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Outer banks are 200 mile long strings of barrier islands off the coast of NC and SE virginia. Barrier islands protect land from storms and waves and they are nurseries for fish and shellfish. Occur in chains, from few islands to a dozen. Barrier islands also protect habitats for animals. The erosion of rock in water make rock particles that move on shore over time. If waves in water continue to make erosion it can affect the beach. Process in which sand is lost through erosion is replaced. It reduces the harmful impacts of erosion on the coast by adding sediments that helps the erosion. Waves move sand along the shore as the seasons change. This project will affect because if a beach nourishment isn’t funded the shoreline will be eroded and not healthy. Funding beach nourishment can help take out the negative impacts on shore and add healthy sediments to it.Beach nourishment is sand is lost on shoreline or erosion is being taken out. It can reduce the harmful things to the coast line erosion. This protects the shore in which a sediment is added which helps keep a good quality of beach. An impact on tourism can be good in which there can be jobs availability and high wealth. Tourism can also have negative impacts on the land, habitat loss of organisms, and the resources available.The difficulty of finding a contractor is that the cost is effective. Also the difficulty could be if the contractor as is what your not looking for so you have to keep looking for one that meets your expectations. The ease of finding a contractor is if you know what they have. Asking a friend or employee can help. You can ask what help needs to be done, interview contractors, expect them to be busy.Environmental impacts could be the continuous change of a certain thing. Biodiversity loss, waste, global warming can all affect the environment. Reducing amounts of pollutants in the environment can be a big problem solver.