Data collection was recruited on paperbased surveys which were rechecked by many

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Data collection was recruited on paper-based surveys which were rechecked by many physical therapists two times in separate days. many questions were deleted from the original survey which was taken from the Kuwaiti Research such as, Psychological Risk Factor associated with participants regular work table, work demands table, co- workers support table, supervisor’s support and finally general health status table which were shortened into only 3 question only. Also, some extra closed-ended question were added to education part, for instance, whether the physical therapists underwent physical examination tests before enrollment in physical therapy specialization and if they were taught concretely about how to performs tasks with correct body mechanics in order not get injured or put extra load on their body.Finally, after the questionnaire was reviewed and modified according to research purpose and consent form was attached to it, it was printed into 170 copies and divided according to the number of the hospitals and clinics on 2nd of August 2016. Four well- trained colleagues helped in the process of distribution and collecting back the filled surveys. The surveys were given to each clinic supervisor, a brief explanation was given to each and every participant on how to fill the survey and to whom it should be given back and if there was any question needed to be asked contact number were given to them. Governmental hospitals filled the survey at the same time it was given to them but private hospitals and clinics the surveys were taken back from them after one week from distribution. Overall, the questionnaire took around 10 minutes to be filled. 20 surveys were not filled and some got lost by the participants. For this reason, 30 extra copies were printed and given to different clinics and other hospitals.After the 170 papers were collected they were rechecked. 5 surveys were excluded because it was filled by nurses and some surveys were filled randomly with many mistakes at the end the final number became 165 surveys.