BackgroundEducation is very important tool for human to learn and know which

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Background:Education is very important tool for human to learn and know, which helps to understand the surround and what is being logically and clearly. It is not only approaching to school, colleges and universities but basically it also begins to the home from the lap of mother. Therefore, home is considered as first school for the child, because parents and family members as well as adapting environment develops good manners, ethics, values, way of talking, good behavior and make responsible citizen to child. But the school is considered as formal education for the child, where they are toughed to understand the surroundings. It is just education which enable the person to make decisions and take right step to the positive direction at right time. Without education the existence of human is just like unproductive land. Education not only develop the sense to keep their potential and capacity to better use and do something fruitful for future, but it also plays key role in developing an individual to be good, reasonable and responsible member of the community. So, the well trained, skill full and creative mind person with the confidence knows and understands how to change and how to modernized the society and world. It acts as ladder to reach, to obtained the mission in life and develops the ability to utilize skills in the productive way. Therefore, it is elementary need and responsibility of the individual to get education and live a rare life being a responsible citizen.Importance of education:Education play key role in our life, because it teaches us to read and write. In education reading and writing is basic step as student gain most information from writing skills. Without basic education individual considered as illiterate in our society. It is crucial for the job to live a standard life on other hand uneducated person or unskillful person face lot of difficulties in applying for the job. It is mostly seemed that poor people get job for standard life and they compromise on their life just for getting education. As our religious says that “seek knowledge from the lap of mother to grave’’. Without education a person can not interacts with other person in the society. Education creates self confidence in an individual. Education is just like a wings for the student as great thinker say that “without education a person is like a bird without wings. Education also play important role in modernization and in modern techniques. Education develops inner sense of the maturity in the people for the importance of the time, mostly well-educated people give value to the time as common people gives to the money and earning. Educated person can easily convince to others on his point of view, gives fact and figure on his statement.In society education helps in spreading the techniques of innovation, so we can say that more skillful education more technologies will spread. Like importance changes in war tools, medicine, computers etc. finely we can say that jewelry of education is hope of Glimmer for the backward societies in world. It is mentioned above that bird can not fly in air or space without feathers same like a person can not survive well in their respective society. And also it is clear from the Hadith that “knowledge is third power of man”. So, without knowledge it is impossible to do well in any field of the society or education department. Global Education System:Now, we compare the education system in the world with respect to Pakistan. In the Japan the children are admitted to school for the purpose of real education but not for the academic purpose. The Japanese people tend to live without their children in home, it’s main purpose or aim is to trained the children to manage their things themselves and to become responsible in future. There is proper transport for the children which pick them from home t school. When the children inter in the school, they polish their shoes themselves and also took their lunch, after that wash the pots. It is so because of real education. The purpose real education is “children must be taught, how to think, not what to think” Margaret Mead. The real education prepares us for life, creates useful values and healthy relation with the families and societies. It plays essential role in making human being into a human. But actually, it varies person to person. In Germany the basic education is provided by the government, the nursery education is provided to all children from one year to six years old. Afterward the school is compulsory for the student or child. Education system vary from country to country with respect their education system and policies, so Germany has very invaluable and priceless system of the education. most of the children in Germany join ground school system from the age of six year to nine years old. The secondary education system of the Germany comprises of two components pertaining to student’s capacity and their approach, that is lower level and upper level education. according to German system to provide and teach the pupils elemental general education and prepare them to join upper secondary phase of education, on other hand upper phase has different categories of the education which are being mentioned below; Level of education in Germany: Pertaining to the upper phase of educational format in German is based on training for the specific skills which are;1) Gymnasium: The main aim of this to prepare student for higher education. children attend this system in between the 10 to 18 years age. 2) Abitur: This system starts after the thirteen grades.3) Real Schule:This system is for the intermediate students and has broader range. Specially after grade ten.4) Haupt Schule: It is for the vocational education and for the training.5) Gesamtschule: It is the combination of all above educational systems. It is very hard to qualify this one.Education system in Pakistan:Education system of Pakistan is nothing as compared to the Japan and Germany due to bad and unskillful arrangement of system and elements in particular form and figure. Therefore, the conditions of the education setup of different region of our country is worst. It is admittedly and recognizable that education is backbone of the nation as without backbone human cannot locomote similarly a nation can not run longer or stand proper in the absence of quality education. It is more common quote which is written on the corridor or entrance gate of South Africans universities that it is not important to destroy the nation with the long range missile or atom bomb but to destroy any nation it requires lowering the quality of education and allowing cheating to student in the examination of that country. It is important to look at the history of the developed nation, we might reach safely at our goal and conclude that advanced nation of globe approached at top of widespread respect and strength seeking support from the well education. Unfortunately, in Pakistan it is very worst condition of education, because there is no proper use of budged on educational institutions and interest of regime is so far. According to the UNESCO report the rate in Pakistan is at decline or lower education development index for all goal. The literacy rate of Pakistani adults fails to go behind the dangerous line that is about 50%. while literacy rate of women is very worst that is shame for our department of education that 33% of the adult women cannot even read. Further it is being mentioned that our young children are out of the school whose count are about 6 million (UNESCO,2007). Level of education in Pakistan:According to the report of 2005 and 2006, the 36 million students of Pakistan getting education. out of 36 million only 34 million students are studying elementary level of education, which is 95% of it.Levels Percentage of studentPreprimary 21%Primary 49%Middle Elementary 16%Secondary/Trade Voc. 7%Higher Secondary 2.5%It can observe from the above percent of the student which are enrolled at different stages of the education in our country. It clearly represents the quality of our education systems that 49% of the students are getting or busy in primary level of the education. it cut a sorry figure that level of education is not considered with the infrastructure but it shows the fiasco of our government and teachers as well at some level our society. Problems of education in Pakistan:The education system of Pakistan is not working well, there are lot of problems faced by public. It is due the less concentration of the government, the staff of Government structure is no working sincerely and properly it is due to the less check and balance by the authority. The educational crisis is being at the top in different region of the Pakistan specially in Sindh and Baluchistan.The main reasons are given bellow: Medium of education Allocation of resources Gender discrimination Shortage of budged utilization, Weak governmental educational policies Corruption Poverty Infrastructure of the services Private educational system.Here our main focus and objective of the report is the educational crisis in Sindh, which is second largest province of Pakistan with respect to the population.Education system of Sindh:Sindh is most urbanized province which is facing large number of povert, lack of provisions, there is less concept of women education, mostly they are out of school. It is mostly estimated that about 52% of Sindhi women are out of the school or are uneducated. Like other provinces of the Pakistan Sindh has same setup or system of the education. According to research this system taking place in 6 subfield that are katchi, primary, middle, secondary and higher secondary and tertiary, but there is confusion I am not agree with this setup which is mentioned in research by the Sindh education department. They might be wright but there is no implementation on the system which is mentioned in paper. The system of education which is being followed in Sindh that is mentioned as; primary, elementary, secondary and higher secondary. We will describe each of them with some description which are currently attending and following in different educational institutions. 1. Primary system:The primary education in Sindh is considered as basic education or early child education, it is teaching for the period of 5 years starting from class 1 to 5. In Sindh mostly primary education given to child at the age of 7 years. Before this child remain with their parents. Mostly the education system in primary has combined system for boys and girls. Only one teacher is given to the specific school for the all subjects but unfortunately all subjects are not taught to the students in government schools. On other hand private system is well developed in which all subjects are covered. 2. Elementary:It begins from six class to eight and also it is not well organized due to the insufficient teaching staffs. In some institution of the government it is based on class 1 to 8, but in this system all subjects are taught to students. According to report of 2012 the total number of the girls were about 44% in government schools. 3. Secondary education system:In this setup of the education only 39 percentage of the girls are registered according to report of 2012 of Sindh education department. Its center of operation is in between class 9 to class 10th. 4. Higher secondary education: Its center of operation is 11th to 12th class, but in this phase of education the count of girls goes downward about 34 per cent, it might be severing reasons like family restrictions, lack of interest and early marriage. After HSE next level is universities are involved but our main objective to focus at lower education. Crisis of education in Sindh:The Sindh has largest GDP per capita as compared to the other province of the Pakistan and is second largest province in the ranking of the population has 50 million people. For the education department of Sindh, the total budged is used about 21 percentage according to fiscal year of 2013. But the soul piercing question rises in our mind why education system of Sindh is failing? Who is responsible for this critical situation? Are government, Are teacher? Are parents and public? Who is responsible for the education of students, who is? one who play with the future of Pakistan. Its main reasons are mentioned below;Reasons of failure education in Sindh: There are uncountable reasons of failure system of the education in Sindh but here we will focus on major one which are more troubling for the life of students, and taking the future of pupils at high risk. We would discuss these in both circumstances that is private system and public or governmental systems. They are;Weak educational Policies:According to my point of view at primary level the educational policies are not well which are traditional, even we are living in the twenty-one century. The teacher taught the students only Sindh and Urdu subject and also pain full news is that it limited to only reading and writing. No any creative activities are performed by teachers to the students. Basic education of the student is weak than how it would possible for student to face higher education? How it would possible for the nation to improve the education quality? Private system:In privet sector of education, it is not at all, but this is apart from the approach of common or poorer people. They provide quality education as compared to governmental institutions at the cost of money, so it is unbearable for the low-income parents.Teaching staffs:Deficit staff is major cause of unstable education system in Sindh. It concerned with only governmental educational sectors. Sindh government has lack of teaching staff and its main cause is that the 40% staff are ghost, similarly they are appointed through documentation process but are unaware about the locality of school. They are busy in drawing salaries without any performing their duties and they pay to other unskilled person to go instead of their own job place. It is test for Sindh government to improve the quality of teachers and should appoint young and well qualified teachers at merit bases.Infrastructure:All problems have savior effect on the root of education but without building it is very difficult to read and write in open sky. There are many schools in Sindh which are unfacilitated with the buildings, chair, desks and black boards. Mostly student write on wooden slate. There is also no proper electricity supply for the school as it is very difficult for the school children to sit at 48C. If buildings are available but are not safe to sit under them, there is requirement of repairing. Until and unless Sindh government is unaware and fail to do some thing better for education system. Insufficient funds:There is inadequate supply of the funds for the education of Sindh, but we also mentioned the Sindh government provide 21 percentage of budged but its utilization in not found in the education setup of Sindh due the carelessness of government. In the fiscal year of 2010 the utilization of budget by province Sindh is only 60% out of its total educational budget. Other provinces use their mostly budget of education so they are at top range in education. Again, question arise in my mind how it would possible to develop infrastructure, quality of education and strength of qualified teachers? In this regard it will impossible for government to root out the problems. Percent of Total Education Budget Utilized by Provincesprovinces FY2010 FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014Baluchistan 97% 103% 111% 97% 95%KP 97% 97% 98% 84% 96% Punjab 89% 88% 87% 91% 82%Sindh 62% 92% 88% 77% 79%System of curriculum and board: