Being a nurse I have a major responsibility to address all the

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Being a nurse I have a major responsibility to address all the issues and deliver best possible care to the patient and his family. The relationship of commitment and trust which a nurse and a patient hold between them needs to be maintained. A nurse in her entire career come across several challenges and each challenge comes up with a new aspect of learning. The self-reflection which I will be talking in this assessment is related to latest challenge which I have faced and the need to overcome the challenge will my prime focus. There are various researchers who have talked about the importance of self-reflection, self-reflection is also known as solitary introspection is one of the best way to learn from the failures and be more innovative and subjective towards the challenges which were faced. (Gibbs.G, 1988). Moreover, as a leader I think I am an organized person who can organize things in a team members by building confidence and positivity into group members, my self-reflection is based on my this skill which will help to understands my knowledge, areas of improvement and also my new learning which I gained while providing care to my client.I want to share one of my recent experience, my patient was suffering from hypertension and depression, and he was also showing some of the symptoms of stress as care giver my responsibility was to provide him an instant relief and faith to his family. Along with that my role in the organisation was to stay committed with the policies. The major challenge which was faced while performing the task was to abide by the medication and also the need of the patient, patient was quite adamant on taking any medication but according to his situation a felt there was need for him to undergo a proper course of medication. I consulted my supervisor for any suggestions that can be added to the medication. I was quite confused that the patient however was showing some sign of mental illness or instability he was not convinced with any of the medication. It was Difficult for to analyse the mental condition of the patient and take proper actions with all the precautionary steps by abiding to the policies. I had thought to handover the case to one of my colleague as I was dealing incapable of proving appropriate care to the patient. The suggestion provided by my supervisor was helpful, I moved to the patient gain with the positive attitude and eventually he gained confidence on the medication which he was supposed to undergo. My major learning in the case was to understand a patient with his mental state. My positive approach helped him to gain ultimate confidence over my duties, I was stressing out by thinking why the patient was not satisfied with the service provided. My supervisor had counselled me about positive thinking and positive approach as an essence for a nurse. (Hansebo, G., & Kilhlgren, M.2001). By overviewing I found out that I was lacking confidence with my own duties which was making hard for the patient to be convinced. The first thing I learned in this case is active listening. By actively listening to a patient it helps in understanding the case better for a nurse and a mental satisfaction for the patient. I was demotivated with the patient’s approach, but I was unable to understand that due to lack of confidence the patient was not able to build a sense of trust with my commitment. I need to work on developing confidence and positive approach towards any challenging situation. Lack of confidence will always hamper the major part of a nurse’s job. Giving care is critical when it comes to convincing a patient, it just doesn’t remain to stay with the policies, and it moves a long way to let the patient build confidence on the service which is being provided. And to let the patient trust the service we nurse’s need to trust our role and responsibility and tasks which needs to be handled with a positive approach.The alternatives were to handover the case to either my supervisor or to one of my colleague, but for me to understand and overcome the situation was necessary to face the circumstance and find A way out. I consulted my supervisor and they helped me in understanding where was I lacking. It was a major learning when it comes to positive thinking and approach. (Kolb, D. 1984)According to my self- reflection my leadership style is transformational leadership as a leader of any team I will encourage and inspire my team members by creating positivity to achieve the future goals, to get positive results at the end of the team work and also gain success at a higher level. This style will helps me to encourage my team members to maintain positive environment while doing any task and without any negativity, I think my this approach as a leader will help me to achieve group results with best outcomes and by only this leadership style I am able to maintain positive environment in a group. Furthermore, as a leader of any team in future I will try to create confidence in my team as a first step and I will try to create positivity in my group. I will definitely advice my group members to get knowledge about the things properly to clear any doubts which is very important for developing confidence. As a leader of my team the main skill that I learned is building confidence because the whole team process is depend on positive thinking and be confident always. If there is a lack of confidence then nobody can achieve any goals. I will discuss each and every single thing with my group members in details to clear their doubts regarding the tasks because if they have any single doubt they will be confuse and will not able to manage the things properly while doing the task and this will create lacking in confidence.