A simpler easier to use formula is Mosteller 1987BSA√W⨯H3600There are also a

A simpler, easier to use formula is Mosteller, 1987_BSA=√((W⨯H)/3600)There are also a number of other recipes including: Haycock formula, 1978_BSA=0.024265⨯W^0.5378⨯H^0.3964Gehan and Gearge formula, 1970_BSA=0.0235⨯W^0.51456⨯H^0.42246Fujimoto formula, 1968_BSA=0.008883⨯W^0.444⨯H^0.663Takahira formula, 1968_BSA=0.007241⨯W^0.425⨯H^0.725Shuter and Aslani, 2000_BSA=0.00949⨯W^0.441⨯H^0.655 In the above formulas BSA is in m2, W is weight in kg, and H is height in cm.Thus, we can see from formula (1) if the value of body surface area (BSA) is determined, then the height measurement above can be calculated from the value of body weight because BSA value fluctuate very small, from 1 to 1.9. We chose the formula because this is the most widely used formula in the world. The formulas is_W=〖BSA〗^(1/0.425)⨯(H⨯100)^(-0.725/0.425)⨯〖0.007184〗^(-1/0.425) (2).In this formula BSA is in m2, W is weight in kg, and H is height in cm.The important thing is how to determine body surface area (BSA) the most appropriate for all subjects. According to research results of a group of Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy students, Vietnam, 2013-2014. Accordingly, the body surface area (BSA) average for men is 1.67 m2 and for women is 1.45 m2. In order to verify these values, we performed a body height and body weight test with 60 people including 30 men and 30 women, the results were close to the above values, specifically the body surface area (BSA) average for men is 1.7 m2 and for women is 1.43 m2. Apply statistical method according to normal distribution with variance σ = 0.069, reliability 1- α = 0.95 or α = 0.05, 〖 Z〗_(α/2)= 1.96 and standard deviation ε = 0.017, then the sample size is:thus, the application of statistical probability for such sample size is reliable.In summary i used the formula (2) with two option the body surface area (BSA) average for men is 1.7 m2 and for women is 1.43 m2 to estimate weight.OurworkThis section will provide an overview of the steps in the calculation method as well as the system that we have implemented. Detail of the sections are presented as shown in Fig. 2. My method is carried out mainly through three steps. The first is through the process of determining the body height. We use OpenNI framework and NITE 2 [6] to extract skeleton points, then program give us the depth coordinates of the skeleton points in millimeters.The second, we use my algorithm to calculate the total distance between the selected points as in part II.A to calculate the body height.The final step is to apply statistical methods to estimate the weight of the object. For this last step, all the estimated estimation tools have been tested.RESULTThe result determines the heightNext, we will present the measured results from the experiment. The purpose of the project is to determine the most appropriate method so that it is possible to accurately estimate the human height and reduce errors. To evaluate the effectiveness of my method use the cumulative square error distribution function:ε=|λ_m-λ_r |/λ_r (2)in that, ε is the measurement error, λ_m is the measured value and λ_r is the real value.Conducting a survey of over 60 people, the average error of measuring is shown in TABLE I. We found that the error of height measurement is ±10% and the average error is 4.37% for men and 4.19% for women, an acceptable value in the medical community.THE AVERAGE ERROR OF MEASURING Height WeightMen 4.37 11.35Women 4.19 8.8The result determines the weightAlso from the error estimation method like the formula (2) when measuring the data set above, we have determined the average error of weight for men is 11.35%, the average error of weight for women is 8.8%.In an experiment conducted at Melbourne Hospital to collect images estimating the volume of 1137 patients and medical staff. The study propose the statistics of the estimate conducted by the patients and the medical personnel. The weight of each patient was firstly estimated by himself, secondly the nurses and the physicians were asked to estimate it. The precision of ±5% the weight of the patients is achieved by the patient and by most of the trained nurses. The physicians instead do not achieve the same results and their error is more spread (up to ±20% of the original weight) [3]. This analysis shows that our system is still effective compared to the estimated weight by visual of medical professionals. We understand that this analysis is far from practical, not always high-precision compared to other good measuring tools like. Therefore, we studied to evaluate the loss of efficiency and conditions affecting the error of measurement results. We want to prove that regardless of the loss of accuracy in any condition, my measuring system is still considered good enough to use in conditions that do not give you accurate results.First, we will talk about the condition of the camera device. My program is compatible with Depth Frames of PrimeSense Camera or Kinect v1 Camera. Feature characteristics of the two devices are basically the same. Next, need to set the device so that the camera can take the whole body. Appropriate distance for measurement from body to camera is from 1.2m to 4m, the most suitable distance is 2.5m and minimize obstructions around.In addition, the brightness factor also affects the measurement, the device will not catch skeleton points in outdoor light conditions, so conducting measurements in the room is most appropriate. Clothing also affects the results of the measurement, loosening the shirt and pants or wearing too thick clothes increases the probability of the measurement error.My measuring system is not limited to body height measurements. The most accurate measurement limit of real weight measurements is between 50 kg and 65 kg for men and 45 to 60 kg for women, which is common with the physical characteristics of Vietnamese people, outside this value the measurement has an increasing error.

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