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ASSIGNMENT (1)CASE STUDYALFA LAVALNAME: Hiba Mohamed RushdiID: 201620273Q1:- Business of Alfa Laval:-Alfa Laval contains a uncommon part to play: We offer alternatives that progress The vitality effectivity of mechanical procedures and decreases nursery gas emissions. The Trade Standards help us guarantee that we are performing in a way that does not encroach on human rights,The environment or our endeavor integrity.Business keenness – Tall ethical prerequisites data our conduct Escort – changing the utilize of normal sources is our businessSocial – reference for human rights is fundamentalTransparency – Our obligation to open talk builds trust We can find numerous conceivable outcomes to contribute to more prominent maintainable future and provide higher regular prerequisites for individuals. We can never be smug almost our advance of implementing the Trade Standards since there are continuously angles in which we can progress. In any case; we like to be a performance-driven Company, working with vigorous ethical concepts which extend through the outfit chain Business of Tetra Pak:-Tetra Pak is the world pioneer in nourishment handling and bundling arrangements. For more than 65 a long time, we have worked with clients over the globe to assist make nourishment secure and accessible, all over. Ceaselessly building on our legacy of development, our profound showcase information and our commitment to maintainable advancement, we center on empowering them to provide items of extraordinary quality and customer request, whereas keeping up the most noteworthy measures of nourishment security and operational performance.Products:-Tetra Pak is extraordinarily prepared to supply solutions that meet our customers’ total needs. We offer arrangements for handling, bundling and conveying a wide run of nourishment items. We are specialists in limiting crude fabric and vitality utilization amid fabricating and dissemination, subsequently boosting operational and natural performance.Our items are partitioned into the taking after categories:Carton packagesProcessing equipmentPackaging equipmentDistribut equipmentQ2:- The logo change, required by the change of ownership, was as an opportunity to carry out a major re-branding of the company. In addition, the change of ownership, there were also some organizational changes.The overall objective is to increase awareness of our company and to differentiate ourselves in the eyes of three key target audiences:CustomersEmployeesFinancial community These can assist in the re-branding process and create the new logo design. Q3:- As we know, Alfa Laval wants to change the logo of the company.So, the process began with research to determine the value and differentiation that already existed in the brand and to measure the market awareness of it.Second, commissioned a telephone survey of randomly selected purchasers in eight business area in five countries.Third, compare and contrast the products and services they offer.( Awareness of Alfa Laval was high in Western Europe, United State considerably lower, and Asia was not involved in this survey).Fourth, generally the company level of differentiation was not high and Alva Laval image was compared with other different brands and looked exactly the same. So, now we have positive image but lacked differentiation that actually provided a great opportunity to increase competitiveness via our re-branding process. There was substantial value connected with the name of the company: the market associated us with:-Quality productsGood peopleGood servicePremium priceOffering good value At the end, you create value for the need of your customers. Fifth, see things through the customer perspective. And to optimize the Performance of your customer you should processes time. So before creating the new logo, Torstensson’s team carried out an internal Audit to see if there are any elements from the company’s previous logo Designs which could be built upon. These elements are:-1-Alfa sign2-Searching about 45 min on (www.) and found other companies use Alpha company name.3-Using Alpha sign ad unique mark. Sixth, the new design uses a standard shaper repeatedly together with horizontal and curved line to form the letters of Alpha Laval name. Seventh, See the customer reactions by asking some questions to customers and Generally the result was positive. And if one person responded negatively, then You should look to your brand again and what people needs. Eighth and finally, put one clear direction and one clear objective to go through It. Describe company vision and its new basic core values (think fresh, be Courageous, work together and act now). Makes decisions and building new Realtionships. Q 4:- First: its challenges is to take a step that is big enough to really send a signal that something is happening without alienating employees and Alpha Laval customers.Second: from a customer perspective Alfa Laval was a product brand with positive attributes, but customers really didn’t see or think about the company behind the product.Q5:-B2B:- A solid brand can give at slightest three critical preferences for a B2B company:It empower clients to (undertake you out) .By creating positive pre-conception, it can produce an inclination for your company.It can offer assistance a company to support a premium cost policy. B2C:- For B2C a solid company can propel the buyer to purchase, remain steadfast and possibly pay a more prominent cost. Companies construct brands with the help of numerous times getting the photo within the front of the customer. Customer stock needs to guarantee we see their brand satisfactory occurrences to secure it and reflect on thought on it valuable of our purchase.