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Running Head : ARGON OIL 1Complementary Therapy (Argon Oil)Teresa A. WeaverOakland Community College770013716005400054311557900035000Running Head: ARGON OIL IComplementary Therapy (Argon Oil ) Argon Oil is an example of a natural product that has been used widely in the daily food and folk medicine in Morocco. The traditional use of this oil is for nutritional purposes. Natives would eat the oil on bread or use it in cooking recipes. Argon oil is rich in tocopherols, polyphenols, sterols, and unsaturated fatty acids (oleic and linoleic acids) (Hassane Mekhfi Ph.D. , Fatima Belmekki DR., Abderrahim Ziyyat Ph.D., Abedkhaleq Legssyr Ph.D., Mohamed Bnouham Ph.D., Mohammed Aziz Ph.D, 2012). The quality profile of its phytochemical composition suggests a potential role in the nutritional prevention of cardiovascular diseases (H. Mekhfi et al , 2012). It has been found to reduce high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, and insulin resistance, while increasing blood flow, and reducing the risk for thrombosis. Argon Oil is considered to be a new herbal dietary source in the prevention of CVD and has been compared to the effectiveness of fish oil in recent studies. The research for these studies includes; coagulation tests, blood pressure, differences of polyunsaturated fats of fish oil vs. those found in Argon oil , oxidative stress , and insulin resistance. The majority of the studies were performed on high – fat- fed- rats with a very small portion on humans. The results of these studies indicated strong evidence that supports a role of Argon oil in prevention of CVD, including decrease in platelet aggregation(Adil Haimeur Ph . D., Nadia Meskini Ph. D., Virginie Mimouni Ph. D., Lionel Ulmann Ph. D., Hafida Messaouri Ph. D., Fabienne Pineau-Vincent Ph. D., Nezha Abouakil Ph.D., Gerard Tremblin Ph. D., 2018). However, other studies have failed to demonstrate that argon oil is beneficial to the cardiovascular system such as anticoagulant activity(H.Mekhfi et al, 2012). A five-week treatment with Argon oil demonstrated that its antioxidant properties in glucose fed rats reduced elevation of blood pressure, hyperglycemia, Running Head : ARGON OIL ii and insulin resistance (Adil Midaoui Ph.D., Youssef Haddad M.Sc. , Rejean Couture Ph.D., 2016) The consumption of Argon oil is becoming acknowledged worldwide. As a healthy and traditional fat, Argon oil has the unique capacity to help reduce rates of inflammation and neutralize free radicals in the body. The phytochemicals found in Argon oil cannot be found in other plant – derived oils. Its consumption as a whole food stimulates the central nervous system and builds brain capacity, reduces joint and rheumatic pain, calms hypertensive tendencies, and facilitates blood sugar/insulin levels ( Traditional Diet, Holistic Health (n.d). Argon oil can be purchased at your local whole foods market (organic) in the culinary section, natural herb and vitamin shops, and also available online on Amazon. It is sold as a cooking oil and similar to olive oil with greater benefits as described on label. The price varies with the amount you buy and brand, but the approximate cost $29.99 for 8 ounces, making it $0.12/ per fluid ounce. The dosing on the label indicates one tablespoon (15ml) equals one serving with a total of 16 servings per bottle. Argon oil is rich in flavor and a compliment to many dishes and recipes. The oil is used to season dishes, as a salad dressing, on grilled vegetables, and desserts. In recent studies of heart disease risk factors, those who consumed 15 grams argon oil daily for 30 days experienced a 16 % and 20% reduction in “bad” LDL and triglyceride levels (Medical information and health advice you can trust (n.d). With Argon oil being over-the-counter (OTC) patient dietary supplement patient safety and education is very important. The side effects related to oral usage Running Head: ARGON OIL iiiof this natural oil are uncertain because of the fact that few human studies have been conducted. Some supplements such as the tocopherols (vitamin E) that is present in argon oil may increasebleeding time and should not be used for patients that are on blood thinners. It’s not known whether or not this would be a problem with just the argon oil alone. Research on rats have found beneficial effects on lipids and has appeared to improve both lipid status in the few human studies performed. At this time, medical research doesn’t support the use of argon oil for the prevention or treatment of any health condition (know more . feel better. , 2019, January 08). Patients should first consult their physician before self-treating because this could delay standard care that might be serious or potentially life threatening. Nursing Management of the patient using a complementary therapy includes subjective information when obtaining a health history such as asking the patient if they take supplements. If so, find out the reason for using them, the amount and type. Also, investigate the ingredient list on the label for any contraindications related to medication they are already prescribed, or can it be taken with their disease process? The nurse should always provide instructions to the patients on how to read the supplement label and directions correctly. It is the nurse’s responsibility to notify other healthcare providers (e.g. physicians, nurses, dentist) that the patient is taking a supplement on a daily basis and be sure to tell them of the type and any adverse side effects observed during the physical assessment or throughout your shift of care such as bleeding with argon oil. Running Head: ARGON OIL iv In summary, it can be concluded that not a lot of studies have been done to indicate sound evidence that argon oil has a cardioprotective effect on patients with CVD, but studies that have been done on rats that proved to reduce blood pressure, facilitate blood sugar/ insulin levels, reduce inflammation neutralize free radicals , and decrease platelet aggregation. Comparison studies to fish oil demonstrated the benefits of both as a nutritional tool in the prevention of CVD. Fish oil restores insulin sensitivity, decrease lipid levels and plasma, prevents development of adiposity , and also prevents the prothrombic effect. Argon oil does not affect adiposity or liver lipid levels but improves oxidative status and decrease lipid levels and platelet activity. Ongoing research needs to be continued therefore, the nurse should be aware that argon oil is not a proven complementary therapy to patients that have CVD. The nurse should research and gain knowledge of the supplement to assist patients with any questions or concerns they might have about effectiveness, use, or safety. Running Head : ARGON OIL vReferences:Antithrombic Activity of Argan Oil: In Vivo Experimental Study, 28, 937-941. (2012). Retrieved January 28, 19.Beneficial Effects of Argan Oil on Blood Pressure, Insulin Resistance, and Oxidative Stress in Rats, 32, 1132-1137. (2016). Retrieved January 28, 19.A Comparative Study on the Effect of Argan Oil Verses Fish Oil on Risk Factors for Cardio-vascular Diseases in High-fat-fed-rats, 57, 32-39. (2019). Retrieved January 28, 19.Hill, A., RD, LD. 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