Angela JohnsonColumbus State UniversityNursing 4192 Professional Development Perspectives RN II01292019 There are

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Angela JohnsonColumbus State UniversityNursing 4192: Professional Development Perspectives RN II01/29/2019 There are five stages to becoming an expert nurse according to Patricia Benner. The combination of education and experience contribute to nurses going from a novice nurse, to an expert. Novice is defined as “a person who is new or inexperienced”. Nurses at this stage would have a very limited knowledge on the ability to predict what can happen with their patients. They are limited in knowledge and not very flexible when it comes to thinking outside of the box. They have only been out of school or in their field for under a year. A beginner is defined as “a person that are just starting to earn a skill of activity”. This nurse can recognize recurrent situations and can work independently because they have gained a limited amount of knowledge in their department. They have difficulty prioritizing what is important so they may miss critical points. When a nurse reaches a competent level, their skills have now become more organized and they have begun to connect the dots between the knowledge and daily experiences. A proficient nurse sees the situation as a whole. Their clinical knowledge can be shown by recognizing patterns and changes and understanding changes in human patterns over a period of time. Expert is defined by “a person who has comprehensive knowledge of a skill in a particular area”. This nurse can recognize what needs to be done and act upon it. They can rely on their knowledge and experience to act on intuition. They are focused on the necessary tasks (, 2019). At the expert level the nurse should have the ability to act in situations that are difficult, with complex and unpredicted changes. The sense of expertise comes from overall understanding of different situations (Pina Queiros, 2015).I have currently been at my job for almost 3 years. My job is a non-traditional nursing job. I am a Center Medical Specialist (CMS) at a plasma donation center. My job is to evaluate potential donors for plasma donation. We perform a thorough medical, sexual, and travel history on each person. We also perform a head to toe assessments of each potential donor before granting approval to continue with the donation process. According to Benner a competent nurse is a nurse with 2-3 years of experience in an area. At this point I am able to choose between details that are important from situations that are not so urgent. I am more efficient and more organized than I was when I first started. According to Benner at this stage I still require support to coordinate multiple things at once. As my time with the job has lengthen so has my ability to tie in the concepts taught in school with real life situations. There are still days that I may need guidance when new and rare issues appear. I may need to sometime pull out our standard operations procedure (SOP) book for direction. There are also times in which guidance is needed from my supervisor. One important aspect to any job is progression. On our yearly evaluations there should be new things added that have been learned. On my job there are ample opportunities to learn and get certified in different departments. Some of these departments are laboratory processes, Quality assurance department, and phlebotomy. There is also the chance to move up as a Medical Operations Supervisor (MOS). The MOS oversees the entire nursing department. Gaining education and obtaining a bachelor’s degree is one of the qualifications that will enable me to be in a center or district management position. The Center manager oversees the entire building and every department in the building. Family support is very valuable when trying to pursue a higher education. Your family must understand that you may not always be available for certain events and times. My job is supportive by providing a flexible schedule when needed. The company also offer tuition reimbursement to ease the financial strain of going back to school. Management also provide and encourage training in all areas to give us experience to enable us to move up in the company. Our company is a big advocate for internal promotions and make sure that we have a vision for future growth and development. In conclusion, with experience and education in departments and companies, we can move up from novice to expert nurse. Knowing the stage that we are in on the list can be important. There should be a willingness to want to gain the knowledge and experience to move up to become a nurse who is fluid, flexible and highly proficient in the field. The more experience and education we become, the better the quality of care that our patients will receive. References(2019). Retrieved from http://healthresearchfunding.orgPina Queiros, P. (2015). The knowledge of expert and practical rationality. Investigacion and Education En Enfermeria, 83-91.