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School in the US has been a much needed thing for individuals to achieve. Achieving this is difficult when one has to struggle to work, feed a family, if needed, and care for extended relations meet up with job demand especially as is in the health care sector. In Nigeria the word’s fifth biggest oil producer, education is not so rosy. Having gone through collage to acquire a degree in Building Engineering and completing a national Youth Service Corps, a programmed designed to slow down employment of new grads and sometimes help them in securing a job. After my education I decided to further my education overseas. However this education could not be actualized for the fact that I do have to work and still care for the family back home. Now in the US I had to make end s meet. Started working as a Nurse assistant or a healthcare technician. Form this job in the hospital I decided to pursue a nursing program. I was able to graduate in nursing with an associate degree, took the NCLEX and passed. Working in the health sector as a therapeutic support specialist, and working with individuals with mental illness was my initial bust o pursues nursing. Started working as Health care technician at Cherry Psychiatric Hospital for months. Then got another job at Central regional Hospital as a therapeutic support specialist, After 18 months in this job I decided to go into nursing. Got admitted into It technical college, form there I transferred to Med Life, where I graduated in 2017 with associate in nursing. The job of working in a psychiatric hospital starting as a therapeutic support specialist; giving support to patients during their stay in the hospital. Also provide ADLs, monitor patient some of whom may be on suicide watch, self harm, behavior, bipolar, schizophrenia and other mental challenges Before attending nursing school, Perhaps the years I worked as a Therapeutic support specialist could have modeled my mind to pursue a career in nurse. and ultimately to continue as a psychiatric nurseWorking 5 days a week, including working on alternate weekends leaves one with ample time for one, family, social activities and a time for oneself. I have embraced music as most soothing and consoling, hence country and gospel has been my favorite. However in a social gathering I prefer the new wave African makosa/calypso blended music. Most enjoying of my free time is when I travel. While in Europe, I had the opportunity to travel to the UK, Spain Germany France, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy, Greece, BSN as is generally called give a sense of arrival into the profession. The degree currently in many states and in many hospital it is needed, so to be able to meet up with the job demand the right qualification need be obtained Although my employer not demand of it, but it is advised to have is, so I decided to make hays while the sun shines.