Open, honest, trusting and respectful relationships

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It is important to have open, honest, trusting and respectful relationships with parents, carers and families, because it shows that we are trustworthy, approachable and have nothing to hide. The following show what is expected of playworkers in my setting:

OPEN: We need to have transparency, nothing is “swept under the carpet”. We should show parents and carers that we are friendly and approachable. (IE when children and young people first enter the setting then parents should be able to feel confident in leaving their children in our care, because we give a welcoming persona, to both them and the children and young people).

HONEST: Being truthful is always the best policy. Always tell the facts as it is and never “Stretch the Truth” or turn things around to ones own advantage (IE a nursery child accused a lunchtime supervisor of ‘hitting him’…thankfully another member of staff was in proximity to be able to let the teacher and the parent know that she had not touched him. I also have a personal policy, that if I have made a mistake in a judgment, or accidentally broken something, or haven’t finished a task in an allotted time, I will own up to it rather than let it fester, however embarrassing it might be. (EG when I have accidentally caught a child with a ‘flying hand’ or they have walked into my elbow, and I have hurt them unintentionally, so I will tell the teacher straight away, what has happened. This also covers me in the setting, if the child or young person has a mark on their person at the end of the day, so the teacher can explain the reason why to the parent).

TRUSTING: Always have a pleasant persona at all times, and assure parents and carers that everything discussed is in the strictest confidence. (IE a parent was concerned that her child was getting upset about the pending school tests that are coming up in May, and she wished to air her concerns to the teacher. As the teacher was not in the vicinity that day, I assured her that I would relay the message to him and him only, later in the day in private, and it would not be discussed in front of the child concerned, or other members of staff.