Dress codes have been enforced in schools for many years But as

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Dress codes have been enforced in schools for many years. But as the years have gone by the dress codes have become more strict. A girl could go to school feeling confident and beautiful only to be dress coded for “distracting the boys”, while wearing an off the shoulder shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. This happens all too often in schools all around the world. Parents, students, and educators are now arguing that dress codes are mainly directed at girls and are a standard of gender inequality. School dress codes have an aptness to be more regulatory towards girls, and have far fewer restrictions for boys. The idea is to shame girls who violate the dress code to promote self-esteem and raise social standards. However, the only thing this teaches girls is that they are seen as sexual objects and that it is easy for men to objectify them. Dress codes also affect the self-esteem of teenage girls by having adults tell them they need to change when they are wearing something that they feel confident in.A student at Braden River High School in Florida named Lizzy Martinez was pulled out of class and sent to the nurse’s office for not wearing a bra. She was then instructed to put bandaids over her nipples to “safeguard against attracting male attention”. On top of it all, “”They had me put on a second shirt and then stand up and