Early years provision specialises is providing care in a stimulating environment to

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Early years provision specialises is providing care in a stimulating environment to mentor children from birth to 5 years in developing of skills such as communication, encouraging learning and using their imagination to learn.Day nurseries are a childcare centre supporting children from birth to 5 years, although this can alter depending on the nursery. All day nurseries will be Ofsted registered and inspected often to make sure they are providing a safe facility for children to learn, also providing good quality of care. Staff at day nurseries will undergo regular training to ensure they are up to date with legislations and childcare practice.A typical day nurseries hour is between 8am to 6pm, although this can also adjust subject to the individual nursery. Most nurseries will run all year round expect for bank holidays, training etc. Several nurseries provide a key worker who oversees children’s development and will brief parents on how they are doing.Registered childminders are self-employed, first aid trained, providing home from home childcare. The core hours are usually between 07:30 to 18:00 although this can vary.They will be registered with Ofsted if looking after children aged 8 or under, they will hold an Ofsted certificate which will indicate the maximum number of children cared for. Registered childminders will work on a smaller ratio enabling them to meet individual children’s needs.Registered childminders duties will include planning day to day activities, encouraging healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle and ensuring safe keeping of the children is their care.A nanny will be employed by a family in either a live in or live out basis. A nanny can care for children from 2 different families, if becoming responsible for anymore they would then become a childminder. Nannies do not need to be Ofsted registered.Pre-school is catered for children aged 2 to 5 years old. Majority of children will start the term after their 3rd birthday. Most Pre-schools will be Ofsted registered on the early years register. Pre-school will help children through play-based activities as well as learning them new skills, through building blocks and creative activities, children will be learning problem solving and physics. Pre-school sessions will be split as morning and afternoon sessions, running between 08:00 to 15:30 during term time.Wraparound childcare will care for children out of school’s hours, this can be breakfast club or after-school clubs. Although most schools offer wraparound childcare, they are not obliged to offer it. Many parents who began work early may use breakfast club to ensure their children is dropped off, with breakfast being provide and then ensuring children are ready to head to class. After school club are usually a fun based activity which can involve a small snack after school hours to accommodate working parents who work after school hours.Parents tend to use nursery classes to prepare children for compulsory education at primary school. They provide Nursery classes will be usually attached to primary schools. Nursery classes are not mandatory, it is aimed at children the year before attending school. Nursery classes will usually run for 5 days ensuring not too many changes for children when starting primary school.