After carefully going through the topics to choose from I have decided

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After carefully going through the topics to choose from, I have decided to research, provide current statuses and provide s few recommendations in regards to possibly overcoming the issues as it pertains to high unemployment rate among workers with a high school diploma or less. As far as education and the level pay that goes with having degrees, although people who have degrees, have higher pay, the unemployment rate among them is lower than people who have a lesser education. I thought this was rather interesting. People go to school for years, incur debt in hundreds and thousands of dollars and have thee hardest times getting jobs in the field that they have chosen to study in. I have seen this happen so many times or I have seen where people have went away or stay in state to obtain a degree in a field and when it was time to get a job in that area of specialty, couldn’t and ended up getting a job in a field that had nothing to do with what they actually went to school for. According to the BLS, payroll employment had increased almost 197,000 in March but the unemployment still remained almost 4%. ( I believe it all has to do with the major that you have chosen that will ultimately determine if you will likely have success in finding a job right away and/or maintaining employment in that particular field. It has to be a demand for your major. Meaning that no matter what happens to the market, your job will always is in need at any company. Some of the jobs I speak about when I say this would be jobs in healthcare like: nurses, doctors, medical assistants and healthcare insurance billers. Another field that is and always will be in high demand is Human Resources simply because all companies have to have this department so it would be a great field to go into because you are likely to always be able to find employment. Some of the highest paying jobs with the highest and lowest unemployment for example would be: Visual and Performing Arts with a salary of about $50K, unemployment at 5.5%, and unemployment at a total of $4008. Another example would be Cognitive science and biopsychology with a unemployment rare of 5.6%, average salary is almost 80K and the unemployment is almost 900. ( A couple majors with the lowest employment example would be major like: Elementary education with a unemployment rate of 1.9% with a salary being almost $47K and a total unemployment rate about 26,000. Another one would be Animal sciences with an unemployment rate of almost 1.8% and unemployment at almost 2,545. This is all data from the U.S Census Bureau’s 2015 Survey. As of today, the percentage unemployment rate by diploma, degree or less, in March 2019 was 6.9% for less than a high school diploma, some college or at least an associate degree was 3.5%, and Bachelors degree and/or higher is 2.0%. Which checking the years prior, appears that it hasn’t really changed too much. It is pretty much steady. ( I believe this is why I believe that college isn’t for everyone and just because you don’t go to college or don’t have a higher level of education, doesn’t mean that you will be unemployed. There several trades that people obtain in replace of taking out student loans and private loans, going in debt and are just as well off as someone who chose to do a 4-8 year degree and a University. Some examples of trades that are just as lucrative are: Cosmetologist who can easily make well over $100K yearly. Some of the top highest paid skilled trades in America are: Aircraft Mechanics, Electricians, Crane Operator, Construction Manager, and Pile-Driver Operator. ( Trade jobs are those labor jobs which require specific training. Much of the labor involved with skilled trade’s jobs is manual work and can be physically demanding. (google). When I initially graduated from high school I went to cosmetology school. It was a total of two years. I worked full time and went to hair school part time at night from 6pm to 9:30pm and on Saturday for 8 hours. I enjoyed it and it was my passion. Once I finished I took an exam and was able to go into a salon of my choice and work. I began to build a clientele and after about a year was during only hair to pay my bills. It is a very lucrative business. You go to classes to continue to stay current and you obtain credits (CEU) to remain active with your license every two years. I know millionaires in the beauty industry. I think that just because you do not have a college degree doesn’t mean you can’t go get a real estate license and become a broker or even a leasing agent. There are so many jobs out here that do not require having a college degree, however, you have to be dedicated and motivated to learn as much about the trade that you have chosen as you would if you were in college. I think that if your going to go to college, try to invest in a field that will always be around no matter what that is how you are guaranteed longevity in you field as the job can never be phased out and/or transferred overseas and out the country for China or India to pay employees $3 an hour to do your job and now your out of one. Keeping yourself marketable and staying ahead of trends and on top of your knowledge in a trade that you have chosen will be the key to staying up to date and will keep you employed for the long term. I think the problem comes in when people go to college for years and years at a time, not really knowing what they want to be in life, or they do, graduate and unable to find a job and overtime that becomes discouraging. Now they are looking at the fact that they now have student loans that must be paid back and can’t find a job that will cover the monthly payments plus live comfortably. I have had the luxury of having three trades. If it weren’t for having a major injury a couple years ago, I would still be at the highlight of my career in the beauty industry. However, with that being said, although I have the three trades, I decided to go back to school and finish up m Bachelors in Human Resources. Initially, I came back to school and my major was technical management with a concentration in Project Management but then I switched my concentration to Human Resources because I felt like that field can never be phased out no matter what company you work for. The flip side is that in this particular field, it appears that most if not all companies expect you to already have at least 3 to 5 years if not more experience in the related field in order to hire you. This can be difficult as your just getting out of college so how are you suppose to get experience if no one is willing to train or assist with helping you break into the industry. In conclusion, the unemployment rate is high for workers with a high school diploma or less but it doesn’t necessarily have to be if you pick up a trade and stick to it. You can open up your own business and make just as much money if not, more working for yourself. With the recession that took place years ago, I think the work force is still rebounding slowly but surely. If you get a couple trades under your belt, if something like that was to eve happen again, you would still be able to maintain your lifestyle and would not have to worry about paying any loans back or having monthly payments hanging over your head without a job. If you choose to go to school, at least get a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree to keep up with the salaries of those with additional degrees but make sure it is in a field that will be around for years to come. This is my input in regards to the high unemployment rate among workers with high school diploma or less.