1 The garden nursery shop fall under provincial jurisdiction because it is a

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1. The garden nursery shop fall under provincial jurisdiction because it is a local garden shop. Yes, the nursery owner, Mr Singh violates the human rights act by doing sexual harassment with his employee, Malika as from case study it is clear that Mr Singh would put his hands on her shoulders and hips or lean very close to her and one day he tried to kiss Malika and after some days Mr Singh suggested her to come to his apartment to have sex with him. “Sexual Harassment is an unsolicited or unwelcome sex or gender-based conduct that has adverse employment consequences for the complainant” (Jan hunt, 2020). It falls under the prohibited ground of sexual orientation so it is also a direct discrimination as grounds mentioned in the human rights legislation are illegal. About 91 percent of men and 94 percent of women agree that “men need to take more responsibility for the way they behave towards women” while 74 percent of men and 84 percent of women agree that “there is no forgiveness for sexual harassment. ( ).2. Firstly, speaking up means committing a large amount of time and taking lot of risks. Malika don’t speak up because she doesn’t want be to be fired as if she got fired, she may not get any other job and was afraid for getting black-listed for trouble. According to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, “75 percent of employees who spoke out against employees faced some kind of retaliation”. Secondly, whatever the outcome of speaking up, it can affect like what one think of us. If Malika have complained, she would have become the victim of sexual harassment even if she has done anything. Lastly, Malika would have got blamed and would have got attention of everyone and might be asked many questions like what happened, why she didn’t stop from being happening (Chance, Z, October 18, 2017).3. 1. This case falls under federal jurisdiction because it is mentioned about call center of a television and internet provider call. This case is an example of both direct and indirect discrimination because it is illegal and shows the inability of people to deal with persons with disabilities (). As after noticing hearing aid in Rowina’s right ear, call center supervisor and department manager refused her for the job even though she said that she had already did the same job. The prohibited ground of discrimination is disability. The act which is relevant to this case is Employment Equity Act which was proclaimed by the federal government in August 1987 and it was amended in 1996. Its main purpose is to remove employment barriers and promote equality. Providing telephone or computer equipment to those people who can’t hear is a reasonable accommodation that can be provided in case of disability ().2. The supervisor and department should have decided to hire Rowina for this job. This is because she had previously worked as a part-time call center customer service representative and she was an ideal candidate. No, they both didn’t have a reasonable ground to believe that she could not do the work as only after noticing that she is wearing hearing aid in her ear, they refused to give her job and the only reason was her disability. Even though she was hearing impaired and wore a hearing aid, she has done the same job in past and was able to provide two letters of reference from previous employers to them then also they didn’t hire her for the job. Instead of not providing her job, a reasonable accommodation should have been provided through she may able to perform reasonable job functions without any undue hardships (ADA National Network, February 2020).3. In order to make disable employees lives easier, Telecommunication Device for the Deaf services that will allow the hearing-impaired individual to type through the telephone and receive answers same way should be implemented. Customer service help should be provided through online chat rooms. Conversations should be entirely written so that burden is removed from the employee with the hearing impairment. It should be necessary that call center employees should know how to communicate from a written perspective. Presenting video technology can help employer to accommodate deaf employees. Also, changing layout of desks and repainting pillars to get visual guidance can help a lot to employer to deal with hearing impaired employee in future (Matthews, K, November 14,2018).