agency working is effective and what is provides. The layout is easy to read and understandable as it is spaced out. However, there are some technical words that someone who is not a part of that profession will not understand, I did not have use that part of the work as it did not relate to work on multi-agency working. I used the Social Care Institute for Excellence website because I trusted the validity of the website. The purpose of this source is to promote and evidence their learning through knowledge centred practices. The source is also there to provide easy access to legislation, policy documents and research, also to create support for formal supervision, preparation for new tasks, debriefing and learning from experiences early on. The last purpose is to encourage a learning culture. This source was created for individuals who are newly qualified social workers, for the public and students like myself, for example, I needed to find information about multi-agency working and this source provided me with this and finally for other organisations to use ad find out information. I found the SCIE website valuable to me because it is authentic as it is original, and it is trustworthy because it is a professional organisation and it has the government support. Due to this factor this means that it is most likely not to be plagiarised. This was a valuable resource for me because it means that the writing is authentic and so they have not taken this information from another source. Although this website does not have a bibliography however it does have hyperlinks to send people to a different page for more information if it is needed. For example, it has a hyperlink for a social care television programme, this will give more information. Also, as the bottom of the page, it tells the reader what the publication is part of and in this case, it is part of the Newly Qualified Social Worker Resource. I used this source, but I could have used this source https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/338875/MASH.pdf. The reason why I did not use this source for information on multi-agency working but I did not because it contains too much information and it was too long of a document, so it made it less appealing for me to use it within my work. Although the layout of the information is clear the information contains complex words that somebody who is learning about this information will not understand to the full extent. The information’s style is dull and boring, even though there is some colour it is not an eye-catching document that would make me interested to read into the document more than I did. While the information comes from a trustworthy site as it was written by the government’s home office, due to its style and presentation made me not want to use this source for my coursework 2. https://abbysprojects.wordpress.com/2016/03/07/how-does-multi-agency-working-decrease-the-risk-of-abuse-and-neglect/ Abbys Projects was a valuable source to me because it is colourful and eye-catching, this made it easier for me to read because it catches your eye. The style of this source is clear as it uses titles, subheadings and bullet points to make the paragraphs more obvious as they have different information under each subheading. The writing is clear and obvious with a lot of information that I can use to help me with my work on multi-agency working. This source was very useful to me because it explains what multi-agency working is in simple terms. Furthermore, it also explained how this form of working can help to prevent abuse and neglect happening to individuals who use the health and social care sector, but it also explains the disadvantages of working this way. This is helpful because it provided me with a lot of information that I needed to put into my work. Although there is a lot of writing on this website it did not overwhelm me due to the fact the layout was very clear. The purpose behind this source is to provide people with information on multi-agency working. The audience that this was aimed for is students who are learning about multi-agency working, but it can also help staff members from a health and social care sector because they can see how they can improve their services from using multi-agency working within their work to provide better care for their service users. I believe that this source is authentic and not plagiarised because it uses references and it has a bibliography at the end. I believe this makes it authentic and provide good information because the author of the website has investigated to find other sources to back their information up and it also provides more information for the reader. The website I do not believe is plagiarised because of the fact it provides the reader with references and a bibliography at the end of the source where the individual has gotten their information from to use. I believe this shows that the author believed the other sources were good for information that she could use to help inform other people who are reading the website. I believe that using information from other people helps the information on this source because they are acknowledging other people’s work and their research into the same subject of multi-agency working. I also believe that by Abbys Project having references gives the reader evidence to support their information. Furthermore, by providing a bibliography at the end of their writing the readers are to keep a track of where the information has come for and how the writing was formed. I used this source however, I could have used this source https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/ng76/chapter/Recommendations but there are reasons behind why I did not use this website as a source for information. One reason is because the style of website is confusing as it is set out in bullet points and the problem that I have with this is that I do not believe they provide enough information. The source is a long piece of writing which is also dull and boring as there is no colour to attract me to the website although the information comes from a professional organisation and is trustworthy, it is not the right layout for me to use whereas the source that I have used provided me with the features that I find to make it easier for me to read a document, this source did not have features that appealed to me to use this source. 3. https://www.nmc.org.uk/about-us/our-role/ The Nursing and Midwifery Council helped with my work because it provided me with information about what the NMC are and what they do. The NMC websites presentation is colourful and interesting, it has provided the readers with a video to watch. The website page is easy to read because it is clearly set out and there is not too much information or too long that will make uninterested in the piece of writing. It personally helped with my work for health and social care because it clearly sets out what they do and what they do not do within their job sector. The purpose behind the NMC website is to provide people with the information of what the Nursing and Midwifery Council is and what they do as an organisation. The audience that this is aimed at are students, nurses and midwives as well as member of the public that need to be informed on this information as people can search for people who are part of the NMC register. I believe that this source is an authentic source because it is a government body, which makes the source trustworthy as it is an original information from a professional organisation. Due to this factor the Nursing and Midwifery Council the information that they use to inform the public is not plagiarised because of the fact that it is an organisation that is need because of a law. The NMC does not use any references with their information, I believe this makes it trustworthy because the information is first-hand and is written by the organisation that uses this information as part of their job.