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NAME :- Harmanpreet Kaur Sran, STUDENT I.D:- 4289302CAREER RESEARCH PROJECTJOB DESCRIPTION REPORTPLAN A: I need to wind up human services partner so for this I need to give consideration on a few necessities. Right off the bat, this activity will give consideration to others which I really need and report composing is additionally fundamental to carry out that responsibility as this activity depends on a number of hours. This activity is indoor like in an emergency clinic but in this involve all care of the patient. Enrolled medical attendants satisfy an assortment of employment obligations.JOB REQUIREMENTS:- This job is not easy nurses do a lot of things and prepare to them become a good nurse and they need a lot of courage to do this job. They need a lot of training. related to a medical job. They do a medical study to achieve this position and they also give and clear the medical test to achieve a government job. The following study they need to do for becoming a nurse like gaining a certificate through a clinic, an Associate Degree in Nursing through a junior college or a four-year college education through a school or college. The initial two choices take somewhere in the range of two and three years to finish, while the latter is a conventional four-year Bachelor of Science certificate program . In India I also do a General Nurse Midwifery (GNM) and I also do a 2-year job as a registered nurse in Nagpal specialist hospital which is located in Bathinda in Punjab (Anonymous, RN Salary and Job Description , 2019).SALARY HOURS:- Because of working hours, there are functions shifts for 12 hours. Then again, pay to begin for this activity is 55 dollars for every hour and the gazing pay would begin from close around 32 dollars for 1 hour however I expect inexact 70 dollars for each hour to do that sort of occupation. This activity would give massive advantages like there is no compelling reason for searching for another activity as everybody would fulfill with their pay and working hours.SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIRED:-Some nurses do special care of the patient like take care of the chronic patient. Pediatric oncology medical attendants work with kids experiencing malignant growth treatment, while geriatric attendants center around consideration for the old. Perioperative medical attendants help specialists in working rooms. Different RNs may practice by wellbeing conditions, for example, dermatology medical attendants and diabetes the board attendants (Anonymous, RN Salary and Job Description, 2019).THREE ADVANTAGES:-Firstly, they provide total care of the patient and they do more work and make their responsibility in a good way.Handle detail, verbal and extraordinary guidelines as required in an auspicious way.Ensure classified data is ensured in a protected way consistently.THREE DISADVANTAGES:-They do a long hrs. work without offsThey do more work than a doctor.They do night shifts and take care of the patient.REFLECTION QUESTIONS:- According to me the nursing career very good and I like this profession. This profession also helps to complete their expectations and give a bright future .Due to this career, I can get a chance to serve needy people because I know that in Canada a lot of demand for the nurse .I am not surprised about this profession because I am also a nurse and know that Nurse does a multitask work in their job .This profession is very important for me and my main aim to take this information that I become a nurse and I achieve a good position in their field in Ontario and provide good care of the patients. According to me, people entered this profession because in Ontario a lot of demand for this related profession because we also read on online and newspaper that here nursing profession most important than other countries. In Ontario, the nurse paid a good salary than other professions.PLAN B: If my first arrangement will unsuccessful, I might want to end up a botanist. My second choice I become a social service worker which is inter-related to registered nurse and these both jobs are the same in many ways .Social service worker is very helpful for people to solve their problems. Clinical social specialists additionally analyze and treat mental, conduct, and intense subject matters. Social service worker does work in many settings such as hospitals, clinic, homes, mental care homes, and network improvement organizations .They do fulltime work and they do morning, afternoon and night shifts.JOB REQUIREMENTS AND EDUCATION:- The following requirement and education need to become a social service worker. some social specialists just need a four-year certification in social work, clinical social laborers must have a graduate degree and 2 years of involvement in the managed clinical setting after they’ve finished their degree. Clinical social specialists should likewise be authorized by their state. A four-year college education in social work is the most widely recognized necessity for passage level regulatory positions. In any case, a few bosses may procure laborers who have a four-year certification in a related field, for example, brain science or human science. The medical level needs a graduate degree in social work, which for the most part takes 2 years to finish (Anonymous, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018).CERTIFICATE: -Every state needs those social workers should be licensed and for this need a certificate to prove their qualities for social worker post. Transforming into an approved clinical social authority requires an advanced education in social work and something like 2 years of regulated clinical experience after graduation (Anonymous, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018).PAY AND WAGES:- The annual pay for a social worker is $47,980 in 2017 and is also has been increased in this year. The most minimal percent earned under $29,560 and the most noteworthy 10 percent earned more than $79,740.The lion’s share of social specialists worked all day in 2016. They once in a while work nights, end of the week, and occasions to see customers or go to gatherings, and they might be available to come back to work.Most of the social service worker earned $32 or $35 in per hours (Anonymous, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018).SPECIAL SKILLS:- The employee should be multitasking because in this job career employee handles a lot of problems and responsibilities at the same time. The social worker also do night shifts and this job also the same as that registered nurse.THREE ADVANTAGES:-Social specialists must help and deal with different customers, regularly helping with their desk work or archiving their treatment. Social specialists need to create useful and imaginative answers to their customers’ issues. To give powerful help, social laborers must most likely tune in to and comprehend their customers’ needs.THREE DISADVANTAGES:-They do a long hrs. work without offsThey do more work than a doctor.They do night shifts and take care of the patient.REFLECTION QUESTIONS:- This is my second option of employment. This calling additionally helps to finish their desires and give a brilliant future. I am not amazed about this calling since I am likewise medical caretaker and realize that Nurse complete a perform various tasks work in their activity. This calling is vital for me and my principle expect to take this data that I turn into an attendant and I accomplish a decent position in their field in Ontario and give great consideration of the patients. According to me, individuals entered in this calling in light of the fact that in Ontario parcel of interest for these related calling since we likewise read on the web and paper that here nursing calling most essential than different nations. In Ontario, nurture paid great compensation than different callings. REFERENCES BIBLIOGRAPHY Anonymous. (2018, July 11). Bureau of Labor Statistics . Retrieved from (2019, n.d n.d). RN Salory and Job Discription. Retrieved from