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5935 SE 4th ave. New Plymouth, Idaho, 83655St. Luke’s Health System 190 E Bannock Boise, Idaho, 83712To Whom It May Concern,I am interested in the Pediatric CNA position. My aunt is the head of the pediatric unit at St. Luke’s in Boise. She told me how I would be the perfect fit for the job. I am interested in this position because I’m going to college to specialize in pediatric nursing and hopefully going back to college to become an OBGYN. I got my CNA over summer from TVCC and I would like to get the hang with working with kids, so I’m certain I want to go into pediatrics. I have been working at a daycare for about 3 years, so I’ve been around kids a lot and love being around them. My sophomore year I took a year long class called Fundamentals of Health Profession. In that class we learned all the basic building blocks of nursing. My junior year I took medical terminology so I learned all the basics of the terminology. So I know how to deal with kids and keep them happy. I also know the basics of nursing. I plan on working my way up through my college as I get different certificates and degrees. So hopefully I can go as a CNA to a nursing assistant to a registered nurse to finally an OBGYN. St. Luke’s is a great teaching hospital and will help me become the best medical provider I can be.I would very much appreciate having a professional interview so I can have a further discussion about my future plans and my qualifications. If I don’t get an email or a phone call from you in three weeks, I will call and check if you got my application. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my application. I hope that we will be in touch soon.Sincerely, Abby Peck