Case 1 The hospital where morgan the nurse works has

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Case 1 The hospital where morgan the nurse works has been having some serious issues with hazards lately, there is a lack of sterilization products and equipment are not fully maintained at all times in her ward and a cleaning staff shortage at midnight, therefore waste sacks and sharp box are not changed. On this particular ward, there are a very few staff and they are often on a very high demand. She often gets pulled away from certains tasks to provide practical care for other patients on a very short notice time and quite frequently she has to do work that would visually be done in between a lot more workers.Case 2Callum is 15 years old. He has down syndrome and requires therapeutic support at school however he can’t have one because there is a limit number of pupil support staff and at his school, this number is completely full. He has behaviour issues and refuses to go to school and always threatening to run away due to bullying. There is not security doors nor locked gates and quite frequently security cameras get broken. Case 1 hazards Needles – In a hospital, needles are frequently being used in lots of different places and lots of them are actually used. It’s important to have a place where these used needles can be stored. If all the sharps box were changed the risk of a needle coming out of the box would be reduced and reduced the possible harm to the staff and users such as if a person was to come into contact with a needle they could possibly hurt themselves because it would be a short sharp pain as the needle penetrates the skin. If this were to happen then the person who has been pricked is at very high risk of contracting diseases such as hepatitis and HIV/AIDS which could lead to a possible death. If someone is infected with Hepatitis B the person can have the liver damaged and like the other listed diseases there isn’t any cure, only painkillers would be prescribed to relieve symptoms. Spread of infection – In a hospital full of people who are either ill or who are recovering from either an illness or an injury. Whilst being unwell they are most likely to contract other infections/diseases as they have low immune systems. In the hospital she needs to go to other wards throughout the hospital to help other departments due to high demand for so the chance of an infection spreading quickly is very high. If there was an illness already based within the hospital then the staff has to make sure that nobody enters the ward and nobody leaves to stop a pandemic from arising as it could be serious and kill many. Equipment All equipment must work and function correctly. It has to be maintained at all times. This could include hoists, fire fighting equipment and medical diagnostic equipment such as electrocardiogram machine or x-ray machines. It is very important that these machines are completely checked on a regular basis as for any faults an individual could be wrongly diagnosed and therefore cost a person’s life. If television and telephones are positioned in an awkward place the individual can suffer from strain injuries, they can strain their vision if they have too much exposure to the screen, and incorrect sitting can lead to neck strain and back pain.Exposure to stress Stress can become dangerous for all those involved in the care and support of a vulnerable individual. A possible cause for shortage at morgan’s hospital is the stress caused in her working environment and it can be presented itself in a variety of ways. This includes: Tiredness , mood swings and sleep problems. Morgan’s superior should have a duty of care regarding their staff and should be aware of any strain and the effects on their mental well-being. Stress on staff could have an impact on the quality of care given meaning that the patient could suffer, which could cause a deterioration in health, depression and anxiety. Stress could also affect the patient, especially those with serious illness or injury or those who are to undergo surgery. This could cause the patient to act out or become aggressive and become much more challenging for staff to care for. Case 2 hazardSecurity It is extremely important that security procedures are in place and intact at all working areas, the reason for this is because the safety of people is very important in places such as hospitals and schools as well as other health and social care settings. This is because you want to reduce risk from other accidents from occurring. To reduce the risk of this, all working areas (such as a school) should have security guards as well as modern technology to detect any potential hazards or danger whereas staff must have ID badge in order to be recognised by other members of staff, students and visitors. Security systems for the physical environment should already be known by all members of staff such as:Locking doors and windows so students with mental disorders do not run away or attempt to as well as trespassers do not enter the building to harm someone, all files should be kept safe and secure whether it is written or stored on a computer, it should only be reachable by a person with access and authority. All cupboards containing hazards equipment should be as anyone can cause damage and harm to people as well as equipment that they do not know of.School Refusal It’s very important that all children and young people go to school to not only learn new topics and useful information but to make new friends and socialise with other people at building and having new experiences at all times. But sometimes a disease can affect this experience in a bad way, when you are trying to make new friends other children can treat you in a way that can make you feel embarrassed and rejected.