Considering the fact that Nepal is a developing nation the education system

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Considering the fact that Nepal is a developing nation, the education system here is not fully developed yet. The education system of my country emphasizes more in theoretical knowledge than practical education. There are myriads of nursing colleges in Nepal but there is only limited good nursing college due to this reason it’s tough to get admission as they have limited seats-only 40. Many nursing colleges of Nepal lack qualified faculty members and infrastructure to provide quality education to students. Likewise, they also follow traditional teaching methodology and even lack the practical exposure which is necessary for students. By knowing this, I was hugely disappointed to continue my Bachelor of Nursing here in Nepal because nursing is a field which requires theoretical knowledge as well as plenty of practical exposure so that student can work competently and confidently after completion of their course. I also researched some colleges like Om Health Campus, Maharajgunj nursing Campus etc. but I wasn’t satisfied because they weren’t well-equipped and organized. Since I am a learner, I want to gain quality education and obtain more practical nursing skills as it is an integral part of nursing. Also, I aspire for education which is recognized globally. Hence, due to all these reason, I choose abroad for my further study.WHY AUSTRALIA?After I decided to study in abroad, I started searching for the best abroad destination and ended up choosing Australia among USA, UK and Canada. Australia is a multicultural, harmonious and well developed nation which has strong and excellent education system. The prime reason for choosing Australia for my further study is quality education. Australia is the 3rd most popular international student destination in the world. Out of 100 top universities in the world 7 are in Australia. The country has been providing affordable world class education with adequate practical exposure to the international students from the world renowned universities and colleges that encourage students to be more innovative, creative and independent. Moreover, Australian degrees are recognized globally which provide international students with ample of opportunities after completion of their course. Likewise, the climate of Australia is quite similar to Nepal. It also has low crime rate as compared to other nation, making it one of the safest place to live in the world. The tuition costs and living expenses are considerably affordable comparing to United States and United Kingdom. Additionally, Australia also allows students to work 20 hours per week while they are studying in there. As per my research, there are also possibilities of scholarship as Australian government invests AUD$ 200 million for international students each year.Furthermore, Australia also practices Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 which protects the right of international students and enables students to get accurate information before enrollment, courses fee, mode of study and other relevant information related to institution. ESOS has also introduced Tuition Protection Services (TPS) which has further strengthened the protection of international students as it assures the refund of the unspent tuition fees when education provider fails to fully deliver the courses. Similarly, Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) is also essential factor of Australian Education System which ensures the quality education to international students. Australia also provides Post Study Work (PSW) visa for international students who have a recent qualification in a CRICOS registered course that allows the student to live, study and work in Australia temporarily which is tremendous opportunity to obtain practical experiences for international students.WHY AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY (ACU)?After completion of PCL in Nursing, I decided to get enrolled in Bachelor of Nursing so that I can have deeper knowledge regarding nursing and broaden my theoretical and practical education. This interest compelled me to research on different universities. During my research, I came across different competitive universities such as Australian Catholic University (ACU), Western Sydney University (WSU), Federation University Australia and University of Southern Queensland (USQ). Among these, I found Australian Catholic University (ACU) to be most suitable due to its location, facility, flexibility and cost. Australian Catholic University (ACU) was established on 1st January 1991. It is registered and regulated by Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and a Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). It is a publicly funded University with seven Institutions around Australia and an international campus in Rome. Among them, I have chosen Brisbane Campus. It is 12km north of the Brisbane CBD and close to the Brisbane International Airport. ACU is one of the top 75 universities for education worldwide which provide wide range of courses such as education and arts, health science, law and business, and theology and philosophy. It is one of the leading providers of health and holistic nursing education. It offers accredited and internationally recognized qualification in nursing. Some reasons for choosing ACU are:• Australian Catholic University (ACU) is ranked in the top 3% of universities worldwide.• ACU was awarded 5 stars for overall experience, learner engagement and skill development as per the Good Universities Guide 2018.• It has been ranked 41st in the world for nursing.• It is included in the top 50 of Generation Y universities worldwide.• Affordable fee structure than universities like WSU () and USQ ().Moreover, the fee structure of ACU is AUD$27960.00 per year for Bachelor of Nursing which is comparatively low than other universities. ACU has a supportive and friendly environment with various facilities which are key factors to gain adequate knowledge and move forward. It has different support services for students like academic skill support, counseling services, library services, welfare support etc. It also encourages students in broad participation in university life as this university provides an opportunity to join clubs, societies or activities. ACU Brisbane, also provide free parking services and free bus service from campus to Toombul, Northgate and Chermside. It also has smaller classes which allow students to get individual attention from academic staff during learning phase. ABOUT THE COURSE:Since I have completed PCL in Nursing, I would like to continue my further study in the same field. The scope of nursing is increasing in Nepal in the sectors like hospital, school and community. Nursing is a profession which provides care to the individual, family and community to maintain their health and to live healthy life. The career pathway of Bachelor in Nursing can be in the fields like school nurse, medical/surgical nursing, mental health nursing, community nursing, geriatric care nursing, pediatric nursing, home care nursing, palliative care nursing etc.Tertiary Preparation Program:It is course that provides a pathway for international students to enter undergraduate degree courses within the health sciences faculty. It gives opportunity to develop content knowledge and communication skill which is required for academic studies. During the 1 year course, we will learn the language and terminologies of health sciences, communication with patients and health practitioners, skills to deal with issues in health professions etc.Its CRICOS code is 073628D. Students are required to complete 80 credit points. The subjects include: Academic English for Health Sciences, English Language Communication Skills, Australian Society, Communicating as a Health Professional, Introduction to Health Care in Australia, Introduction to Science for Health Professionals etc.Bachelor of Nursing: Bachelor of Nursing prepares a nurse to carry out the role of care provider, manager, educator and researcher. Due to this reason after completion of this course, students get chance to choose from wide range of practice area in the private and public sector. It is a 3 year course and its CRICOS code is 001293G. Students are required to complete a total of 240 credit points. The subject includes: Indigenous Health and Culture, Human Biological Science, Integrating Practice, Transition into Nursing, Principles of Nursing, Building Healthy Communicates, Clinical Leadership, Health Care Ethics, Self and Community etc.My total course duration is of 4 year which includes 1year of Tertiary Preparation Program (TPP) and 3 year of Bachelor of Nursing. Tuition fee for TPP is AUD$ 17856.00 and Bachelor of Nursing is AUD$27960.00 per year.CAREER PLANS:After completion of my Bachelor’s degree, I intend to do Post Study Work (PSW) to get international work experience which will be of 2 year. This will provide me ample of opportunity to work because in developing countries like Nepal candidate having international degree and international work experience are preferred way more than other candidates with same degree. After that, I will return to my home country and seek for better job opportunities. The demand of well qualified nurses is growing equally in Nepal as it is foreign country. And the scope of nursing is also adequate in Nepal, but we lack skilled nurses working in this field as the education system is not well updated and it also lacks practical exposure. So, I want to use all my theoretical knowledge and practical skills and contribute in nursing field and care the patient in my country after I complete my Bachelor degree. Likewise, I want to work as a proficient registered nurse in one of the reputed hospital of my country such as Norvic International Hospital and Grande International Hospital. Moreover, Bachelor degree will provide me range of careers as a registered nurse within the health care industry including:• Medical/surgical nursing• Mental Health Nursing• Community Care Nursing• Pediatric Nursing• Aged Care Nursing• Palliative Care Nursing and many moreAfter working for several years, I would like to join Master in Nursing and seek my career as Senior Nurse In charge or Matron in Nepal. Also, after Bachelor degree I’ll be eligible to get job in teaching sector in my country. I could also join and involve in various NGOs and INGOs like UNICEF, JICA, and CAC-Nepal etc. to improve and upgrade the health status of people living in rural areas. In Nepal we can find jobs in website like,, etc.FINAL WORDS:I proclaim that I am a genuine student whose only motive is to gain quality education and experience in the nursing course. If I am given chance to pursue my higher study in Australian Catholic University (ACU), I would consider it not only as a great privilege but also as a great responsibility and an obligation to work hard to make the best use. And I also assure that after I graduate from this institution, I will return to my home country and use my knowledge, skill and experience to bring a positive impact in nursing field of Nepal. Therefore, I will be thankful if I am given an opportunity to study in this university.