Arionna LovettMs MathewsEnglish 1229 April 2019The Great Vaccination DebateImagine going to Disneyland

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Arionna LovettMs. MathewsEnglish 1229 April 2019The Great Vaccination DebateImagine going to Disneyland with your kids to have fun and then returning home to learn your child has measles. There have been outbreaks of preventable diseases spreading throughout the United States due to citizens not receiving suggested vaccinations. When there is not enough evidence to convince parents that the vaccines actually work, the more people will continue to become sick. Americans who have not received the protection provided by vaccinations contribute to the spread of preventable diseases. As suggested to parents by doctors, young children should receive vaccinations to be protected against very serious diseases such as measles. With children not being vaccinated, they could become sick quickly and could spread a disease as fast. If everyone would believe in the benefits of medications, many would not become as sick easily. According to Melissa Jenco, a few obstacles such as no transportation and doctors not being available at clinics stops the idea of the protection. Parents should talk to care coordinators and social workers about the lack of transportation. Being linked to individuals that can provide valuable resources for parents so that children can be vaccinated on time. Care coordinators would be more than happy to help patients resolve any problems stopping them from receiving necessary medical care. Here in Michigan, Metro Transportation Authority has a program called rides to wellness that will be able to transport anyone to their doctor’s appointments. Rides cost up to eighty five cents, the only downfall is if your agency is not a partner with Metro Transportation Authority then you cannot use their transportation. Shanika Johnson, a local McLaren health plan worker said “A source from McLaren Health Plan states that members with McLaren medicaid can call into our center and request transportation services for doctor appointments with twentyfour notice. Members are also able to stop to pick up prescription drugs on their way home. This service is offered via taxi cab or the Metro Transportation Authority.” When children are born, doctors should ask parents if they will be able to make it to all checkups. When it comes down to doctors not being present at clinics, there’s nothing the patients could do but wait until there is an available doctor. Beside not having a way to the doctors, not having a way to pay for the medication is stopping vaccinations from happening. Some people’s main source of paying for medical visits is through their insurance company. Ones who do not have insurance have to pay for each visit, even if patients do have insurance their insurance company may not insure the medicine. Having to pay out of pocket could be extremely expensive, high prices cause people to not go. “Pediatricians can help by referring patients to participating providers.” suggests Dr. Cohn ( If parents were serious about vaccinating their children, they would search for sources that will provide the needed income. After nineteen years, measles has returned to the United States and there has been outbreaks known to be spreading throughout the entire country. Author Carol Pearson says that recently outbreaks have occurred in Washington DC and Houston Texas. “There has been a total of fifty measle cases in Washington and five cases in Houston”(Pearson). Out of the 50 states in the United States