Courtney Craig PHI 306 12 December 2018Devil’s AdvocateIn a lonely doctor’s

Courtney Craig PHI 306 12 December 2018Devil’s AdvocateIn a lonely doctor’s office, with eggshell white walls and the sickly smell of alcohol and cleaning products sits a middle aged women. As she sits quietly, the kind eyed doctor walks in and delivers her the news she’d hoped was far from the truth. She has stage four terminal breast cancer. The doctor slowly asks, “How would you like to proceed? The outlook does not appear good. Your estimated lifespan will be a year at the most, regardless of treatment.” If given the option, would one chose to die with dignity or suffer through an illness which will end with death? With euthanasia, no suffering would have to befall the patient or their loved ones. Domestic animals and pets are given this option, but the whole of the United States has yet to implicate the usage of this drug on us. Contrary to popular belief, providing assisted suicide to those appropriately approved should be permissible in the United States This could provide an alternative to suffering and could restore human dignity. People fear euthanasia due to the fact they do not fully understand what it implies. Because euthanasia is feared, it has been shunned from society generation after generation since the word was first used in the 15th century to refer to an easy, painless, happy death by English philosopher Francis Bacon (“A General History of Euthanasia””). However

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