education mini essay 2

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My Cousin’s Education LifeHer name is Senait. She was born in 1992 and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Now she is 27 years old. She is the oldest kid in the house. By the time she was born, her family treated her like a queen. Now Senait has two sisters and one brother.By the way, Senaite’s father was a high school teacher and her mother was a housewife and they are living in Ethiopia. Regarding any matters related to school, Senait’s family was very helpful and supportive because they knew that education is a foundation for a better life, for socially and economically growth. So, they helped and encouraged their kids to study hard. In addition to her family effort and support, Senait always tries her best to be a good student. And as a result, she completed all her educations, elementary, middle and high schools, with a good result and made her family happy. To reach her goals Senait spent most of her time on reading books, studying and doing her assignment instead of playing games and making silly stuff. Her father told his other kids to follow her footsteps to be successful in their education. Despite her father’s support, Senite faced both a lot of internal and external challenges to complete her primary and secondary education. Internally, at home in such a community being an elder child has a lot of burdens in taking care of family responsibilities. Senite in her extra time instead of studying she was helping her mom in chore like cooking, washing clothes and dishes, taking care of her younger brother and sisters and cleaning. In addition to this the external influence also was not easy for her. The bad traditional thoughts of the community made her academic journey tough. It was believed by most of the community members young girls are supposed to be at home taking care of all chores instead of going out to school and to be what they want to be like other male students, and women should stay at home as a house wife instead of being as a professional. Since it is not common to see academically successful female student to be a role model to other students. As a result, the community still discouraging female students not to go to school. In general gender inequality is a big problem for female students not to continue their education forward. Consequently, these created a wrong perception for females not to perform as much as male students. No matter how being a victim of these bad thoughts, she could finally made both her primary and secondary school.After completed her high school, she got a scholarship and came to the USA and continued her education. First, she took all the prerequisites of nursing class at the community college then transferred to the University. Now she graduated her BSN and working in a Nursing home as a nurse.