As Thomas Collin Campbell quoted “Good nutrition creates health in all areas

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As Thomas Collin Campbell quoted “Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence. All parts are interconnected”. A central moment that contributed to my profound interest in food science, was during a conversation from a career specialist, during middle school. She highlighted how the role of a nutritionist involves providing patients with distinct diets that can cater for people with allergies and other conditions. I found myself intrigued at the idea of being able to help others, as I perceive this as highly rewarding. After observing the functions of nutrition in life, I can comprehend that having a healthy and balanced diet is directly linked to an individual’s health and well being. Adequate nutrition can significantly affect a person’s risk of having a disease. Nutritional values has a predominant role in the world; often, people are unaware that a poor diet can have ramifications. After learning biology in depth through my school years, I have found an interest in the nutritional values of food. This is due to discovering how nutrition can impact an individual’s health, growth, resistance to various infections and the likelihood of contracting disease. It has been corroborated by medical research, that maintaining a healthy weight and body system is interconnected with incorporating good nutritional values into a person’s daily life. A healthy body weight and diet is proven to invigorate a person and improve their self-confidence, which is related to their mental health. During my working encounters, I have discovered that our consumption of food is linked to environmental, genetic, economical and psychological elements. Currently, I am studying an access course to science, which includes the way in which carbohydrates, proteins and sugars affect the human body. It is known that high blood sugar levels can slowly erode the capability of cells in the pancreas to create insulin, and result in weight gain and diabetes. As a nutritionist, I would be grateful for the opportunity to develop specific meals plans and special diets to aid in the prevention and resolution of diseases and eating disorders such as obesity, anorexia nervosa and diabetes . Having worked as a dental nurse for 23 months, I have observed the importance of confidentiality and empathy towards patients. I have learnt to communicate effectively and be responsible for the well-being of individuals. I would implement these positive attributes in a nutritionist’s role, which will allow patients to have a positive mindset in regards to their diet and health, as they would be provided with encouragement and confidence. I enjoyed food technology thoroughly during school, as it allowed me to cater for different groups of people. For example, I was provided with a scenario that involved creating a nutritious dessert, therefore I aimed to increase the quantity of soluble fibres that are mainly found in vegetables and fruit, to effectively slow down the absorption of any glucose. Incorporating fruit and vegetables, ensured that I included vital vitamins such as folic acid and Vitamin C within the dessert. I participate in baking every week, which allows me to create food in accordance to diabetic members of my family, by including different ingredients that will cater for them. In the future, my aim is to attain a degree in food science; I am optimistic about the future as beyond this, I hope to achieve a further degree in human nutrition. It will allow me to study the subject in depth and expand my comprehension on the food industry. My objective is to be solely focussed on this field, so that I can make a positive impact on the world , as a nutritionist. I appreciate you taking the time to read my statement;I look forward to hearing from you