After sometimes the nurses have had many images ranging from the angelic

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After sometimes the nurses have had many images, ranging from the angelic or image of mercy to sexual showing in paintings where the image of the nurse is seen as carnal desire. Nightingale will describe the nurse as basic doctor support and lower, but very important step in health care. Several films and theatre scenes have tried to demonize, the image of this profession.In 2001, the Nursing Defense Center was founded, which arises as a result of the scarcity of this profession. Later, his work was dedicated to stimulating and rewarding outstanding nurses. This center has revolutionized the world, and the image of nursing strictly criticizes all those shows that try to ridicule the image of this great work in addition to prohibiting the use of the image of this profession as an object of desire or evil.As I evolve nursing with this, I also change its image, for this important profession in health care. Some of the changes in this image are largely due to the companies and factories responsible for making the styles of uniforms that nurses wear on a daily basis, managing to greatly unify a unique, serious style with great appearance and without ornaments related to drawings or different characters.Despite the slow changes in the infirmary there are still negative criteria and opinions about the image of this profession for example I have heard nurses say they do not want to see their children study nursing and this event leads them to work in unfavorable environments where they are not respected or often exploited have to work in an environment where they are not respected. But despite the factors that violate the image of the middle such as values, culture, work environment and education the public image is obliged to change its opinion due to the incalculable contribution that this beautiful profession makes to the Health Care System. Health policies directly influence nursing, and this ensures safe, high-quality, and affordable health care for the entire population and where a large role plays policies aimed at better patient care.The development of professional values has been a continuous and long process and is influenced by different factor’s internal and external. Nurses as a member of the health system and health care providers are responsible for providing care to patients based on ethical issues. Today, in the changing world, nurses need ethical knowledge for proper performance, situation management, and the provision of safe and adequate legal and ethical services. Professional values are the performance standards that are accepted by the professional and specialized group. However, these values must be created from the student stages which will be expanded through continuing education and the achievement of experience, perspective and attitude and some cultural and individual factors. This problem is influenced by the perspectives of nursing instructors who are largely in a permanent relationship with students and can pass on and deepen ethical and moral values. Therefore, providing educational and attention environments based on ethical values and nursing professionals is essential and can be done by conducting extensive studies.