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Bernard Marx: He is a member of the Alpha class and works for the Psychology Bureau. He is a bit of an outcast because he is shorter and not as good looking as other male Alpha citizens. He does not agree with most societal standards or the way in which society is governed. After he brings John back from the Reservation, he gains some power and respect from his colleagues. He let’s this go to his head, as most of his happiness is dependent upon what others think of him. He is a coward and does most things for self benefit, but even his best efforts can’t change his fate of eventual exile. Three adjectives: unorthodox, cowardly, selfishHelmholtz Watson: He is an Alpha citizen who works for the College of Emotional Engineering as an Alpha-Plus lecturer. He writes hypnopaedic slogans and is passionate about poetry. He wants to find a way to constructively use his intelligence, which makes him different from the average citizen. He is good natured and forgives easily. Many of his decisions are influenced by his love of literature. Three adjectives: passionate, intellectual, philosophical Lenina Crowne: She is a Beta-Plus nurse who works in the Fertilizing Room. She is free-spirited and is very pretty, making her desirable by many men. Her three main love interests during the novel are Henry Foster, Bernard Marx, and John. She is unable to seduce John because of his core values of fidelity and monogamy. She is deeply hurt by this and by the end of the book John hates her and wants nothing to do with her. Three adjectives: vain, sexual, ignorant John: He was born in the Reservation and is the son of Linda and the DHC. He learned how to read from his mother and is very familiar with the works of Shakespeare. He longs to fit in in the Reservation and tries to prove himself worthy in any way possible. He is attracted to Lenina but views sexual desire as immoral, so he expresses his love through poetry. Towards the end of the book he sees the corruption in society and is appalled by it. He tries to open the public’s eyes to this but they are so brainwashed that his efforts are useless. He feels guilty for leaving the Reservation and for giving up his core values to experience civilization. In the end he kills himself, driven mad from guilt and grief. Three adjectives: moral, Shakespearean, alienLinda: She is John’s mother and is described as ugly, large, toothless and dirty. She misses being civilized and is both ashamed and comforted by her son John. She tells Bernard and Lenina that she has found it difficult to adjust to the dirty, jealous, and impoverished conditions of the Reservation. She has become miserable and depressed and uses alcohol to cope in this new environment. When she is brought back to civilization, her alcohol addiction is replaced by excessive use of soma, which ultimately leads to her death. Three adjectives: selfish, crazy, hopeless Henry Foster: He is an Alpha citizen who does research at the Hatchery and Conditioning Center. He was Lenina’s sexual partner at the beginning of the novel but as the story goes on he suppresses all these feelings. He also likes to annoy Bernard and mock his grumpiness. He is very passionate about his work and is very proud about his knowledge involving his work. Three adjectives: casual, traditionalist, preciseMustapha Mond: He is the Resident World Controller of Western Europe (one of the ten world controllers). At the beginning of the book he seems to be obsessed about keeping g society running smoothly but later shows to be more tolerant. When he was younger he was almost exiled but in order for that not to happen he gave up his passion for science and accepted responsibility as a world controller. Three adjectives : educated, curious, open-mindedness Fanny Crowne: She is Lenina Crowne’s friend (only about ten thousand last names are used in the World State). Her role is mainly to voice conformity to society and specifically warns Lenina to avoid monogamy. Three adjectives: conformist, immoral, shallowDirector: He administers the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Center. He almost exiled Bernard to Iceland, but with the shocking arrival of his son, John, (that he didn’t know he had) he was forced to resign. He lost all power because fathering a child was seen as an obscene act. Three adjectives: hypocritical, vulnerable, authoritative Pope: He was Linda’s lover on the New Mexico Savage Reservation. He gave Linda the book, The Complete Works of Shakespeare, but he also drugs her. Three adjectives: selfish, manipulative, egotistical