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IntroductionTuberculosis become the No.1 killer in Hong KongEvery year, millions of people diagnosed with tuberculosis (Centre for Health Protection, 2019) which revealed as one of the top 10 mortal diseases worldwide. (World Health Organization, 2018) According to the statistics provided by the World Health Organization, there were 10 million people fell sick with tuberculosis and caused 1.6 million deaths last year. Equivalently, it means there were 133 tuberculosis cases out of 100 000 population. (WHO, 2018) These shows how widespread it is. In Hong Kong, the epidemic situation of tuberculosis is more or less similar to the worldwide trend. Recently, tuberculosis was considered as the top 1 killer in Hong Kong. (Stuart, H., 2018, July 20) Given by the statistics of the Center of Health protection (2019), there were totally 4622 new tuberculosis cases in 2018, which contributed to more than one-fourth of the overall notifiable infectious diseases cases. Meanwhile, there were 179 notified Tuberculosis deaths cases last year. With that, the mortality rate of Tuberculosis in 2018 reported at 58.1 people over 100 000 population. Although it had reported a decline in the morbidity rate by government effort, (Su, X. Q., 2018, July 20) it still gains concerns by its high mortality rate and multi-drug resistant property. Tuberculosis is an airborne disease caused by bacterium Myocardium tuberculosis. The infectious droplet nuclei from tuberculosis patient remain suspended in the environment for several hours and being inhaled by others to cause infection. (WHO, 2018) This proves disease is always indivisible from the surrounding environment. And the above is what Nightingale suggested in her environmental theory. Therefore, in this passage, I aim to discuss the implications of Nightingale’s Environmental Model in tuberculosis issue with the application of 9 canons. The Implications of the present nursing profession and its importance are also being discussed.9 major components of Environment Ventilation and warming, light and noise, cleanliness of the area, health of houses, nutrition and taking food, personal cleanliness, variety, Chattering hope and advice Observation of the sickNightingale’s Environmental theory emphasizes the environment have a major influence on one’s health. She wrote, “all external influences and conditions can prevent