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Real-Life Business Plan IdeaNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Real-Life Business Plan IdeaDescriptionA business plan is a formal document consisting of an organization’s goals and the framework of achieving these goals. This may include financial resources, time frames, and other important aspects that should be integrated in the business plan for a successful achievement of the desired goals (Cant, 2018). A business plan idea that can be implemented by Thrive senor living organization in the aim of improving its delivery of services to the elderly is the use of mobile CNA programs to nursing facilities that face staffing challenges with front line caregivers. This plan will improve healthcare delivery to the elderly by addressing some of the health-related issues (Thrive Senior Living, 2018).NeedWith the goal of healthcare facilities being to improve healthcare delivery that will ultimately lead to positive patient outcomes, this program will lead to improved effectiveness in the healthcare sector (Moseley, 2018). With the company’s mission statement focusing on enriching the lives of all its clients, the mobile CNA programs will improve the competence of the available nurses through additional knowledge on how to perform diverse healthcare services (Moseley, 2018). The result would be the achievement of healthcare goals with minimal staff workers. With the company also focusing on the elderly who at an increased risk of developing chronic illnesses, this plan will positively contribute to the achievement of the organizational goals of improving the quality of life of the elderly (Thrive Senior Living, 2018). Some of the training that will be achieved by the program include first aid services, care giving to the elderly, managing chronic illnesses, and ways of promoting safety and health promotion activities (Moseley, 2018).StakeholdersThis initiative will attract investors and other potential partners with an interest in the healthcare sector for various reasons. Since the nursing shortage crisis has continued to increase, this program will help in minimizing the negative effects associated with this aspect (Cant, 2018). The provision of the additional services will provide an added advantage to the current employees as well as a competitive advantage over other similar organizations. This program will attract more individuals accessing services in healthcare facilities that would ultimately lead to an increased income level as well as achievement of organizational goals (Cant, 2018). The only challenge will be the access to adequate resources that are required in ensuring a successful implementation process of the program. Leaders in collaboration with stakeholders will make decisions that are aimed at improving the implementation process and the effectiveness of the program in achieving the desired goals (Cant, 2018). BudgetBudget for Year 1ITEM REVENUE COSTCAPITAL Organization’s savings $ 30 million Funding from private sources $ 15 million Funding From The Government $ 10 million TOTAL REVENUE $ 55 million EXPENSES 1. Provision of the necessary resources $ 10 million2. Payment of educators $ 10 million3. Other expenses (Transport, food, and hiring equipment) $20 million4. Miscellaneous expenses $ 5 millionTOTAL EXPENSES $ 45 millionDIFFERENCE (SURPLUS) ($ 10 million) Timetable and EvaluationImplementation of the CNA ProgramACTIVITY TIME COMMENTS RECOMMENDATIONSCollection of funds Month 1 Collection of required equipment Month 2 Reporting of educators Month 3 Start of the learning process Month 4 Completion of the learning process Month 7 Evaluation of the effectiveness of the program Month 8 ReferencesCant, M. C. (2018). Blueprint for a Business Plan Competition: Can It Work? Management: Journal of Contemporary Management Issues, 23(2), 141–154.Moseley, G. B. (2018). Managing healthcare business strategy. Sudbury: Jones & Bartlett Learning.Thrive Senior Living. (2018). Come to Live here: A New Way Of Thinking About Elders. Retrieved from