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Afrah ElmansourENG 112Dr. Jessica Labbe20. January. 2019Everything That Rises Must ConvergeHow old generations can see the people? There is a good theme of integrations in the short story that was written by Flannery O’Conner’s “Everything That Rises Must Converge” and it published in 1965. The story is about a young man (Julian) who represents the new generation and his mother who represent the old generation. O’Connor’s focuses on the theme of appearance, identity and the communication in this story.The story began when Julian waiting for his mom to get ready for her class at YMCA. After Julian mother get ready and dress up she look to herself as she wonder if that new hat suit her or not, but Julian told her to put it on. Julian’s mom believes in racism, she sees herself above all people, most of their disagreement around this point. He always thinks how to teach her a lesson. When Julian and his mom get in to the bus, a black woman came to ride the bus too with her little son. She sat beside Julian’s mom, she wear as her hat; they look no differences between them. Julian thinks this is a good lesson for his mom to see herself is equal to people. O’Conner’s points to appearance and identity through Julian mother. She always is careful to be first in her YMCA class. Also, she takes care of her appearance and what she wears. She came to the class wearing hat and gloves because she thinks by dressing well that will reflect her identity. Julian’s mom always sees herself superior to other women in her class, she relish by talking about her educated college son especially she is an only woman had educated son. Another aspect show how Julian mom care about appearance, she told her son to back on his tie and without tie he ‘ looks as a- thug.’ O’Conner’s (281) after her son putting his tie on, said that he is ‘restored to my class.’ And ‘true culture is in the mind, the mind.’ But his mom answered ‘it’s all in the heart and how you do things and how you do things is because of who you are’. O’Conner’s (281) Julian said that the true culture in her mom’s mind because his mom still believe in how they will be look. O’Conner’s point to the communication in the story, Julian mom start making conversation with other passengers that aimed she is a white woman in the bus “I see we have the bus to our selves” O’Connor’s (282) when she see the bus almost filed with white people. Julian mom’s turn her conversation to talk about her educated son and he is a type writer salesman and he plan to be a writer. On other side Julian start to make conversation with the black man who sit beside him but he fail to engage with him. Also, Julian doesn’t make conversation with the black woman with protruding teeth. From these points Julian looks like his mother believe in racism. The conflict between Julian and his mother is about how and where they live. She always talks about her grandfather and what he owned. That will makes her live happy under negative conviction. “Where you are now.” O’Conner’s (278) he said that because, they live in a measly neighborhood. The disagreement between them is that Julian’s mom still live in old generation believes, she doesn’t understand she live in a new generation, there is no different between the people. Julian judges her that “knowing who you are is good for one generation only.” He said again “the old manners are obsolete and your graciousness is not worth a damn.” (293) Julian said that after carver’s mom facing his mother. He point to the time of people who accept graciousness is due. At the end of story Julian mom feel angry from the black woman (carver’s mom) who wear same hat as her. In her believe by giving a little boy (carver) a penny that will make her different and superior of the black women. But carver’s mom stared at her “he don’t take anybody pennies”. Julian’s mom feels sick and sat on the sidewalk. She start calling people from the past calling her grandfather and the nurse. She dies on the street “the tide of darkness seemed to sweep him back to her, postponing from moment to moment his entry into the word of gilt and sorrow.” O’Connor’s (294) Julian ran toward the light for help but he just sees darkness everywhere. That is maybe he worried about his mom situation or maybe he will feel “guilt and sorrow.” (294). The goal of O’Connor’s to write this story “Everything That Rises Must Converge” is to show the differences between old and new generation and how they think in racism. O’Connor’s uses Julian and his mother characters to represent for that. My personal view toward O’Connor’s “Everything That Rises Must Converge” appears at this aspect from my life. In my home country most old people thinking as Julian’s mother. I saw my grandmother doesn’t agree for my aunt to invite her friend (whom from specific tribes) for celebration. When I read this story I remember how my grandmother thinks. I saw that action from my grandmother but the rest of my family doesn’t believe in racism. I feel sorry about people who think as my grandmother. My personal awareness from this story that Juliann’s mom believes in racism. Julian believe in racism too because, he can’t able to make communication with the black people. He makes friend from Negros just to frustrate his mom. Julian feels superior to other by having college education. Julian doesn’t satisfy about his home, he always imagines having a house in a town. Also, in my opinion Julian use wrong way to disagreeing with his mom, instead to let her know little by little there is no different between the people but he always makes her angry. But at the end she dies and leaves him alone that will make him feel guilty and sorrow. In my conclusion, to change someone believe don’t use hard way for changing their mind. no one can accept that because they think this will destroy their dignity. I realize that from Julian’s mom maybe she will change her mind if Julian gave her feeling she is the best mom. Work CitesO’Connor’s, Flannery. They say/ I say: Everything that Rises Must Converge. Macmillan, 1965.