An investigation into the type of corruption experienced by Social Grants

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The abuse of entrusted power reasons to gain in private, as to speak in general. This term cannot or may be the classification of Corruption which is confirmed that there are various types of Corruption in the Western Cape and in so many other premiers as researched for example Corruption of Social Grants. This includes also the establishment of new agencies including the SASSA and a brief explanation of how these new systems are being put into place. In South Africa there has been a significant increase in the provision of the social assistance of the provision of grants despite facing a beleaguered history of Corruption of Social Grants. According to the methodological approach the realization of an estimated loss of about R1.5 billion a year and that is through corruption in the delivery of social grants. A relatively sound policy framework and mechanisms has been developed by the South African state to counter corruption and to promote effective service delivery. The critical reflection activities employed in the DSD, aimed on the focus of social grants. Social grants should be highlighted in the departments as a sector where corruption problems are being systematically addressed. South Africa consist of the social grant fraud which is the main unit which was discovered, and this is not a holistic study of any of these particular agencies and bodies, but more rather on how their involvement is assisted with the anti-corruption process which is at hand. The social grant fraud should be noted that the experiences in the Eastern Cape according to investigations and which their results are concerned, does not necessarily present as a microcosm of the national picture. An opinion was stated by the public that said out of all the types of corruption that the political corruption is entrenched. Besides political corruption all types of corruption including Corruption of Social grants cannot be rooted out with just one step, however fighting will be a project-by-project and step-by-step process. To address a alleged act like corruption the approach should necessarily be confronted with all parties around the negotiation table.The frauds of social grantsThe nurse managed 2 get a forged birth certificate through a connection by the home affairs department so that she can receive social grant for a non-existent child. Social grant fraud is known as a situation where people receive grants that they are not entitled to. They sometimes fake their illness just to receive a grant. More than 600 000 fraud claimers were removed from the system in 2013 so that they can find a correct number of legitimate beneficiaries. Several social grant cases were identified and the main perpetrators were the public servants. Sassa discovered in investigations that their employees were involved in this fraud and took serious action. There was a report that a doctor from the North West is responsible for frauding disability certificates. This is a serious illegal matter and serious action needs to be taken against him. The doctor is registered with Sassa andd verify fake disability certificates as legitimate. The social workers integrity is the main key in the cases of children. Some foster parents uses children to receive illegal grants, which is called the foster care grant. A complainant state that a child were removed from a foster parent without following the right procedure. These serious crimes were noted and some was taken care of. According to the minister of social development, Bathabile Dlamini: “A key feature of the current payment model is the institutionalisation of the biometric system