CNP Apr 2019 T10 JINXIAOXIA (1)

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Apr 2019_CNP_ Assignment 1_T10_ Jin XiaoxiaSection A: Discussion on three learning pointsLearning Point One: The Self in CommunicationPart I: New learningI have learned four terms, self-concept, self-awareness, self-esteem and self-disclosure. Self-concept refers is the judgments and attitudes about the self. Self-awareness is mean the more we know about ourselves, the more we are able to control our thoughts/ behaviors. Self-esteem is self-respect, also refers to your own dignity. Self-disclosure is information which you reveal to others from your hidden self. Part II: Application of new learningThrough the activity in Tutorial class, I found out that I have lower self-esteem. The reason is that I’m from China, my English is too poor than students in Singapore, so I don’t like to talk in the class with the other students. For students, it is importance to have healthy self-esteem. The more you like yourself, the better your life. Healthy self-esteem can make everything around us become positive and make our life full of sunshine.I learned how to improve self-esteem in this class. First attack your negative self-talk and beliefs. We can’t think l always fail, I never succeed, I am not good Apr 2019_CNP_ Assignment 1_T10_ Jin Xiaoxiaenough. Don’t get the idea in our head. Seek out optimistic and positive people to be our friends. Learn to recognize myself and develop our strengths. For me, why I have lower self-esteem, the reason is that my poor English, so I decided to improve my English and make friends with Singaporean.Learning Point Two: Tutorial Activity on Johari WindowPart I: New learningThe Johari Window means a person has four areas, open self, blind self, private/ hidden self and unknown self. Open area is good communication occurs, everybody can know you. Blind self is that things that others know but that the individual does not know. Private self is means we know about us, but others don’t know. Unknown self is others and our own don’t known.Part II: Application of new learningI participated in the Johari window activity in tutorial. Before this activity, I never realized that I looked serious in the eyes of others, until now I know. It is a good activity to know myself. I always knew I was a patient person, so when my friends said it, I thought I could be more patient. In the future I will be a nurse, so I will Apr 2019_CNP_ Assignment 1_T10_ Jin Xiaoxiakeep my patient to help others forever.My weakness is that I’m shy, and my English is poor, at those two points, I am going to make changes, firstly I think I should take part in the school club activities to make more friends and improve my self-confidence. As long as the self-confidence has improved, I will not be so shy in class. Secondly read more books to enrich my knowledge and watch English movies to improve my English. This is my plan for myself.Learning Point Three: The use of SBAR for effective communicationPart I: New learningI have learned that SBAR is used daily by health care workers for nurse-nurse, nurse-physician communication. It can be used to communicate critical information which needs immediate attention and action, SBAR is structured method. Why we need to use SBAR, because of breakdown in communication is primary factor which compromises patient’s safety, cause harm, creates potential malpractice claims and reduces the incidences of missed communication.Part II: Application of new learningApr 2019_CNP_ Assignment 1_T10_ Jin XiaoxiaThrough the activity in Tutorial class, our teacher will take a classmate up, she will give that classmate a piece of paper, that classmate must act according to the content of the paper, then let us guess what words in that paper. This activity not only the performance ability of the students on the stage, but also the ability to guess the students off the stage. As a nurse, we have to keep an eye on what the patient is thinking, some of the patients can’t tell us what they want to do, so we have to guess what they’re thinking, and help them to get there. But now I am a student, so I will learn to be more patient and sensitive, I will always pay attention to my friends’ ideas, and make myself to be more friendly.Section B: Service learning with CCEThoughts on Clinical Attachment / CA and importance of CA for nursing students.Clinical Attachment is a good opportunity for me to learn. I can learn a lot of things that I cannot learn in class during the period of Clinical Attachment, so I think Clinical Attachment is important for me. I had interviewed a senior when I was in ELBC class, she said that Clinical Attachment was very important for our nursing Apr 2019_CNP_ Assignment 1_T10_ Jin Xiaoxiastudents. When we go to the Clinical Attachment, we will meet real patients, and when we take care for them, they will give real feedback, which is something you don’t learn in school. At Clinical Attachment we can learn how to get along with patients happily and also can remember the practical knowledge more clearly. I think Clinical Attachment is important for nursing students. We have to take CA seriously.Needs of patient/caregivers and social issues(s)In Singapore, an ageing population is a constant concern for the government, so Singapore encourages retired elders to continue working until the age of 65 even 67 years old, if health permits. Some people have not yet reached the age of retirement, but he has to take care of their parents, there is no financial source in their family, so this is a problem. At this problem they will sending the elderly to the nursing home and let the nurses take care of them. Another issue is that some elderly has no children. They feel loneliness, they will go to nursing home. So now the social issue is to train a large number of nurses. In this way, the nurse can take care of the elderly, and the aging problem of society can be slowly.Apr 2019_CNP_ Assignment 1_T10_ Jin XiaoxiaCommunication skills needed at CACommunication skills are very important in any industry, especially in CA. As a nurse, the most important thing is that to communicate with patients and let us know their inner thought and needs. In this way, we can serve the patients to be better. So how can we improve our communication skills with patients? First we need to respect patients, remember their names and what they say, and be aware of changes in their bodies. We need to pay attention to listen, do not interrupt the patient’s words, talk to patients clearly, let the patient have enough confidence in us. It is our responsibility not to talk about patients’ privacy behind their backs. When patients are in a bad mood, we should take the initiative to enlighten them. At CA, we have to learn to be patient-centered, so that they can feel the warmth of home in the hospital.Responsibility and respect in CAAs a nurse, if we go to the CA, it is our responsibility to respect the patients and make them feel comfortable and at ease in the hospital. And we should take the patients as the center, provide good services and do our own work well. We should learn to understand patients, there are some patients sometime they will have good mood and sometime they will have bad mood, but we cannot be Apr 2019_CNP_ Assignment 1_T10_ Jin Xiaoxiaaffected by their bad mood and treat them with bad attitude. If we are in this situation, we need to help patients to talk to us about their trouble, and we can solve this problem together. It is also our responsibility to help patients solve their problems. Respecting patients’ privacy and rights is also our responsibility. We cannot talk about patients’ private affairs and cannot deprive them of their rights.Reference:Needs of patient/caregivers and social issues(s) from: Editorial: tacking aging in all directions. Posted on June 13, 2017. HYPERLINK "" skills needed at CA from: Communication skills are a must for nurses. Posted on December 8, 2010. HYPERLINK ""