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centertopBUS 4583 –ISO Standards and ExcellenceAssessment 3 76500BUS 4583 –ISO Standards and ExcellenceAssessment 3 220001709420300003017520706005660039005887494270Alreem Jabir – H00328454Shaikha Saeed – H00298506Maythaa Omair – H00297901Mariam Abdelawahab – H00283621Aliya Ebrahim jabbari – H0033244400Alreem Jabir – H00328454Shaikha Saeed – H00298506Maythaa Omair – H00297901Mariam Abdelawahab – H00283621Aliya Ebrahim jabbari – H00332444774700288671000Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u 1.Understand the Organization & Quality Manual PAGEREF _Toc6318449 h 2What the organization does? PAGEREF _Toc6318450 h 2How does the organization operate? PAGEREF _Toc6318451 h 2Other relevant and important information about the company PAGEREF _Toc6318452 h 3Areas where the Quality Manual does not follow requirements of ISO9001 PAGEREF _Toc6318453 h 32.Quality Policy of University Hospital Sharjah PAGEREF _Toc6318454 h 41)Appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization. PAGEREF _Toc6318455 h 42) Support the strategic direction of the organization PAGEREF _Toc6318456 h 43. Selected Organization/Department Quality Objectives. PAGEREF _Toc6318457 h 54.Choose ONE quality related process and design/ redesign the process to better suit the customer. PAGEREF _Toc6318458 h 65. Audits. PAGEREF _Toc6318459 h 76. Re-apply for the ISO9000 Certification PAGEREF _Toc6318460 h 8UHS certification process: PAGEREF _Toc6318461 h 8Advice for choosing certification body: PAGEREF _Toc6318462 h 10References PAGEREF _Toc6318463 h 12 Understand the Organization & Quality Manual It includes the organizations information and the quality manual requirements for winning the award and included in the ISO 9001 safe medical services provider. A. summarize what organization doesUniversity hospital Sharjah is a tertiary care multispecialty hospital located in the campus of university of Sharjah. It has a whole team of nurses, doctors, and allied health professionals with immense expertise, capable of addressing, and even manage the most complicated conditions in the hospital. The hospital facility not only provides the state-of-the-art newest technology to hospital but it also provides College of Pharmacy and Medicine help in scientific research and academic affiliation. It has 325 beds spread across specialties, 34 emergency beds, 22 ICU beds, 8 labor and delivery rooms, 7 operating theatres, 20 Neonatal ICU, 12 Hemodialysis beds, physiotherapy departments, and cardiac catheterization laboratory (UHS, 2019). B. Summarize how the organization operatesService strength is very high for this hospital and it is spread at a very large place. His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qassimi, member of the supreme council and ruler of Sharjah, supports and patronage this hospital due to which it is the best facility provider in the region. It is linked with the university so professors and the students studying at the medical university also practices here. It has 24/7 emergency center and 24/7 pharmacy available as well. A breast cancer center has also formed in the hospital which gives an early detection and extra care for the patients of breast cancer. C. Summarize other important and relevant information about the companyThis hospital has become the leading health provider in a very short time. The vision of UHS is to become the leading health provider not only in UAE but in the entire region. Whereas, the mission of UHS is to improve the health and well-being by providing exceptional healing experience, unrelenting attention to clinical best practices, patient safety and an unparalleled passion and commitment to exceed patient’s expectations, offered in a caring, convenient, compassionate and collaborative care environment. It also lies in giving the best qualification to the students so that they can treat the patients better and it is all helpful for completing the vision and mission of this university hospital.D. highlight areas of Quality Manual and its compliance (or not) with the requirements of ISO 9001The university hospital Sharjah has won quality awards 1001 and 1002 for its international version of services. The health plans and the treatments offered at this hospital is of international standard. Along with many other quality manual awards, UHS has also won this award in 2014. It is compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001. This hospital is also recognized by the international medical boards and the whole team is fully according to the international standards. Quality manual areas include health providing place, safe instruments, a safe place for the patients, and taking full care of the patients in every way. Providing a stable and safe environment is also included in the requirements of quality manual. Quality includes the place, technology given, medicines, and the health plans. The syringes and medicines must also be good and safe enough to use. The treatments must be done according to the international standards. 2. Quality Policy of University Hospital SharjahThe main objective of the UHS quality policy is that quality is the result of all the activities of the organization. Total quality management is a philosophy of discipline and management that institutionalizes planning and continuous improvement. UHS also values improvements to systems and processes, not only to individuals, but also ensures that all functions and employees must participate in the process CITATION Ahm16 l 1033 (Ahmed, 2016).1) Appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization.This is one of the biggest changes in ISO 9001; 2015 which entails organizations internal and external issues effecting the quality management system of the company. UHS have successfully maintain patient satisfaction remain its first priority to maintain the ISO standard. In order to achieve the quality standard set by ISO, day to day activities which contributes towards delivering quality services to patients such as performing timely and correct assessments, follow-ups of treatment, making care plan, accurate and complete documentations, reporting of medication errors and maintain numerous checklists have been properly monitored CITATION Ray151 l 1033 (Raymond, 2015).2) Support the strategic direction of the organizationOne of the biggest achievement of this hospital is to achieve Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) after passing their rigorous survey wherein every staff member gave their best in order to achieve this award and this hospital scored more than 98% which only few hospitals have achieved in the region. UHS is committed in achieving the patient satisfaction by the use of procedures defined by ISO. Top management of UHS is directly involved in monitoring and maintaining the quality standard set by ISO. Moreover ISO9001-2015 have brought some changes in their standard which is organizations have to align with their strategic directions CITATION Dal03 l 1033 (Dale, 2003).Moreover because of this services university hospital Sharjah have been awarded with the recognition in the organizations who were delivering their best to satisfy its patient complaints and other patient satisfaction activities for Aviation Clinical Services and becomes one of the few hospitals who have received this certification. University Hospital Sharjah have maintained the quality standard set by ISO9001-2015 and have also aimed to remain committed towards achieving their survey and maintain the quality of services set by ISO. 3. Selected Organization/Department Quality Objectives.University hospital Sharjah have been rewarded Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) because of quality and commitment towards their mission. There are so many activities designed to maintain patient satisfaction and the process to maintain ISO standard. Patient safety program and quality improvement anticipates towards the culture of quality in university hospital Sharjah CITATION Dal03 l 1033 (Dale, 2003). For now, 14 JCI standard which have 8 patient Centered Standards and more than sic management standards covering more than one thousand measurable elements has been implemented successfully. Moreover, more than five hundred policies, eighteen hospital programs and more than seven hundred has been implemented and being followed in all the departments of UHS. Policies is being revised by every two years or as required. However, there are number of guidelines, privileges and competencies. In addition, regular training sessions have also been conducted which are mandatory, some of them are as follows:General policies, infection control, fire and safety.Regular trainings were conducted to the relevant staff members and also on the policies which are new or revised.Regular trainings for the staff and new hire orientation for new comers.In order to maintain this high standard UHS have different committees who are responsible for monitoring and evaluation activities in order to maintain patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction is the key element for the success of this hospital.It indicates the team, which comprises of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technicians and dieticians are going their best in order to provide good care and achieve such results. In addition, complains and suggestions were addressed through a mechanism and reviewed by PRO (public Relation Officer) with suitable suggestions and investigation on each case was reviewed by the concerned formed teams which ensures patient feedback management. In order to maintain this standard strict scrutiny have been carried out to ensure patients satisfaction. Each year a survey is taken out from a tool which is Agency for Healthcare Research in Quality to ensure the safety of the patient and staff members as a health care unit for both CITATION Ahm16 l 1033 (Ahmed, 2016). 4. Choose ONE quality related process and design/ redesign the process to better suit the customer. a. A continuous improvement strategy is the UHS HOSPITAL policy or method inside a geographical point that helps keep the focus on up the means things are done on an everyday basis. this might be through regular progressive enhancements or by specializing in achieving larger method improvements. Facilities that specialize in continuous improvement become a lot of competitive over time and may maintain their blessings in their trade, however on condition that the development efforts are done properly. Taking smart baseline measurements and taking current measurements can facilitate establish the effectiveness of the efforts being created also it has a planning quality process which helps the company to be arranged in every method that it focus on b. the continuous improvement process is bout the PDCA cycle first to plan for what the company is wants to achieve which is a the USH quality process policy also second to Do or to start on getting the plans that has been set in the previous step, third is the act to start implementing the jobs done for the company and preform it ,final step is to check which to start collecting about how the previous plans where going and do they helped to improve the quality policy of the company.c.19812001190625d. The new process will be helpful for the company and the customer because it will increase the customer satisfaction and the company performance to be efficient and effective 5. Audits. Auditing is a regular process done within the company in order to check the records and accounts of the company. The purpose of this process is to ensure that all accounts which takes place within the company is done in a fair way and ensure that there is no fraud or misrepresentation, also its helps the company to continuously improve and it measures the management system, as it is a condition of ISO. There are many benefits if the company is audited. The first benefit is the investigation of matching requirements, and it helps the company in continuous improvement if the audit is done regularly, also reduces the chances of failure in the management system of the company, Increases awareness and understanding in the company, and the audit identifies opportunities for improvement. On the other hand, the audit process focuses on some important things such as: quality manual, records, contracts, legal requirements, policy and objectives of the company, standards. There are three types of auditing and they are: Internal audit, external audit and certification audits.Audit is a very important process in any organization, in our report we are talking about the University Hospital in Sharjah, therefore the process of auditing is very necessary in any hospital and must be done this process accurately and without errors by the auditors, audit should therefore be reviewed in order to ensure that errors are free. This process must be done regularly and never neglected. Consequently, a table must be drawn up to ensure that the audit has been carried out regularly on all hospital records. However, The University Hospital in Sharjah is applying ISO so the audit process is important because it is a requirement of ISO. Accordingly, the audit should be conducted in the best possible manner.I think it is best to apply internal auditing because it adds value; it also helps in improving and developing organization and achieving organization goals and objective.6. Guidelines to organization for re-applying ISO9001 certificationHospitals must carry certain practices to be in the certification of quality manual and ISO 9001. A. Identify and explain each of the steps, specific to this organization/department, which must be taken by the organization as they go through the certification process.In the recognition of the organization’s customer satisfaction and complaint handling system, it has won many awards. For getting the ISO certification again, it needs to make its management, doctors, and the treatments according to the international standards. When the quality of the hospital will be perfect and according to international standards then it will be easy for the hospital to go through certification process (Hussain et al, 2018). The first step is customer satisfaction and the management. Second step would be to have best doctors or the services providence. Third step would be to give standard place, bedding, and safe newest technology for the treatments. Good quality medicines also come up under quality of the hospital. B. Provide advice to the organization for choosing their certification body.There are many local certification bodies present in UAE whom all have given awards to UHS for its services (UHS, 2019). But going with the ISO 9001 certification will be helpful for UHS to be recognized as the best services provider in the UAE and even in the entire region. UHS must also focus on its customer satisfaction and the reviews from the patients. If the customers will rate it good then the good reputation will also ease the way of certification process. C. Explain what training will be needed in the organization as part of this processOrganizations always needed training for their employees to make it better not only for the customers or patients but also for the inner organization environment. However, in hospitals, the training is for two departments; management and the doctors (Njenga, 2016). Management staff must cooperate with the patients and fully satisfy them by helping and talking compassionately. Whereas, doctor’s language and behavior matter a lot for the patients. When doctors and their team is compassionate and kind enough, patients cooperate with the doctors well. So, training for both of them will be best for University Hospital Sharjah. References BIBLIOGRAPHY Ahmed, M. S. (2016). 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