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AcademicHelp.netCategories Guides Samples Tools Services Blog Register / Sign InHomepage > Plagiarism CheckerNo plagiarism detectedEffectiveness of Standardized Protocol for Oxygen Therapy on Improving Nurses’ Performance and Patient Health OutcomeIntroductionOxygen medical aid is essential to sustain human life; it is one of the foremost comprehensive pharmaceuticals for patients with different health conditions. Oxygen medical aid is usually utilized in emergency and essential cases. If oxygen medical aid is not given appropriately, it could be fatal. Hence, patients must receive this medical aid in a safe, and comfortable method (Adipa et al., 2015; Mahmoud et al., 2016; O’driscoll et al., 2016)Preserve of adequate oxygen delivery to vital organs requires administration of supplemental oxygen, sometimes at high concentrations. Although Oxygen therapy is saving, it may cause harmful effects once administered for prolonged periods at high concentrations. Oxygen ought to be prescribed to come through a target saturation of 94–98% for many acutely sick patients or 88–92% for those in danger of hypercapnic metabolic process failure (Lemma, & Weldelsadik, 2015).Oxygen medical aid, like any drug, if there is a rise in its dose, can have noxious effects on the human body, exposure to higher concentrations of oxygen; can lead to grave health issues. The most common harmful effect that might result from high oxygen concentration is “oxygen toxicity”” (Parke et al.