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Communication in Nursing PracticeAssignment 2 (Apr 2019 Semester)Name: Leow Xiu Min Student number: S10195059Tutorial/Practical grp number: T09/P17 Email: [email protected]. number: 97425257SafeAssign%:Tutor’s name: Koh Wat Neo, Josephine 1. DescriptionFrom the video I saw an old lady in her 60s/70s sitting on a chair at the side of her bed naked seemingly from her waist up and the fan above her was on , there were other old folks sitting in their bed looking at her, she seems to have cried out as a nurse walked by ignoring her, the scene changed and this time she has cloths on as a nurses and a lady that might have been a caregiver lifted her up, one grabbing under her arms and another grabbing her legs, the old lady could be seen grabbing onto the side of the chair the first time they tried to lift her, she seems to let go the second time they lifted her, crying noise could be heard as they lifted and throw her onto the bed, her pants were loose as it slips off her hips, her head could be seen hitting the pillow hard, the scene changed again and she could be heard crying and saying something, the nurse could be seen slapping her on her mouth as a way to stop her crying .2. FeelingsI was shock when I saw the elderly women sitting on a chair naked with the fan spinning above her head, I felt that her privacy was invaded and she could have caught a cold, when she cried out as a nurse walked by I was fuming seeing that the nurse didn’t even bother to stop and dress her or even to show concern, I became angry seeing them throw her onto the bed, the elderly lady could be seen holding onto the chair when they tried to lift her the first time, she must have been scared as it might not have been the first time and she knew that they were going to throw her, I was furious thinking this might not have been the first time this happened, when I saw the elderly lady hit her head hard against the pillow I was worried that she might become injured and that in turn made me more angry, when the nurse slap her mouth as she was crying I was shock by the inhumane behaviour displayed, I wonder if they would have done the same thing to their own parents, my heart when out to the elderly lady and the other old folks living there, I was also angry to learn that the name of the home is Nightingale Nursing Home, as their actions have tarnish the nightingale name.3. EvaluationThe nurses there were clearly used to displaying these bad behaviours, and the old folks seems to have been used to it as they were just looking at what was happening, the nurses did not care about the well-being of the elderly there, and that might have influence the caregivers to do the same, they were clearly not properly trained nurses as they did not see how their actions could have worsen the elderly conditions like catching a cold from being naked under the fan, having a concussion from hitting the head hard against the pillow and many more.4. Analysis I think the bad behaviours display by the nurses there were because the nurses before them did the same and so these bad behaviour were passed down from nurses to nurses, the caregiver there also seems to have display these bad behaviour because they were unprofessional nurses and they were taught by the nurses there, so they did not question if what they were doing were wrong. The old folks there did not seem to be in shock when they saw what was going on, as these bad behaviours may have been going on for a long time that it became normal.5. ConclusionsNot all nurses are caring, there are nurses out there that treat patients like meat bag that can be thrown around, everyone should keep a lookout for bad behaviours like this and report it immediately, sometimes the patient may be afraid to report the bad behaviours as others might not believe them and they might suffer more injustice from other nurses, so we should all keep a lookout for these bad behaviours, nurses are not all professionally trained and hence if I have a feeling that what they are doing are wrong I should question their actions, asking myself if I should follow them and continue doing these bad behaviours, instead of being like the caregivers in the video, doing the wrong things just because the nurses are doing it.6. ActionThe head nurses should do rounds more often to ensure the nurses there are doing their jobs correctly, when the new nurses and caregivers start learning how to care for these elderly they should be taught by profession nurses to ensure they learn the correct ways of taking care of the elderly, the head nurses should also visit the elderly there once a month to ask them about the condition of their living and how the staff there are treating them, nurses and caregivers should not be randomly hired, they should be require to go for short courses to learn the basic nursing care to ensure they are properly trained and can think of the consequences of their actions