AWA FATTYSTEC 4500 Awa FattySTEC 4500Career AssignmentDr TimpteJuly 12 2019

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AWA FATTYSTEC 4500 Awa FattySTEC 4500Career AssignmentDr. TimpteJuly 12, 2019 Part I Information Gathering. My name is Awa Fatty. A young, energetic and self- motivated young individual that I ready to fulfill her dreams in her science career, hoping to become either a medical doctor or a physician assistant in the nearest future. Wanting to be a medical doctor as a first choice has always been something I adorned that helped me venture into different opportunities while at college, to allow me build on this interest and passion. As a young student and an aspiring medical student with French as a second language, I continued to search for knowledge and experience in line with my future goal of making a significant impact through reaching out to the needies and people that are incapable of helping themselves. I am a people person and my personality aligns with my future career in helping the kids, young adults and adults. I am a very a sympathetic person and very optimistic in everything I do, and I would love to take this advantage to make a difference in the world of cure to be peoples’ medicines and to make life meaningful to the many sick people around the world. The reason for having PA as a second option is because I have always feared time, because the ticking clock never awaits anyone and for that reason my biggest fear has been the MCAT exams, which has lead me to consider been a physician assistant. My main objective is to have my own hospital and spend more on the poor with free care. At this moment, I want to start studying for my MCAT, and get in my applications for a hospital job to have work experiences at first hand, which I am really intrigued about. While on the wait to get accepted or prior before starting graduate school, I will love to have a little business, and due to my integrated business mindset, I want to start buying land in some parts of Africa (where land is cheaper), to build estates and generate an income. This money I believe, will be directed towards the foster kids, the less privileged, as well as the psychiatric patients. This will as well get me started on applying for Medical schools, in which my point of focus is on Morehouse University, Mercer University and Emory University and possibly, any Ivy League school. Morehouse University- Morehouse is one of the top listed medical schools in Georgia. It is known for its cultural entertainment, social activities like homecoming events, notable alumni and academic achievement. It is unknown for developing a disciplinary mind that will be have great leaderships and service, and intramural sports. Morehouse racial diversity is Black 95%, Hispanic 1%, International 2% and Others 2%. Mercer University- Mercer on the other hand, is known for its semester based academic calendar. Tradition is very important in their community, they keep track of memorable dates and events to celebrate. They also get students involved in many multiple organizations to raise awareness and prepare them for the outside world. Mercer’s racial diversity for White is 48%, Asian 6%, Black 30%, Hispanic 5%, International 3%, Others 8%. Emory University- this university is known for their voluntary services offered to oversees communities. They are as well known for their academics and successful swimming and diving team. Known for their research and indicators of excellence. Emory racial diversity for the White is 42%, Asian 18%, Black 9%, Hispanic 9%, International 16% and others 6%. Overall, the GPAs expected from each school of Medicine is between a range of 3.5-4.0 due to its competitiveness. At average, the success rate of all the three is topped by Emory, who is 21st best National University, Mercer been the 120th best and Morehouse 143th but that is not determined by the individual field of studies separately, for instance Morehouse could have the best medical or Law School. They are all highly rated Universities in strength and success of the graduates. Part II Resume Preparation Name: Awa FattyPhone Number: (770)377-1617Address: 4233 Walden Way, Flowery Branch, GA, 30542 I am an open minded, enthusiastic, highly motivated individual who is seeking to obtain an entry-level medical assistant position at your hospital that will build clinical skills while making use of clerical and communication skills. I will be seeking to provide attentive, highly professional assistance to patients and physician. I am results – oriented, with exceptional analytical and problem solving skills. I have excellent time management skills, think laterally and excel at action planning. I am extremely reliable and able to work on my own initiative. Ability to multi-task, work under stressful conditions and able to articulate concepts/problems. I am a committed and reliable individual who is capable of working under pressure delivering targeted results to grow the business. I have good report writing skills and a drive to seeing things through to completion. Furthermore, I have considerable experience in leading teams; however, I am also an effective team-player capable of establishing, maintaining and developing effective working relationships with my colleagues, sub-ordinates and service users alike. I have a good interpersonal relationship with the service users, care staffs, colleagues, multi-disciplinary team and the Management team at large. My goal is to be a leader in my profession committed to raising the profile of the social care sector, promoting independence and abiding by the rules and regulations of the company in line with the legislations that govern the care health industry. SKILLS / ACHIEVEMENTS• Strong organizational skills.• Innovative and self-motivated.• Computer literate (Microsoft word, excel, publisher, power point).• Excellent interpersonal, communication, problem solving and action planning skills.• Investigative and analytical skills.• Cultural awareness and sensitivity• Personal and professional integrity• Financial aptitude Personal Disposition• Hard working• Articulate• Sense of humor• Flexible• Enthusiastic• Compassionate• Calm under pressure• Maturity / self-awareness• Ability to use own initiative within recognized parameters Professional Services• To be aware of and adhere to all Company policies / procedures and guidelines when undertaking any activities.• To assist in maintaining the safety of the environment and equipment for patients and colleagues.• To take reasonable care of my own health and safety and any other persons who may be affected by my acts or omissions.• To adhere to Hospital’s policies and statutory regulations with particular regard to manual handling, infection control, fire, incident / accident reporting.• To acquire, maintain and improve knowledge and skills required to competently perform all agreed health care activities. This involves undertaking in-house and mandatory training as agreed by the Manager.• I am expected to uphold the company’s vision to be a world leader in the field of reproductive medicine.• To act professionally at all times, reporting to the nurse/midwife in charge anything relevant to the patient’s condition and any untoward incident or accident.• To collaborate with and support doctors and physicians Work Experience Walmart Customer Service Assistant 2014 – Till date• Demonstrates the right behaviors in the selling process and takes ownership for identifying needs and recommending appropriate solutions.• Takes ownership for enhancing customer experience in the store and at every touchpoint.• Provides the highest degree of customer service by making the customer the first priority.• I provide courteous and proactive support to customers by making sure that all apparel and home areas are well maintained, have appealing displays and are inviting to customers to shop.• Completes customer transactions accurately and efficiently using POS and online systems, including sales, returns and exchanges in accordance with authorized processes.• Assist customers to find the products they are looking for by walking them to the areas of the store and assisting with merchandise selection.• Completes customer transactions accurately and efficiently at the point-of-sale. EducationGeorgia Gwinnett College Spring 2016 – To present Bachelor of Science – Biology Concentration: General Biology• Explain the ecological concepts of organization, diversity, and interdependence as they relate to living organism.• Validate the application of scientific research and the impact of this literature in Society• Demonstrate proficiency in basic lab skills and experimental design.• Apply basic chemistry and math to the study of the life sciences.• Describe the structures and functions of cells• Describe the structures and functions of biomolecules• Learnt how to use record human pressure points and heart rate• Learnt to run IR, H NMR in lab Hobbies• I take satisfaction from reading autobiographies of genuinely famous people or legends in various fields of endeavours (e.g. Mary Seacole) and learn from their positive experiencesand avoid pitfalls they encountered in their lives.• I love playing tennis, fashion, travelling, listening to music, mountain climbing and hiking.• I enjoy watching movies, reading magazines and shopping, ReferencesAvailable upon request. Part II alternate. Personal Statement As an undergraduate student of BSc Biology, I have the opportunity to be inventive and work on cutting edge, fast-paced and dynamic projects. As a curious individual, my fascination with science has led to a profound interest in the human body; understanding of the physiological functions within the body and the interaction of genes with the environment, cells and organs and the immune system. I have been challenged, rewarded, and given the opportunity to choose my career path. I have also learned to understand the vital importance of the environmental connections between plant and animals and the biomass as a whole. It has given me the ability to develop my career in an accelerated pace. Additionally, it has put me in good competing stats. This program has expanded my aperture. It had provided me with proficiency and expertise to understand structured scientific topics that are changing the world and as I envision myself in my business proficiency, I have learned various skills to apply to, in which I have learned how to open a wiki page, advertise and attract the targeted audiences in admiration. The ultimate objective of this program has stemmed from my interest in the Health Care Sector from a young age. My interest is stimulated by my courses that I have undertaken. The nature of my degree, although extremely challenging, has prepared me for the real world of the Medical Field. It involved a great deal of autonomous research, requiring initiative, self-motivation and a wide spectrum of skills. My aim is to work for a Hospital where I can further develop as a person and as an employee. I would like to bring a positive change to the environment. My exceptional work ethics and professionalism at my current sales assistant work has prepared me to be able to work and help people from different works of life. In setting a good example, my co-workers can follow it and continuously progress. In addition, I would use my expertise, determination and leadership skills to help my company lead its industry. I intend to reach the highest level and foresee others under my tutelage. Few years ago I had a car accident and I ended up in hospital for treatment. The ease with which the doctor broached and dealt with sensitive subject matter also emphasized the importance of a warm, approachable manner and an ability to communicate to a person on their level of understanding. I believe I have honed these skills and gained invaluable experience of the eccentricities of the general public myself in my job as a salesperson. Besides attaining the skills and knowledge, I am able to develop, cover significant accomplishments, technologies and the more theoretical studies that will underpin everyday practice. I am results driven, quality oriented, proactive and have a positive approach to tasks, projects, and process changes which will serve me very well in a hospital environment. Self-motivation and discipline are necessary and can work with little direction or supervision. Part III The Plan or What do I need to do next? As I am at the verge of finishing my Bachelors of Science degree, and as a future medical doctor, an entry to a medical school has a few requirements that need to be fulfilled. One of which is taking the general exams called the MCAT (the gate way), make sure I have some voluntary service experience or work experience in the health rotating service. MCAT is a seven-and-a-half-hour interdisciplinary exam, that covers science subjects, like critical thinking, which is needed hence you have to be a really strong minded person and an analytical thinker to vast experiences that will be encountered in the nearest future. There is organic chemistry, biology, physics, immunology, parasitology, which requires one to read and interpret humanities passages. The exams are much longer regular exams at college. Due to its high demand in intellectual endurance, I intend to start reading two months ahead of time, which I could have giving much time to myself to see myself through. However, the time is very limited to me because I only need a gap year to regain back my strength and take care of some personals as it is very hard to get into medical school which already takes a year before class starts upon acceptance and procrastinating would not be a good choice. I have a week left to the end of summer school, and I intend to start studying as soon as possible when my mind is still fresh on some courses, so I can be able to tackle and demonstrate my taught concepts to solve the problems in the courses. In addition, I plan on studying 8 hours each day, with two- 30minutes break and create group students with peers of personal interest. I believe that every problem is solvable and I want to use strategies to overcome my fear and be able to conquer my challenges without fear in this MCAT. As I have taking organic chemistry this summer, it will help me catch up really quickly so that I can spend much time on my weakest subjects, like physics. Physics is something we do every day but learning it is critical when compared to the rest of the MCAT courses. I enjoy working under pressure because it gets me to finish up things that limits the odds. The dates I have looked upon for the MCAT, is on September 30th, this is because I want to apply for the first in service that gives the opportunity to be accepted at first hand than the regular enrollment dates. Most deadlines fall to be at the end of November while some in December, but handled in a first come first serve bases to checking application. Though there were some classes that are not needed as requirements for the MCAT, I decided to take an Immunology (4000 level) course and Parasitology in the coming fall to boost my likely of getting accepted, as well as research classes. My reason to becoming a medical doctor is not just for the love but it crosses my path in life that which I have to fulfil. I believe we all have something we are good at, or naturally gifted with and due to my disciplinary character, personal interactions with and care for people, my path led me through to overtake what belongs to me and be part of the people to change to world to a better place. I am a very interactive person that shows so much care to people, more so strangers, children and the helpless. Due to my bubbly nature and social skills, people love to be around me and get attached to me really easy. I get to be seen as a comforter as well as a problem solver as I am very easy to talk. My smiley face makes people feel welcomed and to be talk to. With this attitude, I believe I can handle any situation at my field, care for the kids and make the sick feel loved with care and not neglected or depressed. I have always been business oriented due to my persuasiveness and I know I can be a real CEO of an estate selling homes to people. However, I will be intrigued to work for myself and have my own estate homes and not to work under anybody. Although, hospitals are seen as public, I intend to establish my own hospital, as the business entity integration and be the doctor as well. I want patients or the sick to feel loved, compassion and empathy because they encounter traumatic events and some will display emotions, including fear, anger, resentment and communication is key. This will help them cope with their concerns. Overall, my networking skills and desires to model my field with creativity has pushed me to establish these personal mindsets. Here are some of the deadlines for the preferred school of medicine, hoping to enroll in and get accepted to. The deadline to Mercer University Medical School is November 1st and the early decision application is August 1st. While that of Morehouse University as my first choice have theirs on December 1st, which is the AMCAS application. Emory’s School of Medicine’s deadline for the AMCAS is October 15th with an added Supplemental Application on December 1st. Role model exposure is highly recommended in the clinical field because it helps students follow the special or specific character to build or have in order to succeed and be the most influential in your career choice. In every field of student is a common character goal expected to be instilled.