Chapter 1 introductionINTRODUCTION1 IntroductiontotheTelecomIndustrySince the independence the telecom industry provided the services Previously

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Chapter 1: introductionINTRODUCTION1 IntroductiontotheTelecomIndustrySince the independence the telecom industry provided the services. Previously that called telephone and telegraph department. With the passage of time the telegraph department changed into corporation. The corporation earns high profit and re-invests into corporation and gives the more services but not enough investment.With the change of technology the corporation has not enough of money to launch the new system. And give modern system. The telecom sector is 4% contributed in GDP growth.1.1 Introduction toPTCLPTCL employee’s strength is 18000 and 5.9 million customers. And company has largest operators in the Country with 1.1 million.PTCL is proud to be Pakistan and give largest converged services to all communication services with basic data and interment services provide to customer in country. PTCL is the largest telecommunication provider of Pakistan. The company has leading position in the country. PTCL has laid an Optical fiber Access Network in the major metropolitan centers of Pakistan and local loops services have started to be modernized and upgraded from copper to optical network.The company is the big corporation and top telecommunication authority in Pakistan. The company provides polices and have a backbone stricter. The company has 2000+ exchanges and gives the largest network1.2 History ofPTCLFrom the establishment of Pakistan 1947 the post and telegraph department occur. The telegraph and telephone department made in 1962. The PTCL play major role in Pakistan. PTCL made the policies for small operator and civil society. Pakistan telecommunication made the operations and functions from telegraph and telephone departments. Telecommunication act 1991. Government made policy and encourage the private companies. The PTCL privatize in 1994. PTCL have monopoly in basic telephonycountry.The provisions of the Ordinance were lent permanence in October 1996 through Pakistan Telecommunication (Reorganization) Act. Same year Pakistan made listed in stock exchange Pakistan. In 2001 PTCL launched the Ufone and PakNet. Ufone hade increase market. PTCL recently launched new brands.Telecommunication monopoly and services providers faced many challenges. The post monopoly era came Pakistan in 2003. The company introduced the liberalization in 2005. Then Etisalat and Abu Dubai based company get largeshares.The government plans all private companies not well come in every place. The company workers held strike in country. The phone lines blocked of every public sector institutions like as Punjab University. Army takes over phone lines in whole country. They arrested many workers andSend in the prisons. The meeting ends with government to increase 30% salaries of workers. The network expands in country.Posts & Telegraph Dept. establishedPakistan Telegraph & Telephone Deptt.Pakistan Telecom Corporation ALIS: 850,000Waiting list: 900,000 Expansion Program of 900,000 lines initiated (500,000 lines by Private Sector Participation 400,000 lines PTC/GOP own resources).About 5 % of PTSL assets transferred to PTA, FAB & NTCPTCL Formed listed on all Stock Exchanges of PakistanMobile & Internet subsidiaries establishedTelecom Policy FinalizedTelecom Deregulation Policy Announced1.1 VISIONSTATEMENTTo be the leading Information and Communication Technology service provider in the region byAchieving customer’s satisfaction and maximizing shareholder’s value.1.2 MISSIONSTATEMENTTo achieve our vision by having: An organizational environment that fosters professionalism, motivation andquality. An environment that is cost-effective andquality-conscious. Services that are based on the most optimumtechnology. ‘Quality’ and ‘Time’ conscious customerservices.1.3 COREVALUES ProfessionalIntegrity Teamwork CustomerSatisfaction Loyalty to TheCompany1.3 General Hierarchy ofPTCLThe chart shows the technical and non-technical staff. It is of management and reporting framework at PTCL non-technical employees1.4 BOARD OFDIRECTORSChairman PTCL Board (Mr. Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui)Member PTCL Board (Mr. Abdulrahim Abdulla Abdulrahim Al Nooryani)Member PTCL Board (Mr. Naveed Kamran Baloch)Member PTCL Board (Mr.HatemDowidar)Member PTCL Board (Mr. Rizwan Malik)Member PTCL Board (Mr. SerkanOkandan)Member PTCL Board (Syed Shabahat Ali Shah) Corporate InformationPresident Chief Executive Officer (Rashid Naseer Khan)CFO (Muhammad Nadeem khan)CHRO (Chief HR Officer) (Syed Mazhar Hussain)CBDO (Chief Business Development Officer) (Sikandar Naqi) CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) (MoqeemUlHaque)CDCSO (Chief Digital & Corporate Services Officer) (Kamal Ahmed)CTIO (Chief Technology and Information Officer) (SaadMuzaffarWaraich)CBOO (Chief Business Operation Officer) (Jahanzeb Taj)CIA (Chief Internal Auditor) (Muhammad ShehzadYousuf)Legal Advisor – Executive Vice President(Legal) (Zahida Awan)Company Secretary (Saima Akbar Khattak)Auditors:KPMG TaseerHadi& Co.Chartered AccountantBankers:Conventional:Citibank N.A – PakistanFaysal Bank LimitedHabib Metropolitan Bank LimitedJS Bank LimitedMCB Bank LimitedMobilink Microfinance Bank LimitedNational Bank of PakistanSoneri Bank LimitedThe Bank of PunjabStandard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) LimitedTelenor Microfinance Bank LimitedThe Bank of KhyberUnited Bank LimitedU Microfinance Bank LimitedIslamicMeezan Bank1.5 MAINOFFICES:The main offices of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited are situated in Islamabad Sector G- 8/4.Regional Headquarters Like: Islamabad TelecomRegion Rawalpindi TelecomRegion Lahoresouth LahoreNorth HazaraTelecomRegionAbbottabad MultanTelecomRegion, Faisalabad TelecomRegion SouthernTelecomRegion-2Karachi 1.6 REGISTEREDOFFICE PTCLHeadquarters, Block-E, SectorG-8/4, Islamabad-44000,Pakistan. Fax:+92-51-2263733 E-mail:[email protected] SHAREREGISTRARM/S FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited 8-F, Next to Hotel Faran, Nursery,Block-6, P.E.C.H.S., Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi Tel # 021-34380101-2Fax # 02134380106 Chapter 2:REVIEW OF VARIOUSDEPARTMENTS2 DEPARTMENTS OFPTCLThe PTCL is serving the customers through their good services. And these services are very good after privatization. Each zone is doing their work according to their zones requirement. The functional divisions of the PTCL make the work of employeeseasier.• Human Resource &Admin• CommercialDepartment• CorporateDevelopment• TechnicalDepartment• Finance Department• Revenue• OperationDepartment• ITDepartment• One Stop Shop(OSS) 2.1 Human ResourceDepartmentThe company has very active HRM department. Company worked on different functions and implement policies. Trained their employees and achieved company goals.2.2 CommercialDepartment• Commercial department depend on expertpeople.• This department work for the marketcompetitor.• Department is working for launch newservices.• For the adopting of new technology and maintain the companyposition.• Pricing strategy of product and services isimportant.2.3 CorporateDevelopmentThis department solves the issues of corporate sector. Department deal with the PTA. Corporate department sees the rights and legal issues of organizations. And also deal with international union.2.4 FinanceDepartmentThis Department deals with various functions. Basically its deals with payments and receive from individual and institution which give the benefit or profit to thecompany.2.5 Functions of FinanceDepartmentFinance department deal with following functions. Billprocessing Payment Payroll2.5.1 BNCC(BillingandCustomerCare)• Order talking ofproducts• Change billingaddress• Channingpasswords• Changingpackages• Connections andboard. 2.5.2 One StopShop`q Customers can contact with PTCL on stop shop. In country 150+ stop shop deals with customers and 900+ well trained customer services representatives.2.6 OperationDepartmentOperation department deal the operations within the company and without the company. Company deals the operation of subsidies and exchanges. The company handles the operation of head office and sub office. This department work for the operation development of the company.2.7 TechnicalDepartmentTechnical department deal with the technical issue of the company and solve them. There are the some technical services provide PTCLTechnical material Technical labor Technical trainingThe department is responsible to deal with new technology. And how take the work from employees. And how take work and make them efficient.2.8 I.TDepartmentThe work of this department makes sure the technology in the organization from advance market. In modern era the man work take computer and work easy.Chapter 3:PRODUCT OR SERVICES3 IntroductionofProductsandServicesbyPTCPTCL is the services company. Basically it is giving services include basic telephony, telegraph, fax, telex, Public data, Internet, E-mail, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), Universal Access Numbers (UAN), and other value-addedservices.Following are the product and services of company. Broadband Callingcards EVO wirelessbroadband• 3GEVO• 3G EVOwingle• CharJi EVOCloud• CharJiEvo SmartTV PTCLVfone IPconnect3.1 BroadbandBroadband is the highest in Pakistan. In 2007 Pakistan launch almost 1 million customers. Broadband service is almost in 200 cities. Broadband give free service like as drama games music etc.3.2 CallingcardsPTCL is providing calling card in Pakistan and outside Pakistan.3.3 EVO wirelessbroadbandEVO broadband is famous in Pakistan and gives internet to customers. It works almost 250+ cities.3.4 3GEVO3G EVO providing internet service without WIFI and also work in many cities. 3.5 EVOWingleEVO wingle give high speed and almost work in 250+ cities. EVO wingle is like as USB port.3.6 EVOCharjiEVO chrji is fastest three or four times than 3G network. Faster downloading, like as drama, movies, games and many other things. Like as share pictures with friends on social media.3.7 CharJi EVOCloudCharji EVO has a good communication with next generation. It has good browser. Its battery timing is almost 5-7hours.3.8 SmartTVPTCL give the smart TV service. Increase the 70% revenue. Company provides the customer 3g/4g services.3.9 VfonePTCL provide the vfone service to their customers. Company gives 5 packages.• Simple prepaidpackage• Smart prepaidpackage• Family prepaidpackage• Nonstop prepaidpackage3.10 PTCLlandlinePTCL major service is landline. For the local call one city to other city used non-STD code and for international call used ISD code.3.11 Services provided byPTCL3.12.1 CorporateServices Fixed LineTelephone Wireless Local Loop(WLL) 3.12.2 ConsumerServices DON’TDISTURB WAKE UPCALL CALLWAITING INTERNET AND E-MAILSERVICE CALL FORWARDING ON BUSYTONE. CALL FORWARDING ON NOREPLY. CALL FORWARDING UNCONDITIONAL.DOMESTIC CALLCENTERS3.12 RatioAnalysisRatio means number explain in another term. Ratio is the statistical term which shows the relationship between two various figures. Ratio shows the relationship between various data. Ratio analysis come divided one number to another number. Ratio analysis is important and old technique.AdvantagesFollowing are the benefits of ratio analysis.• Historical comparison• Industrial comparison• Company performance• Company efficiency • Future planning3.13 Types of RatiosAnalysisLet us now have a detailed analysis of all the following four ratios for PTCL and industry.1. ProfitabilityRatios2. LiquidityRatios 3. Leverage Ratios4. ActivityRatios5.3.1 ProfitabilityRatiosCurrent RatioCurrent ratio is equal to current assets divided by current liabilities Current Ratio = Current Assets/ Current liabilitiesInterpretationCurrent Ratio is a general and quick estimation of liquidity of firm. It speaks to the edge of safety or pad accessible to the reviewer. It is the list of the company’s budgetary security. It is additionally a list of the monetary dissolvability and list of quality of working capital. The present ratio of the firm is extending between the figures of 1.5 to 2 which demonstrates that organization is keeping up the solid liquidity position. The ratio is very steady when contrasted with thebusiness.Acid Test (Quick) RatioAcid Test (Quick) ratio is equal to Current assets fewer inventories divided by current liabilities. It gives more liquid amount of assets to cover yourliabilities.Quick Ratio = Current assets – Inventories/ CurrentliabilitiesDebt Equity RatioDebt equity ratio is equal to long term debts divided by stockholder’s equity.Debt Equityratio= Long Term Debts/ Stockholder’sequityInterpretationThis ratio shows the proprietor’s cases of proprietors and pariahs against the company’s benefits. The reason for existing is to get a thought of the pad accessible to pariahs and the liquidity of the firm. The elucidation of the ratio relies on the money related and business strategy of the firm.Debt Equity ratio addition is a negative point to administration that the greater amount of their business is financed by ratio this will expand their monetary charges or intrigue cost and association’s liquidity and consequently diminishing the organization’s benefit. The lower the ratio the higher the associations financing that is given by the investors and bigger the loan bosses pad (edge of insurance) in the degree of shrinkage of assets or outside value. Here the ratio is as per the business normal so the administration needs to keep up and enhance this circumstance.