EAP115 771 EnkhtsetsegD

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EAP115 (771) Enkhtsetseg.D writing assignmentPublic hospital Budda said that health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.Nowadays, Medical equipments are growing rapidly but Mongolian hospitals has still using archaic equipments and ancient building. In Mongolia the disease is growing and the hospitals are working very heavily. Public hospital service is requiring development. The cure of patients depends on the medical condition , so Mongolian healthcare system requires a fully equipped modern hospital. Currently, hospital rooms are cold and very uncomfortable. Nevertheless developed countries use bed with advanced technology which is able to lift patients , and it has nurse call button. We use simple old-fashioned beds. Hopsitals rooms become comfortable with air condition, fridge, television and so on. In addition patients limit in room is very important. Because being too many people in one place is dangerous to get another illness from each other. Most of Mongolian hospital rooms are excessed patients. Furthermore, overall design of public hospital is not appealing. The walls are painted with a boring green paint, and the floors are hard to clean and have an unsuitable material. For about children sector, there must be colorful and pleasant atmosphere like home or kindergarden. Building are very old. They builted by Russian builders in 20th century. Modern hospital buildings can be attractive designed an well organized. Such us easy to find doctor or treatment rooms. Lobby must be comfortable too. Because family members spend lots of time during sugery or other time. Of course they worries for patients so at least lobby must be help reduce stress. In Mongolian health care system needs skillful management. To start a big update , everyone shoulb be responsible for this. Specially government must be make the first big step. New technology, new know- how are not difficult to create in Mongolia.