class 3 writing assignment; what does a nurse do

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Nursing School to Real World Рfor AdolescentsPaige ShearerSam Houston State UniversityNursing School to Real World Рfor AdolescentsBeing a nurse is more than assisting a doctor. A doctor has hundreds of patients, whereas, a nurse has 4-6 at one time. A doctor makes rounds to see these 4-6 patients in addition to many more. Nurses are there to monitor, comfort, and distribute the appropriate medications in a timely manner. The patients are a nurse’s top priority. So yes, a doctor sees the patients, but the nurses are with the patients at every hour. Nurses take care of patients in a holistic perspective; meaning every physical, emotional and spiritual being of the patient is important to a nurse (Stabler-Haas, 2012).Nursing school is difficult. The way of studying and the way of practice is unlike any other experience. But why, you ask? Just like any other major, the schooling is aimed towards a student preparing for their prospective career. Nursing is just a little more tedious considering it is not only preparing for a prospective career but preparing to save lives and not the opposite. These patients are real life people with real-life, potential life-threatening problems. The classes that are required for nursing school are vital for a nursing student for further practice (Stabler-Haas, 2012). Yes, a student must know the information for a test or a quiz, but it is critical to know the information for a real-life situation once an RN. It is inevitable that nursing students and even nurses mess up, but it is better to mess up while in school on a simulation patient than in a hospital with a real patient.Being a nurse is loving the patients who yell at you because they are in so much physical pain. Being a nurse is sitting with a patient for as long as they need to calm their anxiety because they have no family. Being a nurse is making sure you call in the correct medications while under pressure for one patient while another patient is yelling for help going to the bathroom. Prioritizing; prioritizing is key in successful nursing.ReferencesStabler-Haas, S. (2012). Fast facts for the student nurse: Nursing student success in a nutshell. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company. 13, 19.