effects off immigration

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Nowadays, Immigration, which is a wonder of relocation, is extremely ordinary and mainstream on the planet. Moreover, in the world, several nations have a vast number of individuals who migrate for reasons likes securing appropriate positions or new spot to live. Numerous people believe that outsiders will give them many issues about the economy and society. However, other individuals picture that immigrants bring numerous benefits for their country. This essay will examine and discuss the effects of immigration around the world.Immigration in today’s world is very beneficial to a country. Firstly, immigrants are of vital necessity to boost the economic growth of a country. Studies over the years have declared that immigration helps in raising a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Entrepreneurship and human capital are two reasons why foreigners are critical to the budgetary advancement of a nation. Migrants are volunteer to take jobs that no one else want and are presumably to be hard workers. Highly educated immigrants are a plus to a nation as they progress toward becoming nurses, specialists, and teachers; this leads to the well-being of the country just as the general population living in it. According to Migration Watch UK, although immigrants make up just 8% of the population, they contribute 10% towards the UKs Gross Domestic Product. (Migration Watch UK,2007: online)Secondly, immigration aids to diversify local economies. They bring new points of view, experience, cultures to communities. With this addition, there is more solidarity to be found in the society. New businesses are set up and can earn money. Migrants bring an increase in the demand of local production, leading to more profits. The most prosperous strong economies are the ones based on foreigners’ mindset. Considering the issues of immigration, the main problem that could be caused is over population. The wealthiest countries of the world will in general be the most prominent goals for immigrants. With this population rise demand for basic necessities will massively rise .for example there will be issues around food and water. A good stable population is needed to avoid more problems concerning houses, transport and education. When population levels end up imbalanced, at that point it will be difficult to survive. A plan needs to be made in case of over-population. Mr Simon Ross stated that over half of the UK’s population growth in 2013-14 came from an increase in net migration, totalling 259,700(BBC NEWS,2015)Another major negative impact of immigration is that it encourages disease transmission. According to the U.S law, the Immigration and Nationality Act mandates that all immigrants and refugees go through medical tests before going abroad. The most common medical screening tests are for tuberculosis, polio, measles and malaria. As reported by Dr Jane Jones, foreigners were most likely to carry infectious diseases as they originated from parts of the world where the diseases were progressively normal, and had either been tainted before they went to the UK, or contaminated on visits to their country of origin (BBC NEWS,2006)In conclusion, immigration has both a positive and negative impact over the world