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IntroductionThis essay focuseson reflecting up on a clinical experience where dignity was maintained. dignity is an essential tool in providing excellent nursing care. It also known to be a fundamental aspects of person centred care in every individual in all society (health care support workers code of code of conduct ,2015),Royal college of nursing,2018) Mohsen Adib-Hajbaghery &Mohammad Aghajani ,( 2015) .The word dignity originates from two Latin words’ dig-nitus ’which means merit’ and dignus ’ meaning worth. The meaning of dignity is complex and unclear (Muhammad aghajani 2015.) The same time Dignity stands with how people feel, think and behave in relation to the value of themselves and others May(2017).We should treat people with dignity, the way you wanted to be treated(Baillie, 2015) .According to human rights acts (1988) every human being have the right to life, right to fair trail and it gives you legal protection . This is reflective essay therefore I am using Gibb’ S Reflective cycle model within my assignment. Gibbs reflective cycle was created by Graham Gibbs in (1998). This encourages people to think systematically about the experiences during their specific situations event, or activity. In this essay I am going to discuss how dignity was implemented in a health care setting. The place and name of the patient will be excluded for the purposes of maintaining confidentiality, privacy and data protection. Data Protection act (2018) and Nursing and midwifery council code of professional standards (NMC,2015)Description Mrs. Jones was 77year old who admitted with right elbow injury due to fall from her home. She led an independent life and looked after her husband until last year. She is suffering with anxiety and depression. she is being diagnosed with mild dementia from last 6 months. she was very distress and agitated due to the hospitalisation. Her physical and mental health has deteriorated rapidly. She started to refuse to eat food and drink, and she would not stop screaming and swearing. According to Smith,Segal,White(2019 )due to their physical illness with dementia they can be a lack of sleep, refusing to eat food, screaming and wandering.This is my first experience; I was asked by a registered nurse to assist Mrs jones with her dinner. I was nervous and stepped into her room without her acknowledgement and started to assist her without any self-introduction. She became agitated and shouted at me and said get out from my room. Her anxiety made her more distressed and frightened. I apologised and I tried to calm her down. I reassured as much I could. I did ask if she had any pain or want to see the nurse, any pain reliefs needed. I tried keep her bad arm in a comfortable position. Offered a tea ,coffee and water .would she likes watch tv or listen music etc… she was not happy with my offerings .I went out of the room to give her a private time to calm her down and realised that ,it was my mistake not to communicate properly before executing any intervention. I reviewed the patient care plan with a registered nurse and found out that Mrs Jones likes to do everything independently and very determined. After a while, I went to her with proper self-introduction and other communication aids to explain my intents in a friendly manner. She accepts my apology. I explained about the importance eating a healthy diet to keep her healthy and strong. I made eye contact , smile on my face ,and change my tone .In addition to that ,enquired her priorities for dinner and offered assistance for feeding .even though I noticed that ,every time I assisted to feed her she spat the food out. I was nervous about choking. My constant prompting helped to finish the feeding. she seemed very pleased and began to co-operate with me. At the end she enjoyed her meal and thanked me, which made my day. Feelings Initially I felt very bad on my actions that made her agitated and undermined her dignity. I was nervous, frustrated and I thought that I am not competent to feed my patient at that situations. If dignity is not present in patient care they feel very devalued, humiliated, embarrassed or ashamed Baillie (2015) Moreover, I identified that I need to treat her as an individual and unique personality. I felt that Mrs jones dignity was maintained when I began to consider her priorities and interests. when I treated her by upholding dignity and respect it gave me much satisfaction in my patient care. At the end Mrs jones was very happy with my support and helped and My personal centred approach to maintain her dignity. EvaluationFirst of all, I felt that I would not be able to assist her with meals due to lack of my communication. Also, I forget to ask her any food allergies. I realised that I let the patient down by rushing to feed her with meals. When dignity present in patient care they seems more confident, comfortable and valued. that helps them to make their decision by themselves Baillie (2015) Once I listened and respected her views and choices (May2017) I undertake my task in a timely and a respectful manner. I treat her as an individual and unique, and I communicate with her clearly, slowly and effectively in a comfortable environment, everything went normal and well.AnalysisAs this was my first patient to dealt with maintaining nutritional needs my nervousness and lack of communication made uncomfortable feeling to my patient .As she was in distress and I was in nervous at that time , I did not follow a systematic approach when I was talking to her and I forget to ask about any allergies especially food allergies .According to (Peate,2017) communication is a lifeline of any relationship. Through this we can share our ideas, feelings, views and emotions as well. if health care professionals cannot communicate appropriately with their patients, their patient care can be function less effectively (Bottomley&Pryjmachuk(2019). Despite of my nervousness, the effective communication and good rapport helped me to build a trust with Mrs jones. Which is the key to success in patient care and treatment as described by Leach(2005). One of the most cause why patients are complaining about the care they receive is poor communication. this will lead them in a frustrated state, become anxious and disappointed. (Peate,2017). My patient felt, all those feelings in the beginning, due to my rushed activity. from my clinical experience I recognized the importance of providing enough time frame, respecting patient dignity and effective communication in patient care. Through effective communication a health care professionals can reduce their patient anxiety Elkin,Perry&potter(2000).Health care professional’s should always uphold patients dignity, privacy ,and respect at all times in their patient cares, not only by staff choices but also by patients priorities HCSW code of conduct(2015)In addition to that health care team should value their patients and families by giving them support and kindness rather than a general care to preserve their dignity. Francis report (2013)