Dear Mr Kaebnick My name is Holly Montgomery I am a Licensed Practical

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Dear Mr. Kaebnick, My name is Holly Montgomery, I am a Licensed Practical Nurse and actively pursing higher education to advance myself in the medical field. I am writing this letter to make it known that there should be an addition to the newest edition of your textbook Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Bioethical Issues. It is imperative to include the topic of animal agriculture in the text as it is a major bioethical issue today. You might be asking yourself how exactly animal agriculture could possibly relate to bioethics. The answer is simple, thousands of people and millions of animals are dying every single day from this massive issue that we as human beings are creating through factory farming. As many people love to hear good things about their bad habits it will make for a strong debate on weather or not there is enough evidence to support the accusations that eating animal products is unhealthy for humans. If one looks through different research especially on The National Center for Biotechnology Information webpage many different articles can be found here arguing for or against the use of animal-based foods in the diet. This topic does not only relate to our health, but it relates to the health of the animals as well as the health and sustainability of our planet. Unless uneducated we all realize that our way of life is taking a toll on our planet and it needs to be fixed this discussion could be the start of healing our planet as well as our population. Each individual topic already covered in the text deserves to be discussed as an ethical issue in a classroom setting, or even in the world setting. However, it is imperative that the topic I have outlined above begin to be discussed frequently, this topic deserves a place in the seventeenth edition. I hope to hear back from you soon. Best Regards, Holly Montgomery