Child Nursing

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To pursue a career in Child Nursing, it is prominent to have plenty of patience, knowledge, commitment and a resilient mind-set. All of which I believe I fulfil, considering I was an active participant in both the rounders and football team where I pursued the role as captain, enabling my team to become victorious in our matches; I volunteered in a pre-school and nursery for a couple of months as well as helped care for my little sister when she was born with seizures.After her birth in September 2015, my little sister was hospitalized for three months as she suffered from ongoing seizures caused by what they described as ‘birth trauma’, where factors such as oxygen deprivation may have contributed to her ongoing seizures. The nurses gave her the required care she needed whilst also supporting my mother through this frightening experience. This helped maximise my aspiration to become a nurse as although they have specific tasks to complete, they also showed respect, empathy and sensitivity when providing my mother with insight to what my sister was going through. The results you gain from expanding knowledge into the world of nursing is extremely significant as it allows individuals like me to gain an insight to how and why the healthcare system is organised and run in a specific manner. Commencing from when I was younger, I aspired to become a nurse as I enjoyed the thought of helping people, regardless of background and/or culture. The art of Nursing is beautiful in terms of the kindness, understanding and generosity expressed through the healthcare of each and every individual. “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view” (Harper Lee, ‘How to Kill a Mockingbird’). From completing a Nursing Introductory online course, I have taken into consideration that nurses abide by the ‘six Cs’: care, compassion, competence, communication, commitment and courage. Learning Psychology in A Levels allows me to understand the idea in which some ‘abnormalities’- both physical and psychological- can be congenital yet some can be acquired. Therefore, requires a large amount of knowledge, commitment and courage in order to gain understanding of different behaviours, especially in children. Whilst photography has allowed me to broaden my creativity and my imagination in order to achieve intriguing images; English Literature has allowed me to deepen my understanding of historical events and figures along with their significance to society, which could help me understand different situations in different perspectives. In Christie Watsons ‘Language of Kindness-A Nurse’s Story’, she opens doors to the idea that “. . . we are all nursed at some point in our lives. We are all nurses”, emphasising the importance of Nurses in society.Whilst participating in the National Citizen Service, I developed a variety of skills, such as: team-work, confidence, leadership, responsibility, problem solving, and organisation, all whilst having fun and developing interests in physical and mental well-being of those surrounding me. I volunteered for a charity known as ‘Friends of Boston Manor’ where I arranged a variety of activities for children and was able to raise money as well as awareness for the charity. This produced a unity of all children regardless of abilities.