During the first two weeks of my clinical practical at hospital I

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During the first two weeks of my clinical practical at hospital, I have already gained a lot of practical experience that is different from what I am familiar with. During our orientation at first week of clinical practice, I was placed at ward 7C which is medical ward. During our orientation day, we has been guided by the clinical instructor (CI), they introduce us to the ward such as they explained to us the name of medication, medicinal use, the use of the rooms such as procedure room,clean and dirty utility room and a lots of information we gained that day. The next and following days, I started to take vital sign, at first,it was a hard time for me because when I want to take blood pressure to the patient, I cannot find her pulse rate and it slows down my work and I was been scolded by the CI in front of the patient. I felt so sad by that day and it ruined my mood for the whole day. But what happened at that day, it taught me not to give up and I must practiced a lot to improve it. So after back to the hostel, I try to take blood pressure to my housemates and it improved my skills. So for the first week I had no problems to take the vital sign accurately. During my second week doing my clinical practice, I was placed at ward 7B which also medical ward but all the patients is woman. By that week, I also learned a lots of new thing such as that was my first time do last office (LO) and bowel open (BO). When my friends and I handle the last office’s patient, it was a bad time for us because all of us were struck and we do not know what to do. It also a bit hectic for us because all of us were rushing and we do not familiar with the location of the things that need to do LO yet. So it take time for us to find. But then we had been guided by CI. CI also show us how to apply the jaw bandage to keep the mouth closed, tied the hand and the feet to straighten together in position. At first I scared to handle the LO patient because I cannot handle my feeling and actually I cried after that when saw her family’s members and I know as a nurse I must be strong to face all of that but that is my first time so it a little hard for me. When handling the LO patient, I also learned how to use gauze, gamgee and the other the others thing. By that time, I realized my weakness and I need to learn a lots of thing and I must work hard to study all of the procedure back. At that week, we got two assignment from the CI. At Monday, we was divided into two group to present about the location of pulse. We need to make it as interesting thing to present such as create the song then we need to present in front of our seniors. At first I felt a bit shy but its okay because now remember all of the location of pulse in our body which is in temporal, carotid, brachial, radial, femoral, popliteal, posterial tibial and dorsalis pedis. The second assignment was we must record the video of hand washing and for me that is interesting things because that give a benefit to us. So by that week it taught me not to give up and I must work hard to remember all the procedure and practice. For the LO procedure, if it rose again, I must improved my confidence level to perform LO. We must divided the works, so it will minimize to use the time shortly and wisely.During my third week of clinical practical, I got an evening shift and I was placed at the same ward which is 7B. As usual, we must taking over report at first and we start to do vital sign. During the week, that was my first time to perform past urine (PU). I actually happy because I have the chance to do the procedure. The most unpredictable experience for me for that week was the patient LO when I take the vital sign on her.I was surprised when I was counting on the pulse,her pulse become slow and suddenly lost. I was shocked and I immediately ran to the front counter to tell staff nurse. After that, the staff nurse called the doctor to check the patient because she did not respond and after a few minutes the doctor told that the patient had died. When I took the patient’s blood pressure, his family was next to the bed actually and they were shocked when I told them that her pulse was gone before I ran to get a nurse staff. The child’s son was as if I was wrong. I was so scared then. After that I helped the nurses, manage the patient’s body. So that was my second time perform LO patient but this time I know how to tied the jaw bandages, hand and also foot. So that’s an experience that I can not forget about. This experience also makes me a better nurse in the future. I will improve my self-esteem and also face the patient’s family.For the fourth week of clinical practical,I was placed in ward 6B which is surgical and gynecology ward. In this ward most patients can walk. So for the first year students, we can not do many procedures, so we have plenty of free time because BO is not too much in this ward. For me it’s quite boring because before this,in medical ward I was used to being busy. Although I also learned many new things. I have also learned how to make a case study that taught by CI. This week I have also performed shower baths to patients and do tepid sponging. I also performed to take Intake/Output (IO) Chart in front of patient.We also present in front of the CI to wearing sterile glove, downing gowns and wearing masks with accurate way to get the cross, I am very happy that I got a lot of cross from the CI. For me, after this I will be more focused on taking the IO chart later because I realize I am still weak and much needs to be improved. So what I should do for the next week is that I will take the IO chart to the patient every day until I’m properly understood and proficient.