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APRN InterviewAlexandra RodriguezNursing 483March 15, 2019APRN InterviewThe advanced practice nurse I chose to interview is employed at the hospital I work in and has five years’ experience as a nurse practitioner. Before becoming a nurse practitioner she was a cardiac/telemetry nurse with about twenty years of registered nurse experience. What interested you about this field?Before becoming a nurse practitioner she was a nurse for over twenty years. She enjoyed bedside, acute care nursing but felt like she wanted to do more for herself and her patients. Being a nurse practitioner she felt, she could still be a nurse with more knowledge while performing the roles of physicians. By being able to care for patients on a different level she still is able to offer the same care and compassion as she did when being a nurse. She wanted to advance in her career and chose to become a nurse practitioner to be able to give patients the care they deserve.What school did you go to?The Nurse Practitioner interviewed attended Azusa Pacific University. She obtained her master’s degree in nursing. She entered the program offered by Azusa Pacific taking courses online. What were the hardest parts of going to school?The two hardest things about going to school for her was actually getting the determination to go back to school for her masters and also the finances of obtaining an advanced degree. The coursework was intense since she completed it online and she wanted to get it done quick, so she was working on courses at a fast pace. What advice would you give someone going into this field?If someone is looking to go into this field, she recommends that they specialize in the aspect of care they want. She advises enrolling in a program that contains the training needed for the career you want for yourself. Having worked as a registered nurse for more than twenty years she also suggests gaining more experience as a registered nurse first to find what it is you love to do, and then if you feel the NP is what you want, then go for it. How long did it take you to feel comfortable in your NP role?It has taken her a few years to become comfortable in her role as a nurse practitioner. In the beginning it was hard for her to find her place, having to work alongside physicians. Also, being able to work with nurses, it was difficult finding where she belonged on the health care team.Would you choose this specialty if you had to do it again?After asking this question, her response was yes, she would do it again if she had to. She would like to have become a nurse practitioner sooner than she did but is glad she had all those years as a staff nurse first before advancing her career. What are your thoughts on having to work alongside a physician?Doctors have a different way of thinking she soon realized after becoming a NP. Working alongside physicians she feels as they just treat the condition and do not get to know their patients. For her, having a nursing background and as a NP she treats her patients as a whole not just the person, the condition and the patient. For the most part, she stated that she gets along with and works well with the physicians. How does your role as a NP differ from that of a RN?The main difference from her role as a nurse compared to her role as a NP is that she is able to treat and care for a patient on a different level. She is able to order and interpret any tests that are needed. She prescribes medication under the physician’s supervision and can manage treatment plans for her patients. Her role as a nurse helped her develop a compassionate and caring attitude which she now carries along in her NP role. How many hours a day do you work?Since she works in a hospital, the hours and days she works varies. On average she works about forty hours a week and is on call certain days throughout the month. What is the most rewarding part of being a NP?Working as a nurse practitioner is rewarding for her because in the hospital setting, she is able to care for patients with intricate medical conditions and being able to provide care for her patients is most rewarding. Being able to interview a nurse practitioner was an overall great experience. Many of the questions I asked were ones that I was curious about knowing the answer to, but never thought about sitting with a nurse practitioner and asking them. I learned a little more about what it takes to be a nurse practitioner and their role in the hospital setting. As for pursuing this as a career option, I would really like to gain more experience as a registered nurse before going forward with becoming a nurse practitioner. While gaining more experience I do plan to go back to school to obtain my master’s degree. After that, maybe I will have more direction on where or what I want to do with my career as a nurse.