Health Care Operations & Quality Essay

Regardless of how much training, preparation, or awards receives, every healthcare facility has their own p challenges to overcome. Even if a healthcare facility is near perfect with minimal short falls, there is always room for improvement. The main objective is to gather the most common issues from various hospitals and turn it into a […]

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My Nursing Experience Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay Introduction My placement was at a frailty ward with in the hospital which deals with the elderly who are experiencing an acute onset of a worsened disease conditions and neurological illness for example Parkinson`s, cerebral injury, tumours such as haemorrhage hypoxia and sub-arachnoid and are being referred by General practitioners, ambulance team and […]

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Nursing Care Plan: Choice of Anesthetic Technique

Awareness of the Choice of Anesthetic Technique by the anesthetist has an important implication not only from pre-operative phase but for the postoperative outcome and recovery. The prerequisite for the clinical effectiveness, evaluation and success of any anaesthetic techniques and patient’s care plan start from the multidisciplinary collaboration team framework (Malviya et al 2011). This […]

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Nursing Research Paper Topics

Writing a Nursing Research Paper: Best Topics to Choose 1. Nursing Ethics Assignment. This nursing paper topic is to critically discuss two issues, autonomy, and confidentiality, relevant to the healthcare profession. 2. Broad Nursing Theory and Mid-Range Theory. This topic for you to discuss broad nursing theory and mid-range theory. The specific theories that are […]

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Nursing Personal Statement Sample

‘Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse?’ Essay Doing a course in nursing is something I have always been interested in from a very early age and I have always seen nursing as quite a challenging but simultaneously a rewarding career that you can be proud of while telling about your children, parents, or […]

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